Expanded Orgasm: What it Is and How to Achieve It

Have you ever experienced an expanded orgasm? It’s an experience that’s more intense than a regular orgasm. In this article, discover how you can achieve it.
Expanded Orgasm: What it Is and How to Achieve It

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Have you ever had a much more intense orgasm than usual? Did it last longer as well? This is known as an expanded orgasm, which is a much more intense climax that allows you to enjoy maximum pleasure.

If you’ve ever experienced this type of orgasm, maybe you’re asking yourself what you can do to have them more frequently. Throughout this article, we’ll answer these questions. In addition, we’ll also delve deeper into an expanded orgasm.

What’s an orgasm?

A woman having an orgasm.
An expanded orgasm differs from a “usual” one in its intensity and duration.

An orgasm is a feeling of intense pleasure that, according to the article “Orgasm and its Impact on Quality of Life”, is a neurophysiological phenomenon that causes contraction of the bulbospongiosus muscle that usually coincides with ejaculation.

What this definition points out is that orgasms vary in intensity and type. For example, a man can climax without ejaculating (retrograde ejaculation) and a woman can ejaculate with squirting. Also, you can feel much more pleasurable orgasms than others.

As for the degree of pleasure, here’s where expanded orgasm comes into play, with has nothing to do with being multi-orgasmic. In this case, the orgasm doubles in intensity, leading a person to experience the most extreme ecstasy.

This term was coined by Patricia Taylor in her research. She describes how, during this experience, the person lets themselves go for a few seconds or even minutes in order to end in a sense of relaxation or intense satisfaction. It’s an orgasm that differs a lot from a regular one.

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Expanded orgasm and tantra

A couple having sex.
The feeling of pleasure during an expanded orgasm is similar in men and women.

Something that Patricia Taylor clarified in her research is that both men and women alike could experience an expanded orgasm similarly. This is important, since it’s considered that women feel more pleasure than men when they climax.

This concept of expanded orgasm is particularly associated with tantra. This is because, in tantra, one doesn’t focus on the climax but on the sensory and sensual experiences. For example, caresses, skin contact, the moisture of kisses… All of the things we’re usually not aware of.

This consciousness that expands the senses can make you enjoy the sexual experience even more. Unhurriedly, enjoying what you usually don’t pay attention to, sensing odors, and having very different but extremely pleasant sex.

The result? An expanded orgasm that not only causes contractions in the genitals but throughout the body, and where the person isn’t in control.

How to have an expanded orgasm

Now that you know what an expanded orgasm is, you may want to know how to achieve one or re-enjoy it much more frequently. To do this, you need to practice some habits:

  • Kegel exercises. They consist of exercising the pelvic floor muscles by contracting and relaxing them. There are applications and tips that you can put into practice for just five minutes a day that will allow you to enjoy much more pleasurable orgasms.
  • Masturbation. It helps if you get to know your body, explore it to discover what you like, and discover where and how you like to be touched. This will give you greater confidence when you’re with someone else so that you can enjoy maximum pleasure with them.
  • Focus on the moment. If you’re thinking about other things or feel insecure about your body during sex, it’ll be impossible for you to get an expanded orgasm. Concentrating on that moment will be critical in order for you to have a more pleasant experience.

Are you able to distinguish the types of orgasm you experience? Have you been able to identify if you’ve ever had an expanded orgasm? We encourage you to get to know your body. Resolve the insecurities that limit you when you touch yourself and find out how much you limit the enjoyment when you’re with someone else.

Trying and experiencing will not only lead you to have expanded orgasms but also multiorgasms and squirting, among other experiences. Also, it’ll allow you to discover other ways to enjoy and get pleasure. What are you waiting for to experience the most amazing climax ever?

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