43 Fun and Sexy Games to Play with Your Partner

The surprise date, the kissing challenge, the daring dice...these are just some of the many games you can play with your partner.
43 Fun and Sexy Games to Play with Your Partner

Written by Jonatan Menguez

Last update: 20 April, 2024

Role reversals, card games, and suggestive questions are all great ways for couples to spice things up and have some fun together. Whether for an intimate encounter or for a meeting with close friends , these games allow you to get to know the other person better.

Spend a fun time that strengthens the bond with your partner! Are you brave enough to try the most daring ones?

Fun and sexy games to play with your partner

Discover a series of entertaining and challenging challenges that we have prepared for you to have an intimate encounter with your partner. Some are suitable for meetings with several couples, and others are best for the most intimate relationship. Let’s get started!

1. The kiss challenge

To begin with, we have a fun, daring, and romantic test. Try blindfolding your partner and stand at each end of the room. The idea is to approach each other with the intention of kissing on the mouth, without looking or using your hands. Do you think you can sense which way to go?

2. The eternal embrace

This is an ideal challenge to solve a minor conflict and get back in touch with your love. It consists of making a hug and staying in that position until one of you lets go. Yes, a hug may seem like a comfortable position, but for how long?

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3. The surprise date

One of the challenges your partner will appreciate most is planning a date to an unexpected location. You can agree between the two of you to come up with a date and then discuss where you had the best time. Do not reveal the place or the type of date you have planned, although it’s a good idea to let them know what day and time it will be, of course!

This way, you can count on your partner’s availability. A day out? A night in a hotel? A dinner at his or her favorite place? Try to surprise and charm your love to win the challenge.

4. Truth or dare

A must-play game to have a fun time is the truth or dare with your partner. You can even take it to a group of people you trust, although not everyone may be brave enough to answer all the questions. Among them, you can include the following questions:

  • Who would you have a threesome with?
  • Would you or have you ever filmed yourself having sex?
  • Which celebrity would you choose to spend a night with?
  • What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever said to someone in bed?

5. Love scavenger hunt

This is another classic for holidays like Christmas or New Year’s Eve. However, you can transform the treasure hunt into a sensual and romantic game. Try to leave the clues in suggestive places and use suggestive words.

Of course, the final treasure should be an object that you can both use in intimacy. For example, a sex toy, a lubricating gel, or an erotic card game can all work.

6. Touch only

Turn up the heat a notch with this activity that involves arousing your partner using only your hands. To increase the difficulty of the challenge, set a time limit. The other person should be honest about whether or not the goal was met.

7. Book club

This activity can strengthen the bond by sharing a quiet, analytical moment. Choose a book to read together and set reading goals. You can discuss the topics covered in each chapter and get to know each other’s points of view. To turn up the heat, you can also read erotic books. There are a lot out there!

8. Couple’s yoga

The tree pose is also called vrksasana.

Yoga is a beneficial activity for the body and mind that, when practiced as a couple, can serve to strengthen your relationship. There are numerous poses that are performed in communion with the body of the other, such as the tree pose (vrksasana).

It consists of standing, placing one foot on the thigh, and holding each other in the embrace of the other or supporting the palms. It’s also popular for the boat or navasana, where you have to sit facing each other and support the soles of the foot on the other. Then, move them up with your hands clasped.

Try to plan a weekly yoga routine like your partner. It can be once or twice a week, then work your way up in frequency.

9. Dance and choreography

Another fun activity, which also provides many health benefits, is dancing. Look for choreographies to imitate with your partner and practice until you achieve them. Also, you can plan a dance challenge with apps that mark the steps to follow.

10. Emoji games for couples

Technology also provides different entertainment for groups. In this case, you can ask a question that the other person must answer only with emojis. Try to guess what it means and score points for each correct answer.

11. Emoji face

In the same line as the previous one, this game proposes to choose an emoji and interpret it with the gestures of the face. The other person must guess which one it is without any other clue than the imitation. Set time limits and points, according to your own criteria.

12. The staring game

A true classic that transcends generations. It consists of holding each other’s gaze without blinking for as long as possible. To play, stand face-to-face with your partner and start the challenge. The first one to blink loses.

If you’re enjoying a night out with other couples, you can take the total time each couple has spent together and compete with each other to see which one lasts the longest.

