10 Surprising Uses for Banana Peels

If you’re planning to use the banana for cooking and want to keep it from getting hard and dry, try adding the peel in the pot to make it stay juicier.
10 Surprising Uses for Banana Peels
Gilberto Adaulfo Sánchez Abreu

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Last update: 30 May, 2022

Bananas are one of the most delicious and wholesome fruits that nature can provide. They’re sweet, satisfying, and the best part is that you can take them pretty much anywhere. But as is the norm with most foods, particularly fruits, people usually only consume the fleshy interior and throw away the peel.

Did you know that the peel you just tossed in the garbage is full of important nutrients and other beneficial properties? We’re not making this up! In addition to banana peel containing vitamins, they also contain minerals and antioxidants that can be great for your health, beauty, and even a variety of tasks around the home.

You probably aren’t aware of all the different ways you can use this part of the banana. So, that’s why in today’s article, we want to share 10 surprising uses that banana peels have.

1. Mosquito bites

mosquito bite

Mosquitoes are found just about everywhere, particularly during warmer weather. One way to reduce the inflammation and itching that their bites generate is to rub the inside of a banana peel on the affected area. Although there haven’t been any scientific studies on this, there are a lot of people who claim it works wonders.

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2. Shine your shoes

Run out of shoe polish? Don’t worry! This one of the many uses for banana peels that we were talking about. Just rub the peel of a banana on the surface of your shoes to bring out that natural shine. Finally, give them a second wipe with a clean, soft cloth to remove any residues and you’re ready to go.

Shoe polish usually contains potassium, and the peel of the banana also contains this nutrient.

3. Whiten your teeth

banana peel to whiten teeth

Hardly anything will make your teeth look as white as a professional whitening treatment, but potassium can help reduce those yellow stains that appear as a result of the consumption of certain foods and beverages.

First of all, choose a banana that’s very ripe and rub your teeth using the inside of the peel, until you’ve coated them with the remnants of the fruit. Then, once you’re done, just brush your teeth like normal, and repeat every day to see the best results.

4. Remove warts

Warts are a highly contagious problem that must be treated carefully so they don’t spread to other parts of the skin. This is one of the wonderful uses for banana peels.

Furthermore, the inside of a banana peel helps reduce warts’ unsightly appearance. Cut a small piece of the peel and tape it to the affected areas. If you do this every day, you’ll definitely see results. Give it a try!

5. Tenderize meat

Do you ever find cooking meat to be difficult? If so, make it simple by just adding a banana peel to your pan or pot. Those who have used this trick swear that in addition to making the meat more tender, it also adds juiciness and flavor.

6. Banish bruises


The anti-inflammatory effects of a banana peel can reduce the appearance of bruises near the surface of the skin. Rub a peel on the affected area several times a day, or secure a small piece with some tape, for example.

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7. Composting your garden

All the additional nutrients in the peel can serve as excellent organic fertilizer to nourish your plants and keep pests at bay.

Most importantly, the peel contains calcium and magnesium, minerals that keep your flowers looking beautiful. Likewise, they can even prevent wilting.

8. Fight acne

woman using a banana peel on her face

The white part of the inside of the banana peel contains nutrients that are beneficial for your skin, as well as astringent properties that help reduce the appearance of acne.

Every night before you go to bed, rub some of the peel on your face, taking care to cover the affected areas. Lastly, leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing. That is to say, you’ll see the great benefits and uses for banana peels when your face begins to clear up!

9. Reduce wrinkles

Banana peel may not have an immediate effect on wrinkles, but the antioxidants and vitamin C can help over the long term to get rid of those pesky signs of aging.

Rub the inside of the peel over your face and neck to stimulate the production of collagen and improve circulation.

10. Polish silver

When your silver begins to tarnish or lose its luster, its perfect to remember the uses for banana peels. Just moisten the inside of the peel with a little water and rub it on your silverware. Finally, use a damp cloth to remove any debris.

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