Which Haircut Suits You Best? Find Out According to Your Hair Type

When choosing a new haircut, you have to consider a fundamental factor: the type of hair. With this in mind, you will be able to achieve a unique style that looks great on you.
Which Haircut Suits You Best? Find Out According to Your Hair Type

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Last update: 17 June, 2023

Imagine this scene: you find yourself in front of the mirror, contemplating the possibility of an empowering change of look, but suddenly, doubts assail you. What are the best haircuts for your hair type? Should you go for a daring and risky style or maybe something more classic and elegant?

If you identify with this situation, don’t worry! Whether you have fine, curly, straight, or thick hair, in this article we will help you choose the trendy hairstyle that will suit you best.

Know the different types of hair

When you decide to renew your image, it’s essential to consider both the texture and density of your hair. We’ll delve into this below.

Haircuts according to texture

Texture refers to the natural shape, size, and pattern of the strands. American hairstylist Andre Walker has created a system that is divided into four categories:

  • Straight or straight: smooth hair that has no natural curls. Its strands can be fine or thick and fall straight from root to tip.
  • Wavy: soft, pliable waves that frame the face. They tend to flatten when wet, but regain their original shape once dry.
  • Curly: a pattern that can resemble a letter S or Z. This type of hair is difficult to control, tangles easily, and tends to be voluminous.
  • Afro: at first glance, curly hair may appear coarse, but it’s actually brittle and prone to damage. When wet, it tends to shrink in length.

Haircuts according to density

On the other hand, density is related to the amount of hair strands present on the head. This has a direct relationship with the thickness of the hair:

  • Fine: people with fine hair have very soft locks that tend to fuss. lacks volume and density.
  • Medium: is the easiest to manage. It also tends to respond favorably to permanent treatments.
  • Thick to the touch, this type of hair can feel stringy. It’s characterized by being resistant and not easily damaged.
Choosing a haircut that suits the density and texture of your mane will not only look good, but will also simplify care and maintenance.

Find your perfect style with the ideal haircuts for your hair type

Whether you have fine hair and want more volume and body, or curly hair for definition and control, it’s essential to find the right style to highlight your features. Let’s take a look at the right haircuts for each hair type!

Cuts for straight hair

1. The French bob

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

This haircut is very flattering for women with straight hair. It’s distinguished by subtle layers tips in the back, while the sides are distinguished by wearing longer layers and also degrafiladas.

The queen of this look is Kala Gerber, who stunned everyone by making the bold decision to shed her iconic mane, which so closely resembled that of her mother, Cindy Crawford.

2. Long, layered hair

Jennifer Aniston en Friends

If you have long hair and are looking for a cut that gives your mane movement, the layered look is the best option. This style, popularized in the 90s by Jennifer Aniston in her iconic role as Rachel Green on Friends, is still a trend this 2023.

If you decide to go for this cut, we suggest you consider adding long bangs and front layers to frame your face, just like Bella Hadid has done.

3. The bowl cut

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

The bowl cut is ideal for those who want a modern and sophisticated look, without compromising the natural beauty of their straight hair. It can be worn short, like Demi Moore did in the movie The Shadow of Love, or a bit longer, like Zendaya at the 2016 MET Gala.

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4. A blunt bob

blunt bob

The blunt bob has gained great popularity among women with straight hair. Not only has it conquered the catwalks of Milan and Paris, but they have also become the favorite style of influencer Hailey Bieber.

This cut is sought after for its low maintenance and for creating the illusion of a fuller hair. If you decide to complement it with a fringe, the result will be even more impressive.

5. The flop

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

This is a straight version of the bob that is usually worn with a middle parting. It’s flattering for round and oval faces.

To achieve the perfect straight look, anti-frizz treatments are recommended. A prime example of this bet is British actress Rosamund Pike, who has become a true queen of this style.

6. A long boy cut

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

The long boy cut known as the garçon is an excellent option if you have little hair and want to wear a short, modern style. The key is to incorporate a long fringe that can be worn sideways behind the ear, following the example of the iconic Michelle Williams.