13. Quick words

This challenge is very entertaining and suitable for practicing with one or more couples. It consists of selecting a category, such as names of countries, and mentioning related words. The final letter of each should be the first letter of the next.

For example, if your partner said “Denmark”, you could say “Kenya”. Whoever goes five seconds without being able to say the word loses the round.

14. Go on a novelty date

Have you been in a relationship for many years and think there’s nothing left to do? There’s always something new to experience, and it’s a challenge for couples to find an unexplored activity or place. Look for trails they don’t yet know about or small trips to nearby towns. If the bond has been going on for a while, check out those first few outings where you had a great time and haven’t been for a long time.

15. Collective sentence

A word challenge that consists of completing the sentence that the other started. For example, you can say “a dish I would eat every week is…”, and your partner must finish it according to his or her tastes. To make it more romantic, you can use sentences like “Every night before bed I would like to…”.

16. A body of two

Have fun with your partner or group of friends with this challenge where two people must put on the same garment. Try to use a sweater or shirt that’s already in bad shape, because it will stretch!

Insert both heads into the same collar and leave one sleeve for each. The challenge is to walk, jump, or carry something without falling, which will require coordinated movements.

17. Knowledge test

Think you know everything about your partner? Then put your knowledge to the test with this challenge where you both have to answer the same series of questions, and then evaluate who knows the other better. You can include the following examples:

  • What’s my favorite movie?
  • What is my favorite food?
  • What bothers me the most?
  • Who’s my favorite actor or actress?
  • What is my favorite position in bed?

18. Karaoke

You can sing the song that identifies you or your favorite song.

Karaoke is a true classic that never fails. Nowadays, it’s much easier to practice it, as there are many tracks on YouTube that can be used to sing karoke. You can do challenges with other couples singing duets and then vote on which one you thought was the best.

19. Guess the song

Another music challenge is to let the first 10 seconds of a song play. The other person must guess what it is. If the song is very well known, you can reduce the seconds or allow a little more time if it’s very complex.

20. Stand with no hands

A physical challenge that requires the collaboration of both partners to work. First, lie on your stomach with your heads close together and your feet facing away from each other. With your hands still behind your back, try to stand up using only your shoulders, legs, and core muscles.

21. Video game challenges for couples

If you have a console or computer with games, challenge your partner to play one cooperatively. It can be an adventure, fighting, or racing title, where it’s also possible to establish competitions between the two of you.

22. Romantic Scrabble

The traditional board game Scrabble can also be transformed into a romantic and sensual form of entertainment. Instead of forming any words, use only those related to love. To heat things up, if you formed “caress” or “kiss”, you must perform the action with your partner.

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23. Hot trivia

You can turn up the heat even more with a series of awkward questions for friends and partners. With them, you can continue to test your knowledge about each other, but now with more intimate questions. Here are some examples to add to the trivia.

  • What turns you on the most about me?
  • Where would you like to have sex with me?
  • What’s your favorite part of my body?
  • Have you ever had a hot dream about me?
  • Have you ever sent suggestive pictures or nudes?

24. Which body part is it?

With your partner blindfolded, take his or her finger and place it on a part of your body. He or she will have to guess what it is. For that, you will have five seconds and you won’t be able to move your finger. Make several rounds between the two of you to establish a winner.

25. Hot Pictionary

This is another classic board game mutated into one of the challenges for couples. Practice the game of drawing something and having each other guess what it is, but use your loved one’s body as a surface. Try to draw with an element that’s easy to wash.

26. Complete the story

In this case, this is ideal entertainment for groups. Someone has to start with a short sentence, and the other person has to continue it. The challenge is to maintain coherence and creativity in order to formulate a story between the two of you. Set up a competition with pairs of friends.

27. Guess the location

If you’ve gone on some trips with your partner, this challenge is ideal to exercise your memory. Start with a specific anecdote or a description of a particular place where you were together. Don’t mention the year or give geographical references, as the other person will have to guess the place and the trip.

28. Running as a couple

Running is an activity that can be done as a couple, in which you can set distance or speed challenges.

Another challenge that promotes physical fitness is to consider running together. Set a day and time to go running with your partner. It doesn’t have to be an abrupt change, but can make gradual progress. Start by walking briskly, then move up to a gentle jog and, after a few weeks, try running for 45 minutes.

