5 Reasons to Add Eggplant to Your Dinner: Start Today!

· November 14, 2016
Eggplant is a vitamin and mineral rich food. Since it is 92% water, it helps us avoid retention of liquids and detoxify.

We’ve got a simple and very healthy idea for you. Starting today, add eggplant to your meals and enjoy a healthier body.

We know that the caloric value of this vegetable is lower compared to other foods. Nevertheless, this is one of the best reasons why we should take advantage of it for the last meal of the day.

As opposed to needing an energy boost, what our body demands at night is low calorie food that helps us detoxify and also takes care of our liver.

We can’t forget that this organ performs vital functions during the night.

Below we’ll give 5 good reasons so you’ll take this into account. There are thousands of great ways to cook eggplant, it’s a vegetable that is always delicious, good for the whole family and never gets old.

1. Eggplant Helps Control Cholesterol Levels

When we are diagnosed with high cholesterol we don’t know where to start. We have a food table with allowed foods and prohibited ingredients. But we always feel like we can’t eat what we like the most.

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This actually means we need to sharpen our imagination, to spend more time with the art of cooking and choose the right foods.

If you eat eggplant for dinner at least three times a week, your cholesterol levels will drop little by little.

  • A dinner doesn’t only have to be light: it has to be healthy and nutritious but without too many calories.
  • High calorie foods usually elevate our level of LDL cholesterol, which is the most dangerous.
  • One way to keep this from happening is to eat more vegetables. Eggplant will also help us drop some pounds, which is obviously great.
  • The phenolic compounds in eggplant, along with chlorogenic acid, help lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL).
eggplant lose weight

2. Eggplant for Dinner Will Help You Feel Full

The dietary fiber in eggplant are like “mediators” in good digestion and weight loss. Thanks to these compounds we can feel full with very little calories. It’s magical.

Also, one of the benefits of these vegetables is its power in preventing constipation. In fact, there is nothing like eggplant for dinner that will allow you to go to the bathroom with complete ease the morning after.

3. Nightly Care for Your Heart

Eggplant is a total natural wonder for your heart. Its fiber content, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and phytonutrients are great allies for a healthy heart.

  • All foods that contain flavonoids are good against heart disease. The antioxidants in eggplants help us reduce blood pressure and protect us from free radicals.
  • After a stressful day of hurrying and bad food due to work and little time, there are without a doubt few things that will help you like a healthy recipe based on eggplant.
parkinson heart

4. The Wonderful Cleansing Effect of Eggplant

We have all had those days when we feel heavy or swollen. Our skin tone is pale and we feel much more tired and sluggish.

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These symptoms usually correspond to an accumulation of toxins that must be cleansed. We need to optimize liver function, and there is nothing better than drinking a little more water and eating more eggplant.

  • The detoxifying properties of this vegetable lets us cleanse our bodies and stop retaining liquids.
  • Remember, eggplants contain 92% water. They also stimulate the kidneys, thanks to its diuretic affect.

5. You Will Improve Your Cognitive Ability

Eggplants contain a compound called nasunin. This is a kind of of anthocyanin that works as a powerful antioxidant capable of protecting the brain’s cellular membranes against free radicals.

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Another fact to keep in mind about antioxidants is that they prevent inflammation and promote blood flow to the brain. All of this helps prevent degenerative brain diseases associated with old age.

brain does not feel pain

To sum up: from now on, you shouldn’t hesitate to add eggplant to your dinner. Combine them with other light and healthy foods. Baked eggplant with a little lemon and garlic are great, for example.

Eggplant juice is also an interesting option that helps cleanse the body. Choose the recipe you like the most and enjoy the last meal of the day.

It’s worth it.