Morning Sex: Advantages and Advice

There are as many ways to have sex as there are couples in the world. However, one of the most classic is morning sex, which helps improve your mood and energy to start the day.
Morning Sex: Advantages and Advice
Isbelia Esther Farías López

Written and verified by the philosopher Isbelia Esther Farías López.

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Morning sex is a practice that, for many couples, is very stimulating. Many couples indicate that it’s “the best way to start the day with energy”. What about you? Have you ever enjoyed morning sex? Would you like to?

Beyond just getting pleasure, it’s interesting to dig into how different schedules influence your sexual energy.

Morning sex: advantages and advice

No one can judge another couple’s relationships, since every couple invents and develops their own story. And without a doubt, there are as many different stories as there are people. But everyone has the same needs. Among them, sex is one of the major ones.

Today we’re going to talk about morning sex, its advantages and advice on how to do it. What’s special about sex right after you wake up?

The spontaneity of the moment

Woman on top of man in bed about to kiss him.
Morning sex lacks preparation and seduction. It’s a very intimate moment with your partner.

Without a doubt one of the main characteristics of morning sex is spontaneity. At that moment nothing is planned, there’s no makeup to put on, no nice clothes to seduce someone with. Morning sex is one of the most beautiful things there could be in a relationship.

In fact, one of the reflections that everyone should apply is “carpe diem” To seize the day, or take advantage of the moment, feel the here and now, and be conscious of that unrepeatable instant when everything happens.

That’s what happens in morning sex. It’s a way to greet the new day, a spontaneous act that’s born from love and desire. Take advantage of these encounters under the morning sun and savor them as unique and unrepeatable. 

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Renewed energy when you wake

When your body has had a few hours of rest during the nightyour energy starting the day is greater than at night. It’s what we know as “charging your batteries”, and if you take advantage of your “recharged battery” to make love, it can obviously be much more intense and pleasureful.

Another advantage of having sex in the morning is that you’ll start the day relaxedSex calms, de-stresses, releases tension, and gives you happiness and well-being. There isn’t a better way to start your daily activities than by having some intimate time to release endorphins with your partner.

The surprise

Couple in bed about to have morning sex.
The surprise factor can play in your favor, stimulating through touch and closeness.

If you’re normally the first one to get up in the morning, you can surprise your partner by cuddling up to them and getting them into the mood. Any little detail or fantasy that you want to try could turn them on.

You can put on your preferred music, start with a loving massage with oil, bring some strawberries to bet, etc. Surprise your partner and have fun.

For men morning sex can be simpler, since testosterone levels are higher in the morning, and they often have erections when they wake up. It’s true that in the morning the time you can dedicate to sex depends on your work hours. But you can always wake up early or get on with things quickly!

A cardio workout

Do you normally go to the gym? Is it tough for you to play sports? Well, with a session of morning sex you’ll burn calories in a much more pleasurable way. However, it depends a lot on the positions you choose and how much time you spend.

Additionally, you can compensate with a good breakfast, since you’ll surely have worked up a good appetite. Don’t you think it’s an excellent and healthy way to start your day and keep in shape?

What about in the shower?

Couple showering together.
The shower can be a great place to get close for those who need their morning routine.

If you have to have your shower before anything else, or even if you need to brush your teeth to fight that bad morning breath, don’t hesitate. You can meet each other in the shower.

Showering together gives you a mix of enjoyable, stimulating, and pleasant sensations. Soaping each other up and hugging under the water can also provide the start for a great session of morning sex.

Now you know some benefits and advice for having morning sex. However, every couple in the world and every day is different. So, look for the right moment and don’t hesitate to seduce your partner with those little details every day.

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