Victoria Beckham: Her Workout Routine to Always Be Fit

Discover Victoria Beckham's secrets to stay in shape and achieve her fitness goals - get inspired by the former Spice Girl's healthy lifestyle!
Victoria Beckham: Her Workout Routine to Always Be Fit
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Last update: 12 February, 2024

Have you ever wondered about the secret behind Victoria Beckham’s incredibly toned figure? At 49, the fashion designer and former Spice Girls member rocks a figure that seems to defy the passage of time, even after giving birth to four children!

In multiple interviews, the Posh Spice has revealed her discipline, both in fitness and diet. However, after years of focusing on cardio exercises, she modified her routine to focus on strength training.

Behind her physical transformation is her personal trainer, Bobby Rich, who has shared the exercises Beckham does to stay in shape. Read on to discover the secrets behind her looks!

I’ve found my own balance between the desire to have fun and the discipline to eat healthy and exercise.

~ Victoria Beckham, in an interview for Grazia ~

Victoria Beckham’s fitness workout to stay in shape

Perhaps her distinguished demeanor gives the impression that she would never trade her stilettos and tailored suit for leggings and sneakers, but the truth is that the English artist trains five times a week, even when she’s on vacation! This has been confirmed not only by the social networks of her husband, David Beckham, but also by Bobby Rich, who reveals that, during her travels, she does online sessions, because keeping up with her routine is a priority.

Victoria’s decision to abandon the focus on cardio, was based on the observation of her trainer, who noticed that the routines she was practicing were generating minimal benefits for her. Despite doing daily 90-minute sessions at the gym, she was only managing to maintain her fitness level rather than improve it.

After that assessment, Rich created a training plan based on three pillars: strength, mobility, and stretching. However, his routine varies to focus on different areas of the body. For example, one day he works on the upper body, combining resistance exercises. In addition, she prepared sessions ranging from 35 to 90 minutes.

Want to know how this celebrity manages to stay in shape? Here are some details about her workout routine.

Remember that Victoria Beckham’s workout is focused on her lifestyle and needs. Therefore, if you want to adopt a similar routine, we recommend you go to a professional so that they can develop a plan that is right for you.

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Full body exercises

If you are looking for a complete workout that works the whole body, full-body exercises are an excellent choice, and Victoria Beckham knows it well.

This routine has the ability to strengthen and tone both the upper and lower extremities, providing an increase in muscle mass. In addition, it contributes to muscle adaptation in untrained individuals.

Tricep dips

Victoria Beckham includes tricep dips in her routine to achieve defined arms. This exercise consists of lowering and raising the body using the upper limbs, which allows you to work and strengthen the triceps brachii muscle, as well as the shoulders and back.

In addition to defining the arms, tricep dips also provide other benefits. A publication from the Inspire USA Foundation reports that this activity helps increase muscle strength and stability, and regular practice helps reduce the risk of back and shoulder injuries, as well as improve posture.

To do this, you can use parallel bars, a dip station or even furniture.


Bobby Rich has revealed that while Victoria possessed a solid foundation of cardiovascular and muscular endurance, she was unfamiliar with the benefits of weightlifting.

Weightlifting is an essential part of any fitness routine, as it can help increase toning, improve balance, reduce the risk of injury, and maintain overall health.

The snatch, also known as a snatch, is a technical and advanced weightlifting movement popular in CrossFit. This exercise involves lifting a loaded barbell from the ground to overhead in one fluid, explosive movement.

To execute it properly, you need to combine strength, speed, coordination, and flexibility. The greatest benefit of the snatch lies in its ability to develop muscular strength and power throughout the body.

Victoria Beckham’s trainer focuses on precise movements with bands and dumbbells for effective, targeted strength development in each muscle group.

The Military Press

The military press is a fundamental exercise in strength training. It can be performed standing or seated, and its correct execution will allow you to work the deltoid muscle group.

It’s important to mention that, in addition to toning the muscles, resistance routines also improve the range of motion of the joints, which promotes greater mobility and flexibility.

In line with this, the National Institute on Aging suggests that keeping muscles strong not only contributes to balance, but also helps prevent falls and injuries. On the other hand, they also contribute to heart health.

According to a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise people who incorporate any type of strength training into their weekly routine have a lower risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke or death related to heart disease.

It’s not all big, complex lifts. We put a lot of emphasis on smaller movements, using one’s own body weight.

~ Bobby Rich. ~

Weighted Squats

Squats are recognized as one of the best exercises; due to their ability to strengthen the core. This multi-joint compound exercise engages the hips, glutes, and thigh muscle groups.

To improve stability and coordination, Victoria Beckham uses weights, in the form of a plate, during squats, which requires greater balance control during the lift and execution of the exercise. Adding weight promotes greater muscle toning.

In addition to these benefits, squats can also help improve overall posture.

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Lunges, also known as lunges, are an effective exercise for strengthening and toning the lower body, as well as improving the performance of the muscles surrounding the hips.

To perform them, you step forward with one leg and bend both knees, bringing the back leg almost touching the ground. This movement intensely activates the muscles of the legs, buttocks, and abdomen.

Strides are one of the main exercises in HIIT training sessions and, among its benefits, are improved balance, increased hip flexibility, and lower body coordination.

To perform them, the former Spice Girl uses an elastic band placed around the legs, just above the knees.


Victoria Beckham has shared, on her social networks, the importance of mobility in her training routine. Before and after each session, she stretches to promote muscle recovery.

Although stretching is often overlooked in many routines, the Mayo Clinic stresses that it’s essential to increase joint flexibility and allow for freer and more fluid movement.

It’s a good idea to warm up for five to 10 minutes before beginning the stretches, and then perform them slowly and gently, holding each stretch for at least 30 seconds to obtain the greatest benefits.

Is it possible to be as fit as Victoria Beckham?

In the words of her trainer, Victoria Beckham has found the perfect balance in her exercise routine. While it’s true that she trains a lot, she does it in a smart way. Being fit doesn’t mean spending countless hours in the gym, but rather being disciplined and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Adopting a balanced diet, staying hydrated, reducing stress, and allowing the body to recover properly after each session are all relevant to achieving your fitness goals. It’s not just about looking good, but also about taking care of your overall health. And you, would you be willing to commit to this routine?

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