The Bold Style in Decoration: What Is It and How Can You Implement It?

The "bold" style prioritizes curved lines instead of classic straight lines. We'll tell you how to apply this decorative trend here.
The Bold Style in Decoration: What Is It and How Can You Implement It?

Last update: 26 May, 2023

The purpose of the bold decorative style is to create environments in which contrasts predominate in an attractive way. This is a technique inspired by nature and its curves that are manifested in mountains and forests.

These elements are extrapolated to the interior design of a space through furniture, finishes, and fixtures that exhibit soft arches and contribute to the feeling of tranquility and comfort. Applying such a method of decor in a home or office also means opting for elegance.

This style of decor is considered cozy, fluid, and balanced. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this aesthetic and how to achieve it.

Bold style: The power of curves to decorate

The bold style is a trend in interior decorating that abandons straight lines in favor of using curves in pieces, walls, and moldings to make spaces more appealing.

The popularity of round ornament arose from COVID-19 lockdown when people were forced to spend a lot of time at home. This, in some cases, prompted the need to make rooms more comfortable areas, while keeping the decor artistic and modern in focus.

The bold aesthetic provides for a small amount of furniture for a room, but is meticulous in the details. The aim is that the texture and appearance complement the rest of the decor.

The trend is also liked to the philosophy of feng shui. As explained by the Energy Efficiency and Architecture Portal Ovacen, this Chinese philosophy works the harmony of space so that the occupants perceive positive energy within a space. The bold style also seeks to achieve this.

Sillas curvas para el estilo bold en decoración.
Adding curved furniture promotes the feeling of nature within your decor.

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How to get started with the bold style

There are two basic ways to get into this kind of decoration. The first one is all about going little by little, incorporating objects such as mirrors, rugs, cushions, or a pouf. It’s important that all items correspond to curved or spherical motifs.

A second alternative is more daring, as it goes straight to the inclusion of furniture designed in larger dimensions and that, without discretion, evidences the bold style. Some examples? Round beds or sofas with pronounced curved arms, wide seats, and – in some cases – wide backs.

The key is that there are no straight lines in sight. On the contrary, the edges of the couches are serpentine throughout.

Tips for implementing the bold style in your home decor

The bold aesthetic is one of the current popular decorating styles for the home. However, the floor-wall-ceiling composition in homes is usually based on straight lines, which is the opposite of what this trend is looking for.

So, how can you break with the common linearity of a room and transform it into curves? Here’s how.

Arches that connect rooms

Bold decor is ideal for simulating depth and connecting spaces with arches. This strategy distinguishes adjoining rooms and makes them more attractive.

Transform your walls and moldings

Thanks to technology and the modernity of the materials used in construction, it’s possible to mold walls and moldings with plaster, textile, or paneled coverings. In the case of ceilings, giving them a vaulted shape and intensifying with lighting and paint, contributes to the illusion of curves.

Update the dining room

Do away with square or rectangular tables to give way to a dining room with oval elements; include the table top and back chairs. Suggested tones are nude and white, in conjunction with natural-looking metal and wood.

Choose round lamps

The soft light coming from a round lamp fits in with the bold aesthetic. The lamps are usually quite simple for this style, and there’s a wide range of models that meet the spherical requirement demanded by the style. Place the lamp on a side table that’s also curved for a great bold look.

Luces bold en estilo vintage.
You can add curved lamps to promote a vintage style if you like.

Highlight a sofa

The seats with curved decoration have double functionality: on the one hand, they invite rest; on the other hand, they provide the feeling of protection due to the sinuous curves.

Although it’s feasible to incorporate a complete set of furniture with curved lines in your living room, it’s enough to have a single piece that stands out for its size and color. Select those with thick arms and, if you like, with some texture.

Incorporate bold figures

A simple but successful tactic is to put  some sculptures or figures of faces on shelves, centerpieces, or bookshelves to take advantage of the softness of the features as resources with slight curvatures.

Why you should give the bold style a chance

The bold style is an interior design trend that’s all the rage. According to Arquitectura y Diseño magazine, sinuous lines have truly taken over living rooms or bedrooms, to fill them with balance and decorative harmony.

The roundness proposed by the style makes rooms appear larger, transmits calmness, and sticks to modernity. So, are you going to give this style a try?

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