10 Signs You’re Getting Too Much Exercise

When you get too much exercise it could become harder to sleep, even when you’re tired. This is due to an excess production of cortisol due to overexertion
10 Signs You’re Getting Too Much Exercise

Last update: 15 December, 2022

Exercise is very good for your health, something that no one can deny. But is getting too much exercise harmful for your body?

People can become obsessed with their figure and spend several hours a day at the gym without considering any pain or muscle soreness.

In today’s article, we want to share some of the key signs that you’re getting too much exercise.

Too much exercise: your body will tell you

It’s great to love exercising because you’ll probably never suffer from the consequences of leading a sedentary lifestyle or becoming overweight.

As they say, however, “everything in moderation.” Spending hours and hours at the gym can be bad for your health, even becoming counterproductive.

At some point, your body will tell you this, because the intensity and amount of exercise you’re performing are too great.

This tends to happen to people who are already in shape as they become more obsessed with their bodies and want every ounce of fat to disappear to be replaced by more muscle.

In general, your daily exercise routine shouldn’t exceed 60 to 90 minutes.

As for your weekly schedule, a maximum of five days is recommended. The most important thing is knowing when to take a break.

How will you know? Pay attention to the signs your body is giving you.

Signs of too much exercise

too much exercise
Regardless of what your goal is or your particular type of training, you gradually increase your speed, intensity, or resistance of an exercise.

At some point, however, your body will let you know it’s time to reduce the effort.

How? Here are some signs:

1. Recovery takes a long time

This is a clear indication that “you’ve pushed too hard” and have been training too much.

If you can’t catch your breath for several minutes, feel like you have no energy, or your arms and legs aren’t responding, you might need to reduce the exercise a bit.

This lack of recovery is also noticeable when you’re in pain after finishing a routine or if you drink more than two liters of water and still feel thirsty.

2. You have less strength

You have less strength
When you exercise too much your defenses weaken rather than strengthen. It takes more time to regenerate the muscle fibers that are “injured” during exercise, as well as healing from a simple cold.

Perhaps you’ve caught something and it’s taking longer than normal to recover. This is another sign of too much physical activity.

3. Your heart rate increases in the morning

When you exercise a lot, it changes your heart rate. Check your pulse at rest and before getting up every morning.

  • If it’s higher during the early hours of the day, it’s a sign of getting a lot of exercise and your body isn’t recovering like it should.

4. It’s more difficult to sleep

It’s more difficult to sleep
Insomnia is a common problem for people who train a lot. Your body produces an excess of stress hormones when you exercise too much.

This can make it more difficult for you to fall asleep when night comes, even if you’re very tired.

5. You feel extreme and persistent pain

When any part of your body hurts, even at rest (for example, on the weekends), you should automatically put the exercise on hold.

  • It’s typical for this to happen when your workouts are too demanding, repetitive, or consecutive (day after day).
  • Cramping, tingling, or spasms are more common when your muscles are overloaded.

6. You generally feel tired

Aside from muscle fatigue that too much exercise can cause, you might feel a lack of strength or energy to perform other daily activities (including work, study, playing with children, cooking, etc.).

If you’re having problems with your concentration, performance, or memory, it could be because you’re at the gym for too long.

7. You’re not seeing results

If your goal was to lose weight but for weeks now the scale hasn’t moved, even after you’ve increased your training, it could be that you’re overdoing it.

When your body is overworked, your metabolism actually slows down and makes it harder to lose weight.

8. You’re always in a bad mood

You’re always in a bad mood
One of the signs that you’re exercising too much is being constantly irritated, moody, and angry.

While exercise does reduce stress and relieve tension, when you do more than you should the effects can be the opposite.

Instead of going to the gym, opt for a more relaxing activity, such as taking a hot bath, watching a movie, or getting some sleep.

9. More sadness and frustration

Some people who exercise a lot are often depressed and with low levels of motivation. This is because results can take longer to appear, making it seem like their efforts are in vain.

Frustration and sadness won’t be overcome with more exercise, but rather through rest and other activities.

10. Other symptoms

There are many more signs of getting too much exercise, such as:

  • Not being able to perform at the same level as before,
  • Feeling of heaviness in the arms and legs,
  • Anxiety,
  • Increased water intake,
  • Increased use of weight loss or muscle-building products,

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