5 Virtues that Any Good Romantic Relationship Should Have

If you want to have a good romantic relationship, each person has to adapt to the other, but without giving up who they are.
5 Virtues that Any Good Romantic Relationship Should Have
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 27 May, 2022

We all want to enjoy a good romantic relationship. Keeping your romantic relationship stable, healthy and happy is a treasure that we would all like to have.

There’s no magic solution to achieving this goal, but you should be aware of a few basic pillars that anyone can strive for. We’ll show you in the article below.

The Keys to a Good Romantic Relationship

1. Give and receive, without making demands

good romantic relationship

Sometimes, we make the mistake of giving everything within ourselves to another person, without asking for anything in return.

You should be careful about this aspect of your relationship, because it can sometimes cause the relationship to lack the balance it needs and deprive you of things like attention and respect, which are crucial to any good romantic relationship.

Keeping a romantic relationship healthy means both ends have to give and receive, without ever making demands.

If at any time the relationship starts to become unequal, that inequality will be accompanied by suffering and frustration. Open up to your partner, but make sure that you are going to give and receive the same in return.

2. Love without depending on the other or being submissive

good romantic relationship

Another very common error when building a good romantic relationship is dependence. If we always depend on someone else, we will never feel like our full selves, and that can cause elements like jealousy or mistrust to appear.

Any romantic relationship should be free of obligation, and neither partner should be in control.

Ideally, you should look for someone who trusts you and loves you, but who won’t make you act submissive or put limits on who you are. Having some personal space is essential to any relationship because it allows you to maintain high self-esteem and confidence.

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3. Listen and learn to argue

good romantic relationship

We all know how it is. Arguments are very common in romantic relationships. What couple can say that they’ve never had a difference of opinion?

It’s a normal phenomenon, and can even be healthy. Arguments help us to get to know each other better, establish norms and limits, and understand the other person’s personality.

However, one thing you must understand is that any argument should be constructive, never disciplinary nor humiliating. We argue to come to an agreement and learn from each other. And that requires knowing how to listen to the other without punishing them, and knowing how to put yourself in their shoes and understand their needs.

To argue, you have to know how to talk, contribute ideas, proposals, keep an open mind and understand that arguing isn’t about getting angry and throwing insults around. Arguing is about understanding and learning, as well.

4. Know how to adapt

good romantic relationship

We have to be clear on one thing: it’s impossible to change another person. And it’s not a good idea to try to do it, either, because you could be forcing them to give up their identity.

Let’s take this simple example: You like to spend time in nature and you are used to going out into nature with your friends and family on the weekend. You partner, on the other hand, prefers staying at home, watching TV and playing video games. You love each other, but you have different interests.

Should you stop going out for nature hikes? Should he stop doing what he wants?

In any good romantic relationship, you have to be able to adapt and combine your interests. One week, he can go with you on your hike, and the next week, you can stay home on the couch watching a movie with your partner.

In order to reach this kind of agreement, your romantic relationship must be respectful and you must both be excited about building a project together.

5. Keep it exciting every day

good romantic relationship

Love feeds on little things every day. Small gestures are a very important part of keeping daily excitement alive, and thus keeping your romantic relationship strong. That means making a little effort and doing whatever you can to keep things exciting.

Show the other person that they are the most important thing in your life, and allow your partner to do the same.

A unexpected caress, a good morning kiss, going to bed at the same time, making an effort to do things together, showing how much you admire the other person… All of these things are details that will make your relationship stronger and help you achieve happiness and stability with your partner.

There’s no doubt about it: good romantic relationships are built day by day with these simple virtues that you should try putting into practice today. You deserve to be happy; never forget that.

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