What Your Sleep Position Says about Your Relationship

· July 11, 2015
In spite of the fact the body language can vary, the position you sleep in with your partner can be an emotional window towards the way you feel about them at any given moment.

If you really think about it, you can probably remember a time when you’ve fought with your partner and then when going to sleep, you turned your back towards them, or searched for another position to avoid them while sleeping. Likewise, you’ve probably noticed that when you’ve had a romantic day and things are going well, you’ve slept intertwined to be as close to one another as possible. According to cognition and language specialists and psychologists, the position a couple sleeps in reveals a lot about what they are going through; in spite of the fact that body language can change, your sleep position can be an emotional window into how you feel about each other in a given moment. Would you like to know what your sleep position says about your relationship with your partner?

Back to back, but touching

Way to sleep as a couple

Couples that tend to sleep in this position show that they respect personal space, but don’t want to stop touching. They are dynamic, different, and each live independent lives but with a healthy and stable relationship. According to specialists, this position reflects confidence without needing to constantly be in one another’s presence.

Back to back and separated

Way to sleep as a couple 1

This position is a sign that something is not right in the relationship.  It is necessary to keep a distance and for both people to have freedom in their lives. However, lack of contact between bodies facing opposite directions can reveal a strong argument or that both people want total independence.

In this case, you should closely examine your position. For example, if the hands are closed and the body is tense, it is a sign that the couple does not want to communicate and that it can even become intolerable to be around the other person. If the body is loose, there isn’t tension in the relationship and this could indicate that there is trust and respect for one another’s space.

Face to face, without touching

Way to sleep as a couple 2

Sleeping in this position shows that you want intimacy and that there is a desire to see your partner. Each one knows how to respect moments of privacy, but has a connection that prevents distance.  Generally, these types of couples face daily problems with more ease.


Way to sleep as a couple 3

The specialists agree that this position reveals strong desire and passion.  It is very common when the relationship is first starting and generally, both fall asleep together after sharing moments of intimacy.  Sleeping intertwined can reveal sexual desire, but according to experts, it is possible that a couple that always sleeps in this way may have problems with jealousy.


Way to sleep as a couple 4

According to specialists, the person who hugs tends to guide and protect the other. The couple feels comfortable and safe and possibly feels insecure if not being hugged while sleeping. This position reflects perfect harmony between the couple. However, it can also sometimes indicate a degree of insecurity in the relationship.


Way to sleep as a couple 5

According to body language specialists, this position reflects commitment, love, and affection in a couple.  It generally reflects a good relationship and an excellent sex life. According to experts, if you sleep with your head on your partner’s shoulder, it means you are very secure in your relationship. 

Spacious and reduced

Way to sleep as a couple 6

This is not a good position in a couple, according to experts, as the person who takes up a lot of space does not show affection for their partner. This position also indicates the relationship is not in a very good place since the person taking up less space has low self-esteem and many insecurities, while the one taking up more space believes the relationship is doing well.

Each one in their own space, but with their legs intertwined

Way to sleep as a couple 7

This position reflects that both love each other, but there needs to be more attention on the relationship.  According to specialists, it is a combination between love, passion, and relationship differences.  Sleeping with legs intertwined is a symbol of commitment to your partner and your relationship.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on what your sleep position can say about your relationship with partner!