Does Anal Sex Always Hurt? Ways To Prevent It

22 November, 2019
Anal sex is a sexual practice in which the penis penetrates the anus of a sexual partner for pleasure.

Anal sex is a sexual practice that’s been taboo for centuries. So much so that people are still afraid to even hear about it. Mainly given the lack of information they have about it and, above all, the idea that it’s too painful.

However, there are couples who enjoy this practice and it isn’t painful. Ok so, how do they do it? It’s all very simple if you keep a few things in mind and exercise some care.

Next, let’s find out if anal sex is a pleasant activity, how can you do it safely to enjoy a pleasant sexual encounter. Also, what risks you expose yourself to when you don’t take a few measures into account.

Can anal sex be pleasant?


A couple having anal sex.

Anal penetration can be very pleasant as long as you keep a few things in mind. In this regard, the Instituto de Sexualidad Humana of Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo indicates the following:

  • You must do foreplay and stimulation so that the anus progressively dilates. Usually, you can masturbate to excite your sexual partner and, in turn, help relax their muscles.
  • Use appropriate lubricants for the area (water-based) to facilitate penetration. Note that the application of the lubricant can also serve as foreplay.
  • Don’t use saliva at all.
  • Choose an appropriate penetration angle (that is, a comfortable posture, such as the doggy-style).
  • Always use a condom!
  • Gently and slowly insert the penis into the anus.
  • Don’t make sudden movements.

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In regard to hygiene

  • Of course, hygiene is essential at all times: before, during and after.
    • Try to poop before practicing anal sex.
    • The anus must be clean so wash it with soap and water.
    • If fingers go into the anus these should not only be clean but also well-groomed and manicured to avoid scratches and other possible injuries when handling this delicate area during stimulation.
  • Don’t penetrate the vagina during anal sex or afterward (unless you properly clean the penis first).
  • There are certain practices you should avoid since they also pose a high risk of infection:
    • Fisting: This is an extreme practice in which people seek pleasure by dilating the anus with all their fingers, then hand and, finally, the fist.
    • Creampie: This is about ejaculating in the anus.
    • Anilingus: Colloquially known as “black kiss,” this is about penetrating the anus with the lips and tongue.

Anal sex is only painful when done wrong

If you try to go too fast when having anal sex, the muscles won’t relax. And, the sphincter will remain tight. This is the main reason why anal sex is painful. Therefore, do some foreplay before trying to penetrate.

Clearly, the anus doesn’t have natural lubrication for sexual intercourse, as in the case with a vagina. Hence the importance of using a suitable lubricant for this area. In addition, you must penetration slowly without forceful thrusts or sudden movements in general.

For some couples, the ideal complement for anal sex is masturbation. This way pleasure intensifies, the muscles relax and, of course, it promotes anal dilation.

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A man opening a condom.

Once again, remember that anal sex can be painful and lead to health problems if done wrong. It can bring consequences such as anal fissures, tears, hemorrhages, and the spread of STDs. So, you can definitely enjoy it if you do so with caution.