Simple Tips to Eliminate Cellulite

In addition to partly preventing cellulite, exercise also ensures the proper functioning of the organs. What other actions help reduce the risks of suffering from this problem?
Simple Tips to Eliminate Cellulite
Maricela Jiménez López

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Last update: 26 May, 2022

What you wouldn’t give to get rid of those unsightly bulges on your buttocks and thighs! Well, don’t worry, because, in this article we’ll give you some simple keys to help prevent and eliminate cellulite, or at least improve the appearance of your legs.

Cellulite is the name we give to the formation of fatty nodules in certain areas of the body. This dysfunction is caused by modification of the connective tissue due to the accumulation of fat and liquids.

This phenomenon isn’t considered to be a disease and, if you suffer from it, you should know that you certainly aren’t alone: research shows that most women suffer from this problem at some point in their lives, even slim women .

Causes and types of cellulite

However, it is true that certain ethnicities, skin types and physiologies have a greater tendency to have cellulite than others. There are other factors that can cause its appearance, such as obesity, circulatory problems, a sedentary lifestyle, and stress.

A distinction is usually made between several types of cellulite:

  • Generalized: Appears in obese women and usually causes major aesthetic changes over time.
  • Localized: It’s painful, and it appears on the back, belly, legs, and ankles.
  • Flaccid: It’s found in sedentary people or those who were active and have stopped exercising.
  • Edematous: This is the most serious type, as it causes pain and swelling. It needs medical care for its elimination.

Keys to help prevent and eliminate cellulite

Healthy food.
A healthy lifestyle is fundamental if we want to prevent cellulite!

Always keep in mind that if you suffer from any of the above types of cellulite – especially the last two – the ideal thing is to consult your doctor for appropriate treatment. In addition, your dermatologist and nutritionist can also provide fundamental guidelines to improve this skin condition.

Without putting to one side the recommendations of the specialiast, and always with their approval, you can also practice certain daily habits to help to prevent and treat this problem. Here are some of them:

Drink plenty of water

Water is your main ally if you want to improve your body’s health. Drink at least 2 liters a day and you will be fighting cellulite. As stated in this 2016 review by Frontiers in Nutrition, water consumption helps us to maintain an adequate body weight. Of course, this also requires a healthy lifestyle.

Eat healthily

It’s important for fruit and vegetables to become central to your daily meals. Also, eliminate anything that may be detrimental to your health such as saturated fats, alcohol, soda, and refined foods.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exercising at least three times a week.

There are also scientific studies, such as this one from 1993 from the Annals of Internal Medicine, that link sports practice with the maintenance of a healthy weight.

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Aerobic exercises such as running, swimming, and cycling are good for the prevention and treatment of cellulite; they should be combined, as we have already said, with the dermatologist’s recommendations. Likewise, physical activity aids the proper functioning of each of the organs of your body.

Watch your weight

Both excess weight and obesity are triggers of diseases such as hypertension, coronary disorders, and atherosclerosis; the WHO details the consequences in this publication.

Similarly, the increase in the amount of adipose tissue is associated with the appearance of cellulite. That’s why taking care of your weight is essential in order to prevent and treat it.

Reduce salt consumption

Excessive salt consumption is a direct cause of fluid retention and edema formation.

One teaspoon is enough for the whole day, and there are even medical publications that recommend reducing its consumption gradually until it’s eliminated.

Some chips.
Junk food usually has far too much salt.

Dress comfortably

Although you wouldn’t realize it, thr clothes you wear can cause the appearance of cellulite. Some research recommends avoiding tight clothing, as it impairs circulation and body perspiration. Also, beware of high heels, tight belts, and uncomfortable underwear.

Massage the affected areas

Stimulating circulation in your extremities with firm circular massages can be positive in preventing the appearance of cellulite. Of course, this alone won’t work miracles, but must be combined with healthy habits such as those mentioned above.

Eliminating cellulite requires a professional consultation

Finally, remember not to get discouraged! Eliminating cellulite isn’t a one-day thing, but with patience and effort, following these keys and the recommendations of your dermatologist and nutritionist, you’ll start to notice improvements. Take care of your health in every possible way and your body will be grateful to you!

We hope you’ve found these tips to eliminate cellulite helpful. Of course, there are no miracle cures, but why not take a look at the following recommended article on foods you should avoid.

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