5 Reasons Why You're Already a Complete Woman

You don't need to have a partner to be happy. You don't need soulmates or other halves: you just need to be complete on your own and to enjoy your independence, integrity, maturity and freedom.
5 Reasons Why You're Already a Complete Woman
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 27 May, 2022

It’s highly likely that you, like many other people, spend part of your life paying too much attention to your small imperfections and flaws and aspire to improve them to be a complete woman.

There are people who try to use relationships to feel complete. In other words, they expect a relationship to “fill” all the holes that no one knows how to heal in order to bring them happiness.

Many of us go through life lamenting everything we lack instead of appreciating what we already have. That’s why it’s important to remind yourself that you’re already  complete woman every day. You don’t need anyone to tell you how to be happy or to make you feel loved. You’re already enough.

In today’s article, we’ll give you 5 reasons to help you convince yourself that you’re already a complete woman.

5 Reasons Why You’re Already a Complete Woman

1. You know that all battles are learning opportunities.

You’re a complete woman who already knows a lot about life. You’ve gone through difficult and tricky moments where you’ve seen the best and the worst of people.

Every experience is a valuable learning opportunity that’s always going to be useful. This is because disappointment, just like triumph, teach us.

Every battle and every cycle of peace and well-being are pieces of our story that we must value because they create who we are now.

complete woman

2. You’re not missing anything that you can’t find in yourself.

When we’re very young, sometimes we seek happiness as if it were a mythological being to find and capture. However, this is not the case. The truth is that happiness is created from within.

People who spend their lives thinking about everything they lack fill their hearts with emptiness until it’s almost impossible for happiness to blossom.

It’s only when we’re able to understand that we can make up for what we lack that we realize it’s not so difficult to be a little happier.

  • If you’re insecure, don’t look for security in others: learn how to face your fears.
  • If you struggle with self-love, learn to love yourself a little more. This is because self-love is what gives us the dignity to build healthier relationships.

3. You’ve learned there are things that are no longer worthwhile.

The wonderful thing about maturing is realizing there are things and people who are no longer worth your tears nor your worries.

This also allows you to be a more complete woman, because you can concentrate all your energy and passions on what really matters.

We should all experience that moment in our life in which we finally become aware that it’s necessary to think a little more about ourselves instead of always thinking of others. In doing so, it’s not selfish or prideful; it’s about self-respect.

complete woman

4. You’ve learned to trust what has yet to come.

A complete woman no longer fears the future. This is because she trusts herself, is an expert in resilience and has made her battles her best learning opportunities in order to face all that has yet to come.

complete woman

You’ve also learned to accept change and grow from it, because this is the best tool to fight fear.

Life is a cycle. You don’t have to cling to what is lost or left behind to be happy and to live with dignity. If someone has left you, move on with confidence, because you know you’ll continue to meet people who bring joy into your life.

Sometimes, you may have made mistakes and chosen the wrong paths. However, despite this, don’t be regretful. After all, these mistakes have opened your eyes and helped you to believe that your next steps would be more successful.

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5. You don’t need anyone else to complete you.

You’re already a complete woman, one who completely enjoys the company of her family and friends.

You’ve reached that point in your life when you know that in order to give the best of yourself to others, you have to be well. However, storing fears and insecurities only complicates personal relationships.

You don’t need to have a partner to be happy. You don’t need soulmates or other halves: you just need to be complete on your own and to enjoy your independence, integrity, maturity and freedom.

complete woman

It’s time to realize that you’re already a complete woman. You know how to enjoy what you already have, but still continue to learn every day by using your intuition and your open mind.

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