7 Sexual Positions that Short Women Will Love

For reasons of comfort and pleasure, some sexual positions improve the experience of sex for short women. Learn all about them here.
7 Sexual Positions that Short Women Will Love

Last update: 07 July, 2023

When it comes to the pleasures of sex there are no height limits, that much is clear. However, when it comes to enjoying it, certain sexual positions for short women can be more comfortable. Do you know which ones we’re talking about?

Although it’s true that everything depends on the preferences and creativity of the couple, it’s good to consider the sexual positions that allow for more comfort and fulfillment, either because they allow better movements or because there’s more control over the penetration, elements that are key to orgasm.

The best of all is that they are excellent for innovating your intimate encounters since they awaken different sensations and can help you to break with your routine in sex.

In this article, we want to share 7 interesting sexual positions for short women. Don’t hesitate to give them a try!

Tastes and preferences in bed

As we all know, there are countless differences in tastes and preferences when it comes to the positions that can be adopted in bed and when it comes to achieving sexual satisfaction.

However, sometimes this preference is conditioned by nature itself , rather than by taste. Such is the case of what happens with some short women, who may experience discomfort in intimacy, especially when their partner is much taller.

This situation sometimes reduces the passion of the moment, since it may involve more physical effort or even painful intercourse. When such a problem occurs, it’s advisable to talk about your concerns with your partner.

Although there may also be taboos about sexuality or insecurities to talk about it, it’s always best that your partner knows what’s happening in order to be an active part of the solution. That way, you can both look for the most comfortable and satisfactory way for both of you to share and experience pleasure.

Sexual positions for short women

Are there sexual positions that are more suitable for short women? Of course there are! Here are the most recommended ones. When it comes to heterosexual relationships, for some of them, the man should be in control and, in other cases, the woman should be in control.

Although there is still not much research on this subject, the few studies that have been done indicate that there is no evidence to support the hypothesis that male domination is the most exciting in bed. So, ladies, you too can take control and both enjoy it equally!

1. Sitting

sexual positions
Although there may also be taboos about sexuality or insecurities to talk about it, it’s always best that your partner knows what’s happening in order to be an active part of the solution.

The living room couch is one of the best places where you can have sex without being in bed or in the bedroom. It can become the best ally for an encounter full of pleasure and passion.

By having her partner sit, the woman can take control of the situation and dominate him with different rhythms of movement. Besides, height will not be any inconvenience!

How to do it?

  • The man sits on the couch and adopts a comfortable position.
  • Then, the woman sits on his erect penis, either facing forward or back.
  • From there, she controls the movement and depth of penetration.

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2. The koala position

The well-known “koala” position is one of the favorite sex positions for short women. Not only is it quite comfortable when the man is taller, but it gives more freedom of movement and allows for deeper penetrations.

How to do it?

  • The man carries the woman as he penetrates her.
  • She, meanwhile, wraps her legs around his waist.

3. The cowgirl position

sexual positions
There are an endless variety of sexual positions to enjoy.

Any firm surface is perfect for doing “the cowgirl“: the bed, the carpet, etc. This is one of the most attractive sexual positions for girls of small stature, because it facilitates the control of the movements and the depth of penetration.

How to do it?

  • The man lies on his back on the chosen surface and she lies on top of him as if she were riding a horse.
  • After achieving penetration, she begins to move at the desired rhythm.
  • This position has the advantage that the man can stimulate his partner in other ways at the same time.

4. The butterfly position

Another sexual position to break with your routine is the butterfly. Is the kitchen table empty? Perfect! This place is ideal to enjoy this position!

Some short women love this position because their partner is more comfortable and can take control of the intercourse. It’s said that you can also stimulate the woman’s G-spot with this position.

How to do the butterfly?

  • The woman lies on her back on the kitchen table or any firm, high surface. Her buttocks should be well on the edge so that he can make the penetration easily.
  • She then embraces him with her legs or raises them above his shoulders.

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5. Spooning position

spooning sexual position
The spooning position is great for short women.

When there’s a certain height difference in the couple, this sexual position is great for  short women. First of all, he can put himself at the necessary height to penetrate her no matter how much height difference there is. On the other hand, she can lean as much as she wants to vary the depth of penetration.

How to do it?

  • They both lie in the spooning position (similar to the fetal position) and he penetrates her from behind while stimulating her body with caresses.

6. Standing doggy style

The classic doggy-style position can be a very comfortable sexual position for short women, even when standing. Since they can lean on a high surface, they will have no difficulty penetrating her.

However, it is important that they control the pace, as too deep or too hard penetration can be painful. And of course, the idea is for both partners to reach orgasm.

How to do it?

  • The woman gets into doggy style position, leaning on a table or firm surface.
  • Then, the man positions himself from behind and performs the penetration, while grabbing her hips.
  • It is important to note that anal sex can also be practiced in this position.

7. The screw

In this position is the man who manages a little more the rhythm of penetration and movements. It is somewhat similar to the butterfly position, but with a variation.

How to do it?

  • The woman is lying on her back; she adopts an L-shaped position, with her legs to one side.
  • The man is on his knees and penetrates her from there.
  • Anal or vaginal penetration can be performed.
  • A variant of this position is for the woman to lie down so that her buttocks are almost at the edge of the bed and the man remains standing.

Ways to orgasm

Ready to feel fuller and more confident during your relationships? Don’t forget to practice these sexual positions for short women! As you can tell, they are perfect and can make you and your partner feel more comfortable in the moment.

Also, remember that if there’s a position you find more pleasurable, or if there’s something you want to experiment with, you should absolutely tell your partner, for a higher degree of sexual satisfaction, according to your tastes and preferences. Thus, together you will explore and discover other alternatives, as there are many different ways to reach orgasm.

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