29. Shared planks

Planks are a very beneficial exercise for strengthening the core muscles. They consist of standing parallel to the floor, face down, and holding the position with your forearms and toes. If you want to challenge your partner, test who can hold it the longest. Also, this is an ideal exercise to do outdoors.

30. Jigsaw puzzles

While jigsaw puzzles may seem like a simple, kid-friendly activity, there are numerous designs with more complexity. You can start with a 300- or 500-piece puzzle, which will require teamwork with your partner. In addition, they will form an entertaining habit. If they want to up the difficulty, there are copies of 1,000, 5,000, and even 10,000 pieces.

31. Craft challenges for couples

In addition to puzzles, you can do other more creative crafts with your partner. For example, paint and decorate a room, fix things, or build a piece of furniture. As a challenge, you can each complete a creative task in the same amount of time and evaluate which one is the best.

32. What’s the food?

This is a challenge that is as fun as it is challenging. Cook something special for your partner and give her a taste of the dish, but without her being able to look at it. She must recognize what it is and what ingredients it’s made of. Set a score with one unit for each correct ingredient.

33. Guess the movie

To play the Guess the Movie challenge in pairs or in groups, you have two alternatives.

  1. Google images of a particular scene and show them to your partner for a few seconds.
  2. Relate the dialogue of a film or make an imitation of its name with your body.

34. Make your partner laugh

Without touching or rubbing any part of their body, try to get a laugh out of your partner. It sounds like an easy challenge, but it’s not easy to make your partner laugh intentionally. Try telling something funny or showing funny pictures and memes.

35. Try not to laugh

The opposite challenge: look at pictures, videos, or any funny situation on your cell phone and try to hold in the laughter. You can do it at the same time with your partner, and the first one to laugh, loses the turn.

36. Guess the smell

Blindfold your partner again and bring food close to his or her nose. It could be a piece of chocolate, a fruit, or any other type of food. The blindfolded person must guess what food it is, but it can take no more than a minute.

37. Hot card game

Try a hot challenge with a deck of cards. If you play poker, you can opt for the “strip” version. This consists of taking off a garment with each round lost. However, this dynamic can be transferred to other games, such as blackjack.

38. Role reversal

Here’s a more risqué challenge that’s ideal for intimacy. Have you fantasized about a movie character or a particular situation? If your partner agrees, it’s time to put it into practice. Learn allusive dialogues and get into character to carry out a fun, creative, and hot challenge.

39. Challenges for couples with costumes

An element of role-play can be present here, although it happens more through dialogue and imitation. Costumes tend to have a particular taste for many couples. This is another challenge to let fantasies fly and share intimate desires.

40. Challenging dice

Hot dice are very popular in sex shops and stores. But you can also create them yourself. Simply assign one action to each number of a common dice, and one body part to the other. In this way, combinations such as “touch breasts” or “kiss mouth” are formed.

41. Guess the kiss

To continue turning up the heat, try another blindfold game. In this case, your partner must put on a lipstick of a particular flavor, and whoever can’t see must guess what it is. Try several flavors and switch turns.

42. Karaoke with obstacles

Perform a karaoke challenge similar to the previous one, but now with the obstacle of having your partner keep you from singing. He or she can tickle you, distract you with moves, or try to make you laugh. Even kissing you on some part of your body can be used to sabotage your performance.

43. Games for couples in long-distance relationships

Finally, we bring you a game for lovers who are occasionally or permanently living apart. Fortunately, today’s communication allows us to keep in touch in a variety of ways, and you can even enjoy games together. For example, by appealing to the following messages.

  • Having phone sex.
  • Sending an erotic video.
  • Sending an erotic photo.
  • Reading an erotic story in an audio.
  • Tell what you would do to your partner with emojis.
  • Tell your favorite fantasy by message or audio.

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The benefits of playing games with your partner

Games and play serve to strengthen a couple’s relationship. In addition to their entertaining nature, they allow you to break with the routine and monotony that relationships often fall into.

However, both of you must be up for playing together and pay attention to whether the other feels uncomfortable. Such discomfort may stem from the physical or emotional aspect and, in that case, it’s important to call off the challenge. Also, try to be careful with physical play to avoid getting injured.

Whether it be a fun way to enjoy each other’s company, turn up the heat, or simply spend some time together, these games will definitely add a spark to your relationship!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.