How to Burn Fat and Control Cholesterol with Eggplant Water

· November 2, 2016
In addition to promoting the cleansing of liquids and toxins, eggplant water also makes you feel more full, helping you control your food cravings

Controlling weight and cholesterol levels have become a priority for hundreds of people who are aware of the negative effects they can have on your health.

Beyond simple aesthetics, the buildup of fat in the body can lead to chronic problems like heart disease, diabetes, and joint conditions, among others.

Thanks to this, experts in health and nutrition have begun to recommend a series of healthy habits and measures that can improve your lifestyle.

They have also revealed a series of “tricks” that, thanks to their nutritional value, represent healthy alternatives to help you lose those pounds more easily.

Eggplant water is one such natural option that facilitates both the cleansing of your bloodstream and weight loss.

This beverage is rich in fiber and antioxidants that trigger your body to burn more calories and eliminate harmful lipids.

Regular consumption is a great supplement to your diet, especially for people who have difficulty losing weight.

What are the benefits of eggplant water?


One of the main advantages of this vegetable when it comes to burning fat is the fact that it contains a lot of nutrients and very few calories.

The significant content of water gives it a diuretic effect that fights fluid retention and inflammation.

Thanks to vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, eggplant water promotes better circulation and reduces your risk of heart disease.

It’s also rich in potassium and sodium, two minerals that in the right quantities can improve the health of your nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Consuming eggplant water also promotes your body’s detox while improving your metabolic function and controlling blood sugar levels.

The fiber content improves bowel movements and prevents problems like constipation and gas.

Fiber is also responsible for making you feel more satisfied and improving your ability to absorb fat from the intestines rather than allowing it to build up in your arteries.

Another quality that shouldn’t be overlooked is the fact that eggplant stimulates bile production and your liver health by protecting this organ from excess fat.

It’s considered to be a great supplement for those suffering from anemia and immune system problems because it provides healthy amounts of magnesium and iron.

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How to make eggplant water to burn fat and control cholesterol?


When you prepare and consume eggplant water, not only will you have better health overall and lose weight, but you’ll have more energy to keep your body going through all the tasks of your day-to-day life.

Another advantage we haven’t mentioned yet is the fact that this is a very easy beverage to prepare and it’s also pretty inexpensive because the ingredients are quite affordable at your grocery store.

Let’s do it!

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  • 1 medium, organic eggplant
  • The juice from 1 lemon
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 glass container


  • First you need to rinse the eggplant with a little apple cider vinegar or baking soda.
  • Once it is disinfected, you can slice it into several cubes that are more or less an inch thick.
  • Place these cubes into the glass container and add the liter of water.
  • Squeeze the juice of one lemon and add it to the container.
  • Store this beverage in the fridge and let it sit overnight.

Mode of consumption

  • To promote detox, you should drink this for seven days in a row, every month.
  • You can also consume it three times a week, or whenever you have the strong urge to eat something.
  • The liter of water should be broken up into several cups per day (one cup before each meal, for example).

To achieve the best results when it comes to controlling your weight, it’s a good idea to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables and reduce your intake of fats and refined flours.

You should also get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

By following these simple tips you can lose a few inches within weeks. Keep in mind, however, that everyone’s metabolism works differently, and it may take longer for some people.

Eggplant should not be eaten raw in large quantities because it contains an alkaloid known as solanine, which causes vomiting and diarrhea. There’s nothing to fear, however, if you only consume the recommended amount.