6 Positions to Have Sex Standing Up

Having sex standing up is a way to get out of the normal sex routine and explore the different areas of the home, living out fantasies and enjoying new pleasurable experiences.
6 Positions to Have Sex Standing Up
Isbelia Esther Farías López

Written and verified by the philosopher Isbelia Esther Farías López.

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Having sex standing up is a very fun and passionate practice that is a must for many couples. It’s an excellent excuse to get out of the routine of sex in bed and let your passions loose in different parts of the house. One such example is leaning against a wall or a column.

It’s also possible to have sex standing up without either of you leaning against anything, which is a real challenge for your balance!

The adrenaline that’s unleashed when having sex standing up can make the encounter a real turn-on for both of you. Why not take advantage of that rush of energy to live out this pleasurable experience?

Some positions to have great sex standing up

A couple having sex standing up.

1. Against the wall

The couple will stand facing each other and the man will help his partner to “hang” on his torso. As he carries her, she should hold on with her legs, while he gently moves her against the wall. In this way he can keep his balance and it makes it easier to initiate penetration.

Whether it’s on the main wall of the bedroom, the shower wall, or some other area of the house, many couples find this position to be very exciting. Thanks to the back-and-forth motion they create while the woman hangs in the arms of her man, they can achieve a really deep penetration in this position. An added advantage is that they can turn turns in taking the lead in the rhythm of the thrusting movements.

A variation of this position is simply to practice it without leaning against the wall or other surface.

A couple against the wall having sex.

2. The doggy style on his side

Many couples say that the doggy style is one of their favorite positions. It’s very exciting and doesn’t require too much effort from the woman. And, of course, penetration can take place through the vagina as well as through the anus.

When it comes to controlling the rhythm, either one of you can do it. However, whoever decides to take the initiative will have total freedom to give maximum pleasure to the other. This position can also be practiced standing up. In order to do this, the man stands behind the woman, while she flexes her torso, without touching the floor with her hands. In this way, instead of being on “all fours” the girl is standing, bent forward.

3. Feet on the floor

The man stands behind the woman, so that he can penetrate her, and, at the same time, he caresses her with his hands on different parts of her body. The skin-to-skin contact in this position is a real turn-on for both of them. And the best thing of all is that your hands are always free to stimulate each other even more. The woman can also move her head back for her partner to kiss her on the neck.

For men, possibly the best advantage of all is that they can control ejaculation more easily.

4. The wheelbarrow

Those who have real flexibility can try this position. It also requires a good dose of balance.

The woman should position herself as if she were going to perform a yoga posture called Sirsasana, but instead of leaning on her own arms, she can rest her legs on the shoulders of her partner (who should be standing in front of her).

Depending on his height, he should bend his own legs a little to start penetration. The movements will be short, but they can be very intense and pleasurable.

5. The “tightrope walker”

This is another position to have sex standing up that requires certain physical skills, and good perseverance to try to perfect it. The man stands upright and holds his partner perpendicular to him, keeping her back to him. She’ll rest one hand on the floor and will keep the other one in the air, balancing while penetration takes place.

It’s worth mentioning that, in this position, the penetration can be vaginal or anal, depending on the couple’s tastes.

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6. The visitor

A couple about to have sex.

Another of the best positions to have sex standing up is “the visitor”. It consists of simply facing each other, standing up, and approaching each other until your genitals rub together. You may need to bend your legs a bit for maximum comfort, but that’s all. This position is very simple, but can create a really passionate encounter.

Standing sex: not all about penetration

That’s right, having sex standing up isn’t only about penetration, as it’s also possible to practice other activities, such as joint masturbation, masturbating your partner, and even oral sex. If the woman does it to the man, she can do it leaning a little or kneeling, or even sitting on a chair, while he remains standing.

And, in the same way, if the man does it to the woman, he can also kneel in front of her. Another option is to make the girl bend over, leaning on something, and then stimulate her with his tongue from behind. He can also use his fingers to stimulate her vulva or anus.

Do you dare to have sex standing up?

Having sex standing up is an experience that can be very pleasurable for both of you. So, whether it’s behind a door, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, or wherever you both can have a little privacy, why not get out of the bed routine and try making love in new places that you’ve never tried before?

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