What are the Signs of Dissatisfaction in a Relationship?

· August 29, 2017
Dissatisfaction can occur when both members of the couple have different expectations. In that case, it's important to take notice quickly and decide if it's worth it to continue the relationship.

Have you noticed the rise in separations and divorce during the last several years?

This upward rise can cause concern, or it could be what makes us commit to another person to the point that there is no turning back.

In this article, we will tell you what the signs of dissatisfaction are in a relationship so that you can identify them and work to improve and avoid them altogether.

Dissatisfaction in a relationship: What causes it?

From the day we are born, bonds of affection are very important to us as human beings.

  • An adult who developed a secure bond in their first years of life has a greater chance of experiencing intimacy and comfort in a relationship.
  • It is also important to keep in mind the self-image of each person in the marriage.

This means that if we love ourselves, it will be much easier to interact positively with another person.

On the contrary, a negative self-image links to rejection, dependency, and unhealthy jealousy. This can precipitate breakups and separations.

The majority of marital problems come from the “loss of freedom” of one member of the couple. This means that they cannot act like they want to or tired of having to constantly censure themselves.

On the other hand, we cannot forget about the idealization we all feel when we begin a new relationship.

As soon as that vision of perfection starts to diminish, it is more likely that the fights and dissatisfaction will begin.

Signs of dissatisfaction in a couple

When a relationship begins there is talk of love, passion, and connection. As time passes, the words most commonly used are commitment, affection, and security.

Dissatisfaction in a couple can develop at any stage of the relationship, but it is more likely when idealizations are left behind or when you begin living together.

These are some of the signs that we are not completely satisfied with our relationship.

We should be proactive so as to avoid that these small differences turn into a cause for separation

Not feeling supported by the other person

One of the most outstanding ‘benefits’ of being a part of a couple is feeling supported. Whether it be at work, on a personal project, when starting a new career, or in little things, such as moving the furniture or cutting your hair.

This doesn’t mean that in order to feel good we need the other person’s permission to do something, but rather just be by our side when we need them. 

Ultimately, if your partner is not there for you during the important moments, that could be the reason for your dissatisfaction.

Arguing over trifles

It is true that when we live with someone we have to adjust so that daily life can be more harmonious and pleasant. However, when everything turns into an argument, it doesn’t feel so pretty.

Making a mountain out of a mole hill is a sign of dissatisfaction since the fight is used as an escape route to say what we feel. To avoid this, communication is vital.

Refusing everything

Without even caring what the plan might be, always getting a ‘no’ can be exhausting. It could be an invitation to the movies, dinner with friends, to go on vacation, or buy a new car.

Constant refusals is an alarming sign that we should not ignore.

Not having the same ideals as a couple

While it is healthy for each one to have their own opinion about different topics, there is one in particular that it is dangerous to think differently about: ideals in the relationship.

If one wants to have a family and the other does not want any children, or if one wants to travel the world and the other wants to settle down in one place, things can get complicated.

Furthermore, when our ideals run into reality in the relationship, what we see may not only turn into dissatisfaction but also an erroneous perception of the other person.

We turn into people who feel closed off, moody, or irritated with everything that does not fit in with our values. 

Feeling that the other person does not contribute anything to the relationship

As we go through the different stages of a relationship, our wants and goals change.

However, it’s possible that one has stayed behind in the prior stage and this can cause dissatisfaction.

For example, one might be thinking it is time to get married and start a family, while the other may feel that dating is better.

If the other person does not give us anything it is because we are not in tune with each other

Evolution in a relationship is fundamental and has to do with complicity, confidence, respect, and of course, love. When one of these pillars is weak it is very difficult to feel happy.

The other person has too much power

Having too much power means displaying erratic behavior towards the other person, and not giving them the opportunity to think and act for themselves.

For example, telling them what to wear, what to eat, or what job to take.

It is a fine line between wanting to help someone and interfering in their life, and we should be very much aware of that and avoid it.

If someone feels dissatisfied with what they have, they will try to change them. How? Through their hairstyle, their clothing, or the friends they allow them to have.