Maria Pedraza's Workout Routine to Maintain a Slim Figure

María Pedraza's workout routine has been shared on social media. Learn all about it in this article.
Maria Pedraza's Workout Routine to Maintain a Slim Figure
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Last update: 10 December, 2022

Maria Pedraza is 26 years old, and those who follow her career can say that since 2020, she has modified her training routine to achieve toning. In fact, some photos posted on her social networks are a testament to Maria Pedraza’s workout routine and the process of the Madrid-born actress.

With her roles in renowned Spanish-language series such as La casa de papel, the artist is becoming increasingly popular. She’s also become a reference in the fitness world.

In addition, she has the specialized advice of Ángel Merchán. This personal trainer has his center in Madrid and collaborates with different celebrities to achieve specific goals of weight, muscle mass gain, and definition.

So, let’s take a look at Maria Pedraza’s workout routine.

1. The plank and its variants

Maria Pedraza’s workout routine includes the abdominal plank. Of course, this is something that we would assume for in someone who boasts strong abs.

However, the actress’s secret is to modify the plank and give it some movement to stimulate her balance. In some of the videos she posts on her Instagram, for instance, we can see how she changes her fulcrum of balance during the plank without swaying.

The strength needed from the core to hold the body steady is high. This is not only good when it comes to getting a defined six-pack, but also strengthens the back and improves body posture.

In fact, a 2016 scientific study showed that muscle activation is greater when the plank is performed with non-traditional variations. That is, it’s best when the typical static position with the forearms and toes against the floor is changed.

If you want to know the most recommended plank variants, you can read this article.

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2. Barbell crunches

Maria Pedraza’s workout routine also uses barbells in the gym, but not for lifting weights. In general, the Madrid native hangs from them to perform movements with her lower limbs.

One of the exercises she performs consists of raising her legs while hanging from the fixed bar with both arms. In this way, she stimulates her lower abdominals.

It should be remembered that the abdominal region is not only composed of the muscles that we often intend to mark in the form of “squares”. There are other important fibers that run obliquely through the central area of the body and laterally.

Sometimes, we concentrate on performing the classic “abdominal exercises” like crunches, thinking that it’s enough to work the abdominal muscle. However, professional trainers understand that variety is the key. That’s why they always add different approaches to the routines, such as barbell crunches and others:

María Pedraza's workout routine
There is no one way to do crunches. Variety stimulates different points in the muscles and core.

3. Jump squats

When doing traditional squats, a person must lower his or her buttocks as if he or she were going to sit down to reach the position where the thighs are horizontal to the floor. Ideally, this movement should not cause the knees to move forward to the point that they exceed the line of the toes. So far, Maria Pedraza’s workout routine often involves doing this exercise the usual way.

However, as with other exercises, variations add difficulty, complexity, and more toning possibilities. So the jump squat that Maria Pedraza includes in her training routine is useful to change the work of the lower limbs.

Nowadays, the presence of this movement in amateur and elite physical preparations is inevitable. If you want to learn more, you can go through this Step to Health article in which we describe 6 variants of the squat.

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4. Monkey bars

Perhaps, you used to play on the monkey bars when you were a kid. A curved series of bars or one placed horizontally helped us to move, like monkeys, from one bar to the next, only with the help of our hands.

Well, you don’t have to be a child to get back to this healthy exercise. Outdoor calisthenics parks have this option and gyms have designs for this purpose. Above all, it’s common to see this structure in CrossFit centers.

Maria Pedraza has shared several videos of her crossing monkey bars quickly. Although it may seem that only the upper limbs are activated by this exercise, the truth is that there is also very active participation of the lower limbs and core.

The movement of displacement between each bar requires stability that’s achieved with the contraction of the abdominals. And of course, it’s the biceps and shoulders that get most of the benefits.

Boxing and dance to complement María Pedraza’s workout routine

María Pedraza's workout routine
The Spaniard was a professional classical dancer before acting, so she maintains dance habits in her routine.

That boxing is the new favorite of celebrities for training is no news. Men and women are adding boxing routines to their workouts to promote aerobic work and tone muscles at the same time.

Boxing produces a high calorie burn. In fact, recent research, published in early 2022, revealed that boxers need an enormous amount of nutrients to replenish losses from the wear and tear of the sessions.

Therefore, boxing is a good option for losing weight, but also for sustaining cardiovascular capacity. Once the ideal weight is reached, including boxing in your routine provides resistance and helps to protect a person’s heart health.

On the other hand, Maria Pedraza complements the rest of her routine with dance. Not everyone knows it, but the actress was a professional dancer for 7 years. Then, an injury forced her to change course and she found acting.

Although she no longer does classical dance in intensive mode, she still dances for personal enjoyment and to add aerobic routines to her workout. In the film Glass girls, for instance, the actress was able to bring together her passion for dance and her acting career.

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