Six Steamy and Satisfying Sex Positions

The various satisfying sex positions increase pleasure and help both people climax together.
Six Steamy and Satisfying Sex Positions

Last update: 12 May, 2022

What would sex be like without the sensuality of various satisfying sex positions? Probably just a terribly exhausting and boring activity. Luckily it isn’t. In fact, much of the appeal of sex lies in the possibilities of the fun involved as well as in the movement.

Pleasure goes hand in hand with creativity and the effort that is put into intimacy. Here lies the importance of sexual positions as they promote enjoyment through desire and passion. In other words, they spice up the climax.

Of course, communication between lovers is the key. It’s important to know which positions each person likes the most and which ones they both enjoy. In this regard, you must speak up to be able to achieve great orgasms. It’s worth leaving taboos behind and meeting in the middle. In addition, getting into a habit of sincere talks can spice up things.

The six most erotic and satisfying sex positions

While it’s true that every person is a world, there are several sexual positions that are quite recurrent during intimacy. Especially, due to the fact that they create an air of rather exciting sensuality that helps seek pleasure. How? They ignite the flame of passion through eroticism. 

1. Lotus flower

The lotus flower is one of many pleasurable sex positions.

This position is ideal for lovers who want to maintain prolonged eye contact while sharing a slow and almost synchronized rhythm. This is a spicy and romantic posture, no doubt. The rhythm is usually set by the woman but can be equally exciting for both.

2. Legs on the shoulders

This position is for deep penetration and, depending on the angle of contact and rhythm between lovers, it’ll easily provide an orgasm.

3. On the edge of the bed

This pleasurable sexual position is quite popular because it implies a highly passionate approach and leads to an intense experience. As the name implies, the couple is usually on the edge of a bed surface. In it, the man supports and the woman carries the penetration rhythm.

4. Spooning makes a rather satisfying sex position

A couple spooning each other.

Obviously, this position promotes a lot of passion but it also strengthens romance. To be able to be in the well-known spooning position both people must be on a bed or on a comfortable surface.

Lovers believe that this position is fun for both parties. This posture is ideal for achieving female pleasure (even for pregnant women) as it intensifies the sensations in the clitoris. Enjoy with your partner!

5. Held up against the wall

Here a couple uses the wall as a point of support for sex “in the air.” Of course, it requires that the man be strong enough to support his partner while penetrating. The experience is fun since the man will feel in control of the situation and his environment. It’s quite complicit and mischievous.

6. Doggy style is one of the most satisfying sex positions

This position never ceases to be exciting and pleasurable (especially for women) in spite of its popularity. It’s obviously inspired by animal copulation and creates a very interesting domain of submission-submission. Orgasms are more than guaranteed here.

A woman should rest on her knees and place her hands on the floor to hold herself as if she were “on all fours.” Then the man penetrates her while holding her by the waist. You can also give some soft pats or caresses on the buttocks. The most intense men like to hold the woman by the hair, without pulling too hard, to excite her even more.

As a suggestion, we recommend that you include the “cat-cow” and “cat” yoga poses as they greatly promote both visual and physical pleasure.

Through these satisfying sex positions, you’ll discover pleasure in a healthy and erotic way. The most important thing to keep in mind is you must maintain good communication with your partner before getting down to business. Seek each other’s orgasms and you’ll be in heaven.

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