How to Remove Fleas and Ticks Naturally

· July 6, 2015

Having cats and dogs in the house can bring those undesired visitors as a consequence, which don’t just affect your pets, but also you. Fleas and ticks can cause diseases in both animals and people. For that reason, you should stop them from getting into your home. Today, we’ll provide you with the best remedies to remove fleas and ticks naturally.

Homemade Remedies and Techniques to Remove Ticks

If your dog has a tick – that horrible animal with a lot of legs that attach to the skin and live off of blood – you can remove it with a natural method. Ticks tend to go behind the ears, around the anus, or on the neck, where the fur covers them or where the dog cannot bother them. Every time your pet goes outside, you should check it to make sure nothing has “attached itself.” Also check to see if your pet is continuously scratching or trying to scratch the areas mentioned above. Make a mixture of two parts of white alcohol (antiseptic to get rid of the skin parasite) and one part oil (to make it oily). Put it on a cloth or gauze and rub it on your pet a few times until it spreads out on its own. Also, if the dog allows it, you can keep a cotton ball tied on to the tick so that it has to become unattached to the skin in order to breath.


One of the most effective homemade remedies for ticks is chamomile. Make a tea with some flowers from this plant (or you put a bag in a cup), let it chill, soak a cotton ball in it, and apply it your dog’s skin, especially on the critical areas. The parasites will start to “flee” from the animal. Then, disinfect the house well so that there are no traces of them.

A good homemade repellant can be made by using any citrus that you have at home like an orange, lemon, mandarin, or grapefruit (the first two are the most recommended). Boil half a liter of water and add two citrus fruits cut into slices. When it is boiling, let sit for a minute and then lower the heat to low and leave it on for an hour (make sure the water doesn’t evaporate). Let it chill and pour in spray bottle. Apply it to your dog’s coat, making sure it doesn’t get in its eyes. You can also disinfect your home with this mixture, especially the floors and corners.

Apple cider vinegar is great for exterminating ticks. Mix vinegar and water in equal parts, soak a cotton ball in it or clean cloth, scrub well, and wet your dog’s skin with it. You can do it as the last rinse after a bath.


If the ticks have left wounds or injuries on the skin of your dog or cat, you use marigold cream (healing), aloe vera gel or cream (moisturizing), and lavender oil (protecting).

Homemade Remedies and Techniques to Remove Fleas

In the case of fleas, they can be considered as lice on people. The problem with these parasites is that they not only affect pets, but also bite humans and can transmit diseases (one of them can even be deadly for cats). In order to remove fleas, you can make an infusion using pennyroyal. Once this is cool, pour it in a spray bottle. Spread it through your animal’s fur without rinsing. In order to prevent them from appearing, include yeast or garlic in small portions with the thinking that consuming it will give off its smells and prevent the flea from wanting to stay on the dog or cat.

Boil three cups of water. In a separate container, mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one of vodka. Add two drops of essential lavender oil, two of eucalyptus, and as an option, two of sweet myrhh. Then, one drop of cedar oil, geranium, rosemary, marjoram, and Spanish lime. Pour two drops of lemon juice and a cup of dehydrated mint in. Mix well and add boiling water. Then pour it on anything, from the fur of your pet to furniture, as well as floors and walls.

Mix two cups of hot water, 1/4 cup of alcohol, and six drops of liquid detergent. Wash your dog well with this homemade shampoo until it becomes a thick foam. Then, rinse well.


You can also remove fleas (and ticks) by putting salt on the rugs, floors, and animal beds. This will dehydrate them and will kill them quickly. In order for this process to go faster, try to put containers with water and ten drops of liquid detergent. If they jump in there to cool down, they won’t be able to get out because of the oiliness of the mixture. In order to prevent dogs from getting intoxicated, it’s best to apply this homemade remedy for fleas when you take them out for a walk or if you leave for vacation and bring the dog with you so the parasites won’t have any mammal to attach to.

As a last tip, don’t forget about a good diet for your pets so that they have a strong immune system, thus preventing parasites from getting them sick or causing anemia, weakness, fatigue, etc. by sucking their blood. Include ingredients that contain mainly selenium, zinc, and B complex vitamins in their meals.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to remove fleas and ticks naturally!