5 Things You Should Not Allow in Your Relationship

It's okay to give your all if the other person responds the same way. Never push away family or friends in favour of your partner. Ask yourself if the person you are with provides you with peace and harmony.
5 Things You Should Not Allow in Your Relationship

Last update: 11 May, 2022

Nothing is more intense and rewarding than being in love; having someone as a partner who loves us and to whom we can give our love. But we must be careful and not fall into the trap of giving absolutely everything for that person. So, be sure to read what you need to protect yourself from in a relationship.

Facets you must protect in your relationship


1. Do not give “everything” if you never receive “anything”

This is a very common error in a relationship: to love someone is to open up all our emotions without any limit, giving it “our all” for passion and to prove unselfishness. This is good as long as the other person responds in a similar way:

  • Every gesture should be reinforced by a sincere love where there is no selfishness.
  • If we give our all without receiving anything more than demands or criticism, we will feel frustrated and empty.
  • This feeling is destructive and we must guard against it.
  • Love, share and give, but remember that you also deserve to receive.

2. Do not destroy your self-esteem or your values



In a relationship, there are different likes, interests, and values. But as long as there is respect and recognition, it will work. You may allow your partner, for example, to enjoy spontaneity, recreation, going to parties, but you may also need them to share these moments with you.

At the same time, you deserve to ask your partner once in a while to give you some time to relax or to spend time alone.

There must be a balance. But if the other person criticizes us because we are not “much fun” or party lovers, then we will feel bad and start to doubt ourselves. Am I really a boring person? Maybe I am a person that he cannot be happy with? Such questions can really damage your self-esteem.

Our partners must respect us and value us. It is essential. Without respect, there’s no happiness.

3. Do not let anyone invade or destroy your personal space

We all have our hobbies, friends, and passions – things we cannot give up. Never push aside family or friends for your partner. Do not give up everything you love for your partner, because if you do, there will be nothing left and you will lose your identity.

Personal space is that intimate space where our personality, social life, and passions are located. Do not overlook this.

4. Do not destroy your dreams and hopes


Sometimes we maintain close relationships with toxic partners. People who clip our wings and tell us, day after day, that we are not capable of doing this or that. That we are not smart enough to do a certain activity, that we will never get the job we crave because we are not good enough.

People who day after day keep clipping our wings and our aspirations turning us into a shadow without spirit or energy. Do not let this happen.

5. Do not allow yourself to become an unhappy person

This is very important. When you get up each morning, ask yourself if you are happy. Ask yourself if the person next to you is the one with whom you want to grow old with. If they will accompany you in your maturing years and will live with you in harmony and peace.

If it gives you confidence, wisdom, and dreams, do not hesitate; this relationship is worth the effort and you must fight for it.

But if you feel empty and perceive that this partner does not make you smile but makes you cry and you live your days with such sadness, you should act. You deserve to be happy. It is the fundamental right of every person.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.