The Best Seeds for Weight Loss

Sunflower seeds help regulate cholesterol and fat absorption. Still, remember not to eat more than two tablespoons a day and opt for unsalted ones. Find out more about seeds for weight loss.
The Best Seeds for Weight Loss
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 December, 2022

Miracle diets don’t exist and we know it. Losing weight requires effort and above all, proper nutrition that not only makes you burn fat but also cares for your health. In addition, fiber is essential. That’s why we’ll take a look at the best seeds for weight loss. These little treasures are rich in beneficial properties that you won’t want to miss.

Seeds for weight loss

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One thing we should make clear is that fiber is essential for taking care of your body. It helps to regulate your body and maintains your digestive tract’s proper functioning. It also helps to eliminate everything you don’t want. It’s also key to losing weight healthily.

Did you know that, for example, having a diet rich in fiber can also protect you against diabetes? Or that it protects against heart disease? It’s also great for keeping your cholesterol levels balanced. Moreover, seeds are the most fiber-rich elements found in nature. Besides giving you energy, they provide your gut flora with very useful bacteria. To top it all off, they’re also delicious – who doesn’t like sunflower or pumpkin seeds?

Furthermore, they’re perfect for those who want to lose weight. They help you burn fat, make you feel full, accelerate your metabolism, and are perfect in salads, smoothies, or snacks. Let’s take a look at the best seeds for weight loss below.

1. Chia seeds

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You’ve probably heard people talk about them. Chia seeds are rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. They’re perfect for boosting your metabolism and losing weight gradually. This is true as long as you eat them regularly. Chia seeds are also great for any circulatory problems since they’re packed with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides and raise good cholesterol (HDL).

How can you lose weight with chia seeds? It’s simple. You can find them in natural health stores and even normal grocery stores. Just eat two to three tablespoons a day in your salads, yogurts, shakes, and even gelatin desserts.

2. Flaxseed, one of the best seeds for weight loss

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Our next example of seeds for weight loss is flaxseed or linseed. Why is it so well known? Well, it has a large amount of dietary fiber and is the richest known vegetable source of omega 3 fatty acids. What’s more, it’s the richest source of weak estrogen, which makes it a superfood. Amazing!

According to experts, you’ll get a greater amount of fiber eating flaxseed than you would by eating any other grain. It will help prevent constipation, lower cholesterol, and provide an amazing dose of omega 3 – even greater than with any kind of fish. So, how could you go without a daily dosage of flaxseed?

It’s very easy to find in any natural health store. You can eat it any way you like: with yogurt, salads, shakes, etc. Most importantly, it’s delicious!

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3. Mustard seeds

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They are tasty and you can use them as a delicious spice with fish, meat, and in salads. They’re a more than perfect addition that provides omega 3, calcium, fiber, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, proteins, selenium, and zinc. They also help with digestion since they stimulate the production of gastric acid.

You won’t have any problems finding mustard seeds because they’re commonly found in kitchens for tons of dishes. You can make salads, delicious dishes with salmon, turkey, or chicken (always lean meats).

4. Sunflower seeds


Who doesn’t love sunflower seeds? They’re a classic snack but you should always eat them unsalted. Indeed, they’re delicious with salt. However, salted seeds won’t help you lose weight. On the contrary, you’ll experience more water retention and a high salt intake will affect your kidneys.

Why are sunflower seeds good for weight loss? Because they are satisfying, accelerate your metabolism, are very healthy thanks to their content of oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic, arachidic, and lecithin acids. All of that will help reduce bad cholesterol and increase the levels of the good kind. Remember that they’re great for your liver’s health.

The fiber in sunflower seeds helps you to especially reduce the absorption of cholesterol in your intestines and the fat that shouldn’t stay in your body. But be careful; you can only eat a small handful a day – two tablespoons a day are enough.

Anything over that has too many calories. It’s about finding a balance to benefit from their properties in order to help you lose weight. Remember, only two tablespoons. You can eat them as a snack after your breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

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