7. The fade cut

corte desvanecido

Attention, gentlemen! The fade cut involves a gradual cut of the hair at the back and sides, gradually tapering as it gets closer to the neck. This style has a subtle gradient at the neck and sideburns, which creates a clean look.

6. A mullet

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

The mullet style, which became popular during the 1980s, is characterized by being short on the sides, with volume in the front and length at the nape of the neck. This unique and bold look combines different lengths to create a striking contrast.

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9. The Korean haircut

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

Popularized by K-Pop bands, these haircuts will continue to trend among men for their fresh and rejuvenating style.

10. Men’s layered haircut

¿Qué corte de pelo te queda mejor? Descúbrelo según tu tipo de cabello

The men’s layered haircut is a sophisticated and youthful choice for men with medium to long hair. This style is recommended for those who want a hairstyle that is easy to manage in the morning.

11. The Quiff

¿Qué corte de pelo te queda mejor? Descúbrelo según tu tipo de cabello

An iconic 1950s haircut highlighted by a high quiff in the front. If you have straight hair, you know that maintaining volume can be a challenge, so the best option is to use a blow dryer. In the image, we can see how actor Thomas Doherty looks amazing in this style.

Wavy haircuts

1. The butterfly cut

corte mariposa

If you have wavy hair, the butterfly cut is a perfect option for you. This style features soft, defined layers that give your hair movement. To make it stand out even more, you can opt for a curly fringe.

2. The wolf cut

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

The wolf cut is the perfect choice to highlight and define waves, providing a casual look full of personality. Its versatility and ease of maintenance make it a popular choice, especially among actresses like Debbie Ryan.

3. The pixie

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

The pixie cut is an option for wavy hair, as it highlights its texture. Shorter hair gives a lighter and fuller look, allowing the waves to look defined. An excellent reference is actress Halle Berry.

4. A shaggy short haircut

¿Qué corte de pelo te queda mejor? Descúbrelo según tu tipo de cabello

The short shaggy cut is perfect for enhancing the natural texture of wavy hair for a casual look. Plus, with this cut, you’ll add movement to your mane.

5. A quiff with sideburns

quiff con patillas

The quiff in this variation has a more moderate quiff. The difference is that the sideburns are longer.

6. A mushroom cut with a middle parting and extra long sides

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

The mushroom cut with middle parting has become one of the most popular trends of 2023. It revives the style of the boy band members of the 90s.

7. Front waves

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

If you have wavy hair, you’ll love this style with defined lines, sideburns, and straight bangs combed forward. It’s the perfect choice to bring out the natural texture of your hair.

8. A messy cut

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

This haircut features a design that includes defined sideburns and volume on top. It creates a more structured and stylish effect.

Cuts for curly hair

1. A long mullet

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

If you’re longing for a change of look and have curly hair, the long mullet may be the choice for you.

This layered cut creates an asymmetrical silhouette that is very eye-catching. It’s also an option for those who want a modern and unique style without having to compromise too much on hair length.

2. An asymmetrical layered bob

bob asimétrico

If you are looking for a haircut that highlights the beauty of your curls, the asymmetrical layered bob is an option you can’t afford to pass up.

By adding layers, this style balances the volume of your hair. Plus, it’s easy to style and doesn’t require much maintenance.

3. A layered V-cut

¿Qué corte de pelo te queda mejor? Descúbrelo según tu tipo de cabello

This long layered style will be your best ally if you’re looking to reduce the volume of your mane. On the other hand, it adds texture without compromising the length of the hair.

4. The pompadour


This cut is characterized by leaving the top part of the hair longer than the sides. In case you want a closer example, Austin Butler wore it at this year’s MET Gala.

5. The Morrison

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

A very popular haircut suitable for curly hair is the Morrison, which takes its inspiration from the iconic 70’s singer. It’s characterized by clearing and framing the face, with a longer length at the back. American actor Timothée Chalamet has worn it elegantly in recent years.

6. Rocker locks

¿Qué corte de pelo te queda mejor? Descúbrelo según tu tipo de cabello

If you’re looking for a style that reflects your rocker side, this is the ideal option for you. The rocker locks haircut will give you an elegant yet rebellious look. It’s achieved by shaving the sides and nape of the neck while leaving a long fringe of hair on top.

