Rosalia's Diet and Workout Routine to Stay in Shape

Rosalia follows a workout routine that takes advantage of boxing, spinning, and snowboarding. Learn all about Rosalia's diet and workouts here.
Rosalia's Diet and Workout Routine to Stay in Shape
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Last update: 12 April, 2023

She became known across the world after her second album El mal querer. But undoubtedly, she reached worldwide fame and topped the charts last summer with the songs from her Motomami album. To sustain her demanding tours and concerts, Rosalia has a training routine that helps her to project energy on and off the stage. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Rosalia’s diet and workout plan.

Born in Spain and 30 years old, no one can deny that Rosalia is one of the top artists today. She is in demand at festivals all over the world and is constantly recording collaborations with other renowned singers.

How does Rosalia manage to have a workout routine in the midst of all the hustle and bustle? We can intuit something through her posts on her official Instagram (@rosalia.vt), but also in the other less official one that tells her daily life (@holamotomami).

Sports in Rosalia’s workout routine

Rosalia has joined the wave of celebrities who practice the trendiest sport: boxing. But not only that. The singer also does spinning and enjoys outdoor challenges in the framework of more extreme disciplines, such as snowboarding. Let’s take a closer look.


It seems inevitable to mention boxing when analyzing celebrity routines. Rosalia’s case is not much different. In just a few years, this form of training has gone viral and is already present in gyms to be offered to the general public.

The training plans that include it do not usually consider confrontation with another person. What is done is boxing without contact, taking advantage of the movements and intensity proposed by the discipline, in the form of cardio and toning.

Boxing is a very interesting combination of aerobic and anaerobic excerise. A lot of calories are burned in the footwork exercises, jumping rope and blows to the air, but muscle hypertrophy also occurs after throwing punches to the bag.

The health benefits of boxing are increasingly studied. Without talking about celebrities or aesthetic motives, scientists are finding very useful applications. In patients with Parkinson’s disease, case studies seem to indicate that boxing improves mental work speed. On the other hand, in children, the inclusion of some principles of combat sports in physical education is being valued as a positive alternative for growth and development.

Entrenamiento de boxeo en la rutina de Rosalía.
By training in boxing without contact, you get all the benefits of discipline without the risks of punches.

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Rosalia’s social media photos reveal that there is a leg workout routine. Toning is also noticeable in promotional images released for ad campaigns.

Spinning is another celebrity classic. And there would be no reason why it shouldn’t be. At the same time that you burn a lot of calories per session, you get very defined muscles on your lower limbs.

There is no single way to do spinning. In fact, there are up to four variations to choose from, and they are as follows:

  1. Mountain spinning: Yes, this may not seem to make sense when you stationary bike in the house, but let’s get to the explanation. The name comes from the fact that this type of spinning is usually used by cyclists who like mountainous terrain. For their training at home, they buy stationary bikes that have the option to regulate the slope. It’s as if you were pedaling uphill, but indoors.
  2. HIIT: high-intensity interval training can be done on an exercise bike. For this, pedaling at almost 95% of the maximum capacity of the body is planned for a few seconds.
  3. High aerobic capacity spinning: This is a combination of the two previous types. HIIT-style gradient and intensity are sought to bring the body to an almost anaerobic state. Needless to say, a trainer is needed to guide this acitivty so that you don´t exceed the healthy limit.
  4. Recovery: This is the most relaxed form of spinning. You pedal at 50-60% of your maximum capacity for minutes on end.

The benefits of the stationary bike? Many and excellent for health. According to a 2019 review, spinning programs help lower blood pressure, improve blood cholesterol concentration, lose weight and increase respiratory capacity.

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Winter sports enthusiasts al know it: gliding over the snow with a board and descending at high speeds or executing a pirouette awakens unique sensations.

As a curious fact, a study with snow sports practitioners revealed that snowboarders tend to seek adventure and risk to a greater extent than traditional skiers. Could it be the case of Rosalia, who included the discipline in her training routine?

We don’t know what the singer feels on the board, but we can say that the physical effort is demanding. A combination of balance and strength is what makes the practice a challenge.

It´s estimated that for every 1000 days of practice, it´s possible to get injured about two times. The brain must be attentive almost all the time when snowboarding. The chances of getting injured are high and increase when there is a lack of concentration.

The diet and supplements that Rosalia consumes to complete her routine

Rosalia's diet
Protein supplements can enhance the achievements in the gym, although they should always be used according to professional indication.

Some photos on Rosalia’s Instagram show her eating a lot of sweets and desserts. However, don´t be fooled, as these are just a few publications.

Rosalia’s and other celebrities’ workout routine isn´t complete without a detailed nutritional guideline. Here, we should also mention supplements.

The singer usually consumes whey protein. Currently, this supplement is considered one of the most complete and most recommended supplements for athletes. It comes from whey and has a composition rich in amino acids that are essential for muscle growth.

According to a scientific study from 2020, an adequate supplementation with this protein produces the following:

  • An increase in the size of trained muscles.
  • Increased endurance and strength of muscle fibers.

Of course, Rosalia’s training routine and diet are guided by professionals. In case you want to take supplements or incorporate exercises to tone up or lose weight, it´s best to do it with the help of trainers, nutritionists, and doctors.

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