Does Anal Sex Always Hurt? Ways To Prevent It

February 10, 2018
Since it’s an area that doesn’t lubricate itself naturally, it’s important to use lubricants to avoid injuries or discomfort when it comes to anal sex

Limiting sexual intercourse to just the genitals prevents you from experiencing and enjoying a whole other facet of sexuality. However, what we’re most worried about when it comes to anal sex are the risks.

What is anal sex?

Anal sex is defined as the sexual practice in which the penis or an erotic toy is inserted in the anus and rectum of your partner. Although it has been practiced since ancient Greece, even today it remains a taboo for many people.

There are people who consider it an unnatural act when compared to vaginal intercourse.

There has been so much misinformation that it’s considered an exclusive practice for homosexuals or bisexuals, without thinking about the benefits or how enjoyable it might be.

Why is it a pleasant activity?

Couple hugging each other

Anal penetration is actually very pleasant because during the act the clitoris is stimulated from the rectum to the pelvic area. However, if we look at it psychologically, the forbidden becomes an aphrodisiac.

This is because it’s new, which makes the situation even more exciting. However, biologically the anal area contains a large number of nerve fibers which are sensitive to touch.

How to lubricate

Obviously, the anus doesn’t lubricate itself naturally during intercourse, whereas the vagina does. Therefore, it’s important to be cautious with penetration because the muscles don’t have the same elasticity.

This means that the use of lubricant is essential, or you can lubricate naturally with saliva. What you have to remember is that either will evaporate easily, so you shouldn’t wait too long before penetration.

What is anal stimulation?

The best thing to do is to combine penetration with masturbation. This is a way to increase pleasure and relax your muscles.

Once you’ve decided to try anal sex, all prejudice must be set aside. Anal intercourse is not only a physical emotion, but is also subjective.

Is there such a thing as anal masturbation? There is a method in which you introduce one or more fingers as masturbation.

This prevents damage of the rectal walls.

Where does the pain come from?

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If you try to go to fast when having anal sex, the muscles will not relax. And, the sphincters will stay closed. This is why anal sex is painful. Therefore, it’s recommended that you try some foreplay before going into the whole experience.

How to do it

  • First, you can dilate the anal sphincter with the help of the water-based lubricant.
  • Afterwards, slowly insert a finger into the anus. You may need to make very gentle movements.
  • The goal is to enlarge it gradually until it expands enough.
  • Only then is penetration is carried out. This is the only way to avoid pain.

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Hygiene and safety

The mucous that covers the rectal area is prone to infections and accidents. In the worst case this could be an anal fissure. Therefore, we recommend the following:

  • Accelerated penetration causes ruptures that may lead to bleeding and injuries.
  • This can in turn cause the acquisition of sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, gonorrhoea or syphilis. Therefore, you must use a condom.
  • The best thing to do is to bathe before and after sex.
  • You must have short nails.
  • One of the most common fears is that during anal sex there might be accidental feces. If this is the case, you can always perform an enema to clean the rectum.

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Risky Practices

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  • Fisting: This is an extreme practice, in which you seek pleasure by dilating the anus. You do this by introducing all the fingers, the hand, or the fist.
  • Creampie: In this case the man ejaculates in the rectal area.
  • Anilingus: Known colloquially as a black kiss, this is the contact of the anus and the mouth of the other person.