7 Exercises to Transform Your Body in 4 Weeks

With these exercises you will burn fat in target areas and tone your body. If you are consistent, in just two weeks you will see results
7 Exercises to Transform Your Body in 4 Weeks
Carlos Fabián Avila

Reviewed and approved by Doctor Carlos Fabián Avila.

Written by Lorena González

Last update: 26 May, 2022

If you want to stay in shape and take care of your body as best as you can, you can do so with these simple exercises that you can do from your own home. Want to transform your body? You only have to follow these super easy steps that will help you get in shape in just four weeks.

The simplest exercise to transform your body: Planks

How to do it

Planks are an isometric exercise, that means that it is done from a static position. They can completely transform your body because doing them every day will improve your posture and core strength.

The key to doing them correctly is making sure your body is in the optimal position. To do this, you have to keep your back and legs straight, being sure that your lower back is not arched. Keep your pelvis and abs tucked in, ensuring you have a neutral spine.

What does it do?

When this exercise is done correctly, it helps to work the muscles in your abdomen, back, glutes, legs, and arms. All of this will improve your posture as well as the state of your muscles.

An easy all-rounder: Four-point reach out

This one is great to tone and lengthen pretty much every part of your body, from your calves to your arms. However, make sure you’re not excessively curving your back as that can lead to unnecessary pain. Tuck in your pelvis so you form a straight line with your arm and leg, making sure to activate your core throughout the whole exercise.

How to do it:

Put yourself on all fours on the ground. Stretch out your left leg and left arm to form a straight line, then bring them both in until your left elbow touches your left knee. Repeat on the other side.

What does it do?

This exercise helps to train your torso and hip muscles. Also, it will strengthen your back muscles, glutes, and waist.

The classic: Squats

the classic squat will strengthen your glutes and thighs

Squats are a classic when it comes to exercise. They can transform your body because they focus on your glutes, a body part that most people desire to tone and firm up. To do squats correctly, you should spread your legs shoulder-width apart.

How to do it: 

While standing, start to slowly lower yourself down as if you were going to sit in an imaginary chair. Be sure that your knees and feet are at the same level and that your back is straight.

It helps to keep your arms out in front to keep your balance and to do the squats as slowly as possible. While you squat, make sure your knees never go past your toes: this will protect them from excessive stress. It’s a good sign if you can see your toes while you go up and down.

What does it do?

Squats will help you strengthen your glutes, hips, and calves a noticeable amount. More so, a study published in the Canadian Journal of Physiology showed that when done on an unstable surface, squats can be a good ab move as well.

Another classic: Push-ups

How to do them:

We have all done push-ups at some point. Nevertheless, a lot of people are used to doing them with completely wrong form. While pushups are great for your upper body strength and even your abs, when done carelessly they can also be the cause of pain. A study by Freeman et al even found that it can significantly increase the risk of back injury when done without proper form. Here’s how to do them right.

As you know, to do push-ups you have to start in a plank position with your arms straight. Then, you lower yourself to the ground as much as possible, bending your arms with your elbows by your ribs.

Keep in mind that the key is to keep your back, hips, and legs straight, forming a line. Likewise, maintain this position as you return to the initial plank. This is one full repetition.

It’s important you keep your abs and pelvis tucked in, to avoid laying too much weight on your lower back.

What does it do?

Planks are a great way to focus on your pectorals, arm muscles, and abdomen.

The right way to do sit-ups

cross body situps are a good variation to work your obliques

How to do them:

To do sit-ups, as you know, you have to lay on your back, stretch your arms over your head, and bend your legs at the knees. 

With your arms straight, lift yourself at your torso and touch your toes. Little by little, return to the original position and then continue the same movement, they are usually done in sets.

What do they do?

Situps are an amazing all-rounder exercise. You will work your core from all sides, not only your abs. More so, your back will get activated as well as your legs in order to keep proper form.


Donkey kicks for a better butt

Donkey kicks are a great all rounder to transform your body

How to do it:

To work both your abdominals and your glutes, get on your mat on all fours. Tuck in your pelvis and keep your spine in a neutral position to avoid injury.

Then, keeping your knee bent, lift your right leg so your toes point to the ceiling. Keep your abs tight and your spine straight. Move your leg up and down, keeping your knee bent, and without letting your knee go past your hip when you go down. During the movement, make sure your glutes are doing all the work, while you keep your hips squared towards the floor.you have to lift your leg as high as you can and start lifting and lowering your body without taking your second heel off of the ground. 

What does it do?

Donkey kicks really focus on your hammies! This one can transform your body if you’re looking to tone up that area and get rid of the excess cellulite that tends to concentrate in the back of your tights. Moreover, this move is also great for your abs and back, giving you more flexibility and strength.

The last one: Superman variation

The classic Superman is performed on the floor, lying straight, and lifting both your arms and legs at the same time. It is great for a challenging core move, but it can be a little too hard on newbies. To reap the benefits of the superman and transform your body without straining your neck and back, do this variation.

How to do it:

For this, you will have to put yourself face down on the floor with your arms bent or placed under your head.

First, lift your upper body as much as you can, without straining your neck. Then, stay in this position for a second and then return to the initial position. Repeat this procedure for a few minutes. 
What does it do?

Thanks to this exercise, you will be able to tone and strengthen the muscles in your spine, abs, and shoulders. Not bad!

Altogether, these exercises can help you get back in the fitness track and transform your body, without feeling overwhelmed with a full-on routine. Nevertheless, in order for them to be useful, you have to repeat these exercises for at least two weeks (ideally four), once a day for two minutes each.

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