Tips on Preventing Flaccid Arms

· February 4, 2015

Different factors make your body lose its tone. Over time, skin loses collagen, the element that gives it its elasticity and your skin begins to stretch or hang. Weight gain and loss also produce this effect. It’s normal to lose weight although flaccid arms remain behind.

How to Tone Arms

First and foremost, you must be consistent with whatever strategy you decide to use. You will never see results if you exercise for a week and then stop. In order to get strong and firm arms, you will need to be consistent, have discipline, and do exercises frequently. Always be careful to not push your body too much. Also remember that you should always talk to your doctor in order to find out if you can do a certain kind of exercise.

Have a Balanced Diet

We all know the benefits of losing weight and having a balanced diet. A healthy diet accompanies exercise better because you will feel less bloated and less lethargic to move. Try to eat lean meat (fish, chicken), fiber, and healthy fats (olive oil, almonds, and avocado).

Things You Can Outside of Your House

Apart from going to the gym, swimming is also an excellent option. The logic is simple: in water, movement is twice as hard. As a result, you will end up burning more calories and exercising your muscles more intensely. However, the best advantage of exercising in the water is the low impact that it has on your bones and muscles. The possibility of hurting yourself goes down considerably. 

Exercises Your Biceps

Do you have dumbbells? Find them! If you don’t have any, that’s no problem. You an also do weightless exercises because the weight of your arms will have good effects. Another economical and practical idea is to fill a small (500 mL) bottle with water and use it as a dumbbell.


Sit down and do arm flexes. Support your elbow on your knee and bring your hand with the weight up towards your shoulder. Do three sets of 15 repetitions. You can do a second round of three sets of 15 according to the effort you are making.

Exercises Your Triceps

You will need to be standing up in order to do this exercise. Separate your legs so that your feet are shoulder width apart. Hold a dumbbell with both hands behind your head. Your arms should be bent. Lift the dumbbell upwards so that it is above your head and pointed towards the ceiling. You should extend them almost completely but without using your elbow. Remember that it is important that your arms don’t open too much. Try to keep the distance between them no wider than your shoulders. Do three sets of 15. You can repeat them. You can also do this exercise one arm at a time.

Another exercise that you can do for this muscle is tricep donkey kick. You will need to be on all fours on the ground or a bed in order to do this exerciseUse a hand to support yourself, which will make it easier. Extend your arm so that it is parallel to your body. Then bend your elbow so that your hand with the weight is pointed towards the ground and is perpendicular to your body. Repeat this exercise with each arm for three sets of 15 repetitions.

Arm Dips

Another way to tone your arms are the feared arm dips. The following exercise is a way to do them and get results without them being too difficult like the ones that are done on the floor. Put two chairs with their backs against the wall. Put the palm of each hand on each chair, keeping your back straight and your arms extended. Your legs should be at an inclined level at 45 degrees. Bend your arms with your chest in the middle and your arms back. Be careful to not open your elbows, try to keep them parallel to your body. Do three sets of 15 repetitions.

Don’t Forget these Details

  • Remember to stretch before starting your routine and once you finish it. Your muscles should be warmed up so that you don’t hurt yourself.
  • Try to do both exercises in one workout session. The idea is to exercise a muscle and its opposite. You can do a round of 15 of one and another of the other and then rest.
  • If you are a beginner, you can do this set of exercises three times a week and increase the frequency as you feel able to.
  • Keep in mind that you should not use very heavy dumbbells for these exercises. You should want to tone and not develop muscle. The key to having well-toned arms is repetition.
  • Complement the exercises with a healthy diet that is rich in fiber and protein.
  • Accompany these exercises with aerobic exercises, like walking for a half hour everyday. This will allow you to be more oxygenated, feel full of energy, and be more willing to do your arm exercises.
  • You should not do more work than what your body allows. This will only hurt your muscles and tire you out. It is much easier to keep an exercise routine for longer than a week if you aren’t tired every time you do them.
  • Be realistic about your goals. Don’t expect to get results in a week. Keep going. Consistency is key here.
  • Remember to consult your doctor or an exercise professional if you feel discomfort or if you have questions about the exercises.

What do you think about these exercises on preventing flaccid arms? Super easy right? Now is the time to do them. If you are consistent, you will see results when you least expect it.