Relieve Stress with Stone Art Therapy

· January 16, 2017
To get the best results doing stone art therapy, we look for stones with smooth surfaces. The ones with round edges are a perfect option.

What is stone art therapy?

In our articles we have written many times about the idea of coloring to combat stress.

Painting mandalas, drawing and writing are cathartic; creative and relaxing activities that always made us feel good and free our mind.

We entertain ourselves, exercise the imagination and mental flexibility, we can focus our attention and almost without knowing how, we diminish the importance of our problems.

Here we are gong to go a little bit further.  If you have ever heard someone say “It’s just a stone,”  now you will see it in another light.  A stone can mean a lot.

Stone art can offer a wealth of possibilities.  It offers beauty and fabulous moments just being with yourself and with your artistic talents.

In this article, we describe this new, fun, anti-stress therapy.

Stone art that will benefit you

Many people paint stones while meditating and experience a profound act of relaxation while connecting with themselves.

Just like we have gotten used to coloring mandalas, to submerge ourselves into circular motions, now we use another surface; stones.

Check out what you need to engage in stone art with the fabulous suggestions that you have at hand here.

Materials you will need for stone art


The first thing we need to realize is that not all stones are suitable.  Then we need a very special type of paint and materials so that the stones turn out the way we want them to.

Take note of what you need and don’t worry: the materials are less costly than what you may think.


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Not all stones are appropriate

  • Experts in this field lean towards using river stones or what may be referred to as round stones.
  • As we know, erosion from water gives us the ideally smooth surfaces where we can design our creations.


  • Acrylic paints work for porous surface
  • It’s important to find opaque acrylic markers. The regular ones for children will not work because they don’t cover well and they don’t last.
  • The opaque markers produce a perfect finish on the stones and they are good for drawing.  Choose markers with a fine point, 0.7mm.


For a perfect finish you need a special varnish.  Look for an ultra-bright vitrifying agent at a craft store.  The colors will pop, they’ll be bright and shiny, and your creation will last much longer.


Use a flat brush. It will allow you ease of movement and imagination.

What kinds of creations can I make with my stones?



You can paint whatever your imagination tells you to do. Mandalas are the most common because they are relaxing.  As you already know, this type of artistic creation based on circles offers many benefits.

Mandalas help us to:

  • Concentrate
  •  Expand our conscience
  •  Connect with ourselves
  • Minimize tension and daily problems
  • Develop self-acceptance
  • Feel good

To paint mandalas, you just follow the classic circle sequences. Start with a circle in the middle and “expand yourself!”


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Animal stone art


Of course, whatever we paint on our stones will depend on our skill and artistic experience.

  • Sometimes the painting begins just for fun, and after awhile you discover that you are a real artist in the medium.
  • If you are painting animals, remember to start by creating a base on the stone first.  Paint one color so that later you can paint the shades that form the animal you desire.

The secret is in taking advantage of the shape of each stone.

Fun designs


You have many options and possibilities.  Your imagination and the size of your stone are the only limits.

  • However, take into account that the color that never fails when painting stones is white.
  • Sometimes it can be enough to paint just a sun, a leaf, a flower, a heart or an arrow, and you have a magnificent and original creation.
  • This can be a great activity that you can share with your children.  The creations that turn out well can be very poignant gifts that you can give to friends and family.

As you can see, stone art therapy is as simple as it is fun (economical as well). If you add up the total cost of brushes, paints and varnish you will not even spend 20 dollars.


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Painting stones is well worth what it can do for you.  Without even realizing it, this is a hobby that can turn into an addiction.