20 Creative Ideas for Organizing Shoes

Choose whichever option for organizing shoes that suits your needs, or combine various ideas to achieve a personalized and practical shoe rack.
20 Creative Ideas for Organizing Shoes

Last update: 25 January, 2020

You probably have a wide variety of shoes to match all your outfits, but you can’t ever find them because they are all over the house. To help, we’ve collected 20 ideas for storing your shoes in an easy and creative way.

As happens often with a lot of household items, organizing shoes can be very difficult.  This is especially true when you don’t have any space that is dedicated exclusively to them.

A lot of people end up leaving them strewn around the whole house, or they leave them jumbled up in boxes, without realizing that this speeds up their wear-down.

Appropriate footwear is important to avoid problems with your feet and sports injuries, according to this study from Murciano Health Services (Spain). That’s why it’s so important to take good care of them and avoid keeping them in places where they can get damaged.

The problem is that some people need closets to store them, and rarely do we think of creative ideas for organizing shoes efficiently.

Because we know that you want to learn how to keep them perfectly organized, below we are going to share with you 20 interesting ways of doing so.

Which one do you like?

1. Shelf with separate boxes for organizing shoes


This wooden shelf with separators has several uses around the house. One interesting way to use these compartments is for storing and organizing shoes.

2. Door shelf


One good option is shelving on the back of a closet door. By using several metallic poles, you can make a door shelf to comfortably organize your shoes that doesn’t take up much space.

We recommend that you avoid using high heels too often. A study from the Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil) found that the excessive use of high heels can cause back problems and issues with your center of gravity.

3. Transparent boxes with tape


If you have lots of transparent boxes, go ahead and use them for organizing shoes.

They replace the original boxes and you can stick a picture on them to make it easier to identify each pair of shoes.

4. Wooden shelf


A simple but practical idea is to use a beautiful wooden shelf that can be added to any area in your room to store your shoes on a couple of different levels.

5. Recycled cans


Cans of milk or similar products can be used to make a cute sandal and light-shoe organizer.

Get the cans that are big and stick them in a place where you can organize your shoes.

6. Fabric organizers


Fabric organizers are sold in several warehouses, which are useful for organizing shoes and other items that are hard to store.

You can hang them on your door or in any area that you don’t have a closet.  It will save you a lot of space!

7. Colored shelves


A cute colored shelf makes your room look better and gives it a personal touch.

Organize your shoes according to style and keep them visible for use.

8. On a ladder


An old ladder can be transformed into the perfect shelf to store your most special shoes.

Paint it however you like and you’ll get a great vintage look for your room.

9. Heels on shelves


High heels can be used as hooks for hanging your shoes on shelves and similar products.

10. Special cabinet


You can find cabinets with separators in stores that help you organize your shoes comfortably and practically.

11. Recycled PVC Pipes


Large cuttings from PVC pipes that are leftover from construction areas can be joined to create a wide and very different shoe closet.

You can paint them, or leave them their original color.

12. Large shelf


If you have too many shoes to count, you might consider building a large, wooden shelf.

If so, make sure that your shoes are clean, so you don’t get dirt or any other type of filth built up inside the shelf.

13. Hangers for boots


By using a few hangers, you can organize high-top boots without sacrificing their original shape. This method saves space while keeping the boots well-organized.

14. Wooden posts


Using wooden posts as depicted in the photo above is great for organizing shoes like rubber boots.

15. Wicker basket


You might not otherwise be using this wicker basket, so you can use it to store cloth sandals or flip flops.

16. Vertical stand


A beautiful vertical stand will give an elegant touch to your room while keeping your shoes visible.

17. Shoe dresser


Shoe dressers are a great option for people that have shoes that are all different colors and designs.

18. “Wallfish” stand


This interesting stand will organize your shoes, keeping them neatly in their place.

19. Tennis shoes box

Using a dresser with various large compartments can be used to store your tennis shoes and other varieties of athletic footwear.

20. Recycled fruit boxes


Get wooden fruit boxes and decorate them to make cute shoe boxes, like those seen here. If you want a real 3-D effect, get different sizes of boxes.

Did you like our ideas? We hope they’ll help you start organizing shoes more efficiently!

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