Strange Things That Can Happen After Sex

03 November, 2018
When we first become sexually active, it's not unusual to experience different sensations and issues after sex. But if they don't resolve on their own, you should see your doctor.

Before we started having sex, most of us were anxious to know what it feels like. When we asked our friends, they described it as magical and something we’d have to experience for ourselves.

When they called it magical, it never occurred to us that strange and even painful things can happen after sex.

In some films, before, during and after sex is often portrayed in a romantic light. What they never explain are the types of situations that can happen after and are quite alarming at first.

One of the things we learn in life is that not everything is rosy after sex. These are just a few of the things that you can experience:

Burning and itching while urinating


After sex, many women experience burning and itching during urination. Wanting to know why is one of the most common questions during a gynecologist visit.

This is a concern among women who are just becoming sexually active because they are often worried it could be a sexually transmitted disease or another serious problem.

Remember that the female anatomy consists of the vaginal opening and the urethra, which is positioned a few centimeters above. This area can be irritated by the rubbing of a condom, the penis itself or even personal lubricants.

You can expect to feel some itching or burning during urination for a few days.

This symptom is fairly common and can last from a few hours to a few days. You may need a urine test to rule out any infection.

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Need to go to the bathroom

Many women are embarrassed to talk about this, but don’t worry. You’re not the only one that feels the need to stop during sex to use the bathroom, so rest at ease.

Did you know that when you feel the urge to go to the bathroom it’s because you’re close to reaching one of the best sensations a women can experience. Yes, we’re talking about the much sought-after orgasm.

During vaginal penetration, the penis can stimulate the G spot. This causes the urge to go to the bathroom. Sometimes the stimulation is so much that after sex you may feel the urge to go to the bathroom.

This also depends on the sexual positions the couple uses and how they affect a woman’s inner sensations.

It’s important to trust your partner enough to communicate effectively so that neither one of you is surprised when these things (which are completely normal) happen.

Light blood spotting after sex


Approximately 1 out of every 10 women experiences light vaginal bleeding after having sexual relations. The bleeding usually stops within a day or two.

We all know that it can occur after your first time, but it can happen later in life, too.

Rough sex, excess friction and a lack of lubrication are some of the most common causes and don’t pose a serious risk to your health. However, there are other causes that are dangerous and require immediate medical attention.

In general, this bleeding comes from the cervix, the lower opening to the uterus, and is more common in women of childbearing age.

Even if the cervix is perfectly healthy, friction during intercourse can cause light damage.

You shouldn’t worry if the bleeding is minimal, even if accompanied by light pain. The quickest solution is to rest for a little while or to take it slow during sex.

You should be concerned if the bleeding doesn’t stop within a day after intercourse.

Pain in the lower abdomen

Pain in the lower abdomen is another unusual thing that can happen after sex. This type of discomfort can have several causes. Persistent cases need to be treated by a doctor.

Pain after sex is not a sign of disease. No discomfort is felt during intercourse because of the quick pace.

After ejaculation, slight pelvic discomfort develops and can be due to the colon causing pressure from having received the vibration of the movements.

The heavy activity can cause muscle tension in the pelvis. When excited, it contracts, and when subjected to this force, it causes pain.

The pain can also be the result of damage to the vaginal walls from a lack of proper lubrication during coitus.

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What’s strange after sex at first becomes normal with time


As we explore the sexual world, we slowly become accustomed to these unusual things that happen after sex.

You’ve probably noticed by now that sometimes they happen and sometimes they don’t. If you’re really unlucky, you could experience them all at the same time.

Note that in some cases, a woman’s inhibitions can cause these symptoms. This often happens when you’re not fully excited and thus not properly lubricated.

If it takes a lot to reach the right level of lubrication, try using a good quality personal lubricant.

The good news is that none of these physiological changes are permanent. However, if they last for awhile, you should see your doctor.

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