Afro haircuts

1. Tapered

When looking for cuts that suit your hair type, it’s often difficult to find options for afro hair. However, we are here to help. At the top of our list is the tapered cut, a perfect choice if you’re looking for a style that adds volume and definition to your curls.

2. The solange

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

This style is inspired by Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles. This is a natural, short look that is characterized by being low maintenance.

3. Flat top afro

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

The flat-top afro is a bold and distinctive style that has made a mark in the African American community. This cut is characterized by having a flat, squared-off shape at the top, creating a unique look.

4. Old school afro

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

This style is based on growing and maintaining voluminous, lush curls. With this cut, curls are allowed to express themselves freely, creating a striking look full of personality.

Cuts for thick hair

1. The micro bob

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

In the search for haircuts suitable for your hair type, you will discover a wide range of options that are perfectly suited to thicker manes.

One such style is the micro bob, which you can sport like Spanish actress Belen Cuesta. This cut is characterized by subtle layers that add lightness and avoid excessive volumes.

2. Parallel layers

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

This style not only has the advantage of framing the face, but also helps to reduce hair density. It also creates a lengthening effect that slims the face.

3. The undercut

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

Finding haircuts according to hair type can be a challenging task. But with our guide, you will find the necessary references to get the look that catches your eye.

If you have thick hair, the undercut style is ideal to give it dimension. It consists of removing all the volume from the lower part of the hair and leaving strands on top, creating a modern and daring look.

4. Full hair with layers

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

An excellent option to give your hair movement without sacrificing volume or shape is to opt for a full mane with layers. The ambassador of this sophisticated look is the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton.

5. The carré

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

The carré cut is suitable for thick hair, due to its multiple benefits. For example, it provides structure and definition to your mane, which helps to control its natural volume. It also allows you to play with different lengths and layers to project a sleek look.

6. Textured tip cut

corte en puntas texturizadas

If you have thick, straight hair, finding a style that gives your mane height and volume can be convenient. A cut with textured ends, similar to Camilo’s, will be an option.

7. The French cut

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

In your search for haircuts according to hair type, you may come across the French style, suitable for men with thick hair. It’s characterized by the top of the hair being spiked, while the edges are kept shaved. The goal is to achieve a defined and structured look.

8. The spiky mullet

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

This look is characterized by having the top of the hair short but layered, which gives it texture and movement. To achieve defined ends you need to use a strong gel.

9. A Caesar cut + skin fade

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

This is currently one of the most popular hairstyles. This is a style that aims to provide more volume on top, while the sides are kept shaved to create an edgy look. To style it you will only need to use a texturizing spray.

Hair cuts for fine hair

1. The Clavicut


Continuing your search for haircuts by hair type, you are likely to come across the clavicut. This is an ideal option for fine hair as it helps to add volume. It’s distinguished by being asymmetrical and having a longer length than the long bob.

2. The shaggy style with bangs

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

If you are looking to add shape to your hair, the shaggy cut with bangs is the perfect choice. This style incorporates layers that add movement and volume to your mane while highlighting your facial features. Plus, the bangs really complement this look.

3. The power bob

Cortes de cabello según tipo de pelo

The power bob is a sleek and comfortable style that suits thinning manes. It’s characterized by being straight and layerless, reaching neck length.

4. The military cut

corte militar

The military cut is characterized by its very short length, especially on the sides and back, which makes it a suitable choice for men with fine hair. It gives the illusion of a thick, dense mane.

5. A comb over

¿Qué corte de pelo te queda mejor? Descúbrelo según tu tipo de cabello

A comb-over cut will add more volume to the top of your head; an ideal choice to balance out a pronounced receding hairline. This is similar to the style worn by Henry Cavill in the image.

Enhance your style with the best haircuts for your hair type

Knowing the haircuts for your hair type is essential to highlight your attributes. Feel free to experiment and seek professional advice to find the hairstyle that makes you feel confident and reflects your authentic style.

Hair is a unique expression of your personality. So don’t hesitate to explore alternatives.

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