Slim and Tone Your Arms with These 5 Effective Exercises

These exercises will help you slim and tone your arms. Do them regularly, and you'll see they'll give you very good results!
Slim and Tone Your Arms with These 5 Effective Exercises
Carlos Fabián Avila

Reviewed and approved by Doctor Carlos Fabián Avila.

Written by Ekhiñe Graell

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Our arms tend to accumulate a significant amount of fat. If this bothers you, there are plenty of exercises you can do that specifically target this area. Below, we will give you some advice and exercises to slim and tone your arms. Most of them are very simple and can be done at home.

The 5 Best Exercises to Slim and Tone Your Arms

1. Push-ups

push-ups to slim and tone your arms

Push-ups are one of the best exercises to slim and tone your arms. Although they may be difficult and very tiring at first, the truth is that, over time, they’ll give you very good results. Doing push-up exercises is beneficial for your arms, as well as your chest, abdomen, and upper back.

Doing push-ups is very easy. Start face down, on a mat, and raise your entire body weight until your arms are stretched. The palms of your hands have to be very firm and open on the floor so that it is easier to push harder. Equally important is that, in every push-up, your body go as low as possible, practically grazing the floor.

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2. Weights and Dumbbells

If your goal is to slim and tone your arms, exercising with weights and dumbbells is perfect for you. Doing this is very simple as you won’t need special equipment. Nonetheless, it is very important to keep in mind the amount of weight that you should lift given that, if you do too much, your muscles can get injured.

Therefore, it’s best to start with low weight so that your arms become accustomed to the weights and dumbbells. A recommendation is to consult a specialist.

To do this type of exercise, you just have to be standing with your legs shoulder-width apart and raise the weights to a 90-degree angle of your elbow. Then you should keep your back straight and lower the weights to the height of your hips slowly and surely.

3. Tricep Workout

Another exercise that has good results is exercising your triceps. It is also very easy to do. Just sit on the edge of a chair or a bench that is very firm. Your fingers should be underneath the edge. Moreover, your legs should form a 90-degree angle in respect to the floor. Be sure to keep the soles of your feet firm.

Next, lift your body slowly so that your legs leave the floor slightly. It is very important that your arms remain stretched. Then lower your body until your arms are slightly bent. Repeat this routine a few times.

4. Weights Above Your Head

This type of exercise consists in lifting weights or dumbbells over your head. Of course, it is very easy to do and will give you very good results. You just need a few weights or dumbbells that aren’t very heavy, approximately a kilo and a half. Make sure to hold the weights tight since they will be above your head for a moment.

Start by standing up with your feet shoulder-width apart to do this exercise. Then raise the weights or dumbbells with your arms stretched, making them touch above your head. After that, lower the weights slowly until your arms are beside your hips and legs.

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5. Swimming

Swim to slim and tone your arms.

As we all know, swimming is one of the physical activities that helps exercise many parts of your body with very good results. Therefore, you can also tone your arms with it. However, in this case, you will need a pool or body of water.

It’s best to do the styles that especially use the entire strength of your arms. Although, in reality, all of them are necessary, in some cases, their importance is greater. If you are not sure about how to do them, it’s best to consult a trainer.

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