Five of the Sexual Positions Women Love the Most

It's true that every woman is different, but there are several sexual positions they usually mention as their favorite.
Five of the Sexual Positions Women Love the Most

Last update: 21 September, 2022

Clearly, not all people have the same tastes in bed so it’s important not to generalize, still there are some sexual positions women do prefer.

Below you’ll find some of them and we tell you how to do them and why they’re still among the most practiced and preferred by many.

Sexual positions women love the most

Also referred to as “doggy style,” this is one of the most common sexual positions that sexually active couples practice.

On all fours sexual position.

The woman gets on all fours and is penetrated from behind by the man, who’s on his knees.

  • It’s one that people enjoy most, not just because it stimulates the G-spot, but because it also stimulates the vaginal walls and the clitoris
  • The man’s hands are free, so he can use them to stimulate other body parts
  • Penetration is deeper and can produce different levels of excitation depending on speed and force
  • It also lends itself to fantasies or you can enjoy spanking and pulling hair (if that’s what you like, of course)

2. The indra

This position allows great stimulation of the G-spot, which produces much more intense sensations and orgasms.

Indra sexual position.

The woman lies on her back, with her legs bent and her feet resting on the chest of her partner, who is kneeling on the bed.

  • The man can move at different speeds and will also give “extra” excitement thanks to the movement of his testicles
  • The woman has her hands free and can touch her partner or stimulate her own breasts

3. The screw is a fun sexual position

This is one of the best positions for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm.

She lies on her back on the edge of the bed and stretches her legs, forming an L-shape on her side. The man, meanwhile, remains on his knees.

  • It’s easy to reach the G-spot and also stimulates the clitoris with the friction of the labia and penetration
  • The breasts are in front of the man and, since he has his hands free, he can touch them

4. Andromache

Women tend to like the Andromache position because, by staying on top of the man, they have more control over the rhythm and movement.

The andromache sex position.

The man rests on his back and the woman stands over him, squatting or kneeling, with her torso upright.

  • The feeling of power over the other person, as well as the closeness between the two, makes for a pleasant experience
  • The woman can control the depth of penetration and rhythm according to her sensitivity
  • The man’s hands are free to stimulate the erogenous zones, like the breasts, the neck, or the clitoris

5. Courtesan is another one of the sexual positions women love

This position is very enjoyable for women, especially if there’s a lot of adrenaline. It’s very comfortable and allows you to maintain eye contact with your partner.

Courtesan sex position.

The man is kneeling on the ground and the woman is sitting on the edge of the bed or on a chair. Then, after penetration, she can wrap her legs around her partner’s waist.

This position can also be done while the man is standing if she’s on a high surface.

  • It allows more force because of the movement of the pelvis
  • The penetrations are deeper, and it stimulates the G-spot
  • It’s also not very tiring, so your sex might last longer

Find out the sexual positions your lover likes and don’t be afraid to please her

These have been some of the favorite positions for women. They allow for great stimulation and are therefore quite pleasurable and fun for the most part. Keep in mind that not all women enjoy them in the same way.

Even if your lady likes these positions, she may have others on her list of favorites. So find out what they are so you can please her in bed. It’s also important to tell her what you like and reach to an agreement.

Of course, it’s good to fantasize, use sex toys in addition to this, and, in general, try different forms of stimulation to have a rather pleasurable experience.

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