Drink Raisin Water for a Healthier Liver

Have you heard about the benefits of raisin water? It is a tasty and nutritious addition to your diet, and it is fantastic for your liver.
Drink Raisin Water for a Healthier Liver
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Have you heard about the benefits of raisin water? It is a tasty and nutritious addition to your diet, and it is fantastic for your liver. In these articles, we often recommend simple and natural remedies to detox and strengthen your liver. Today, we want to talk about one in particular that is guaranteed to give you great results.

So, what’s the big secret behind raisin water? Experts believe that it stimulates certain biochemical processes in the liver that help it more effectively remove toxins from your bloodstream. The vitamins and minerals in grapes make raisin water a nutritional powerhouse for the liver. Following this treatment for just four days will improve your digestion give you more energy. What are you waiting for?

What are the benefits of raisin water?

Doctors often recommend that you eat raisins in the morning for heart health. They can also help eliminate bad cholesterol, lower your triglyceride levels, and prevent constipation or upset stomach.

Raisins are a natural source of vitamins and minerals in and of themselves. However, you can reap the benefits of raisins even more if you soak them in water and then drink the water. You still get all the liver-protecting benefits of raisins with a much lower amount of sugar.

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A natural source of antioxidants

Keep in mind that raisins are one of the best natural sources of antioxidants. They’re just dried grapes, after all, and grapes are rich in bioflavonoids that protect you from free radicals and strengthen your defenses against liver and heart disease.

Helps detox the body

As you already know, the liver and the kidneys are important organs that clean your blood. They remove the toxins and heavy metals that accumulate in the body and can make you sick. Sometimes, however, these important poor dietary choices, too much fatty food, or bad habits can inhibit their function.

Drinking raisin water for four days straight, at least once a month may protect liver health. It can enhance the natural function of your liver, and you may notice the benefits when you feel heavy or have slow or painful digestion.

Aids in digestion

Drinking raisin water also improves your digestion. It signals the body to secrete stomach acids which help you process your food and absorb its nutrients. You’ll begin to notice these benefits about two days after starting your raisin water regimen.

How do you make raisin water?

raisin water


  • 2 cups of water (400 ml)
  • 150 grams of raisins


woman drinking raisin water
  • First of all, choose your raisins carefully. Ignore the very bright, shiny ones. That gloss is actually the result of chemical treatments that are applied to make the raisins more attractive. Search for raisins that are darker in color and neither too hard or soft. Choose whole raisins that are free of dirt and debris.
  • Rinse the raisins in tap water, then set them aside.
  • Boil two cups of water. Add the raisins and let them simmer for 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, remove the pan from the stove and leave the raisins to soak overnight.
  • The next morning, just strain off the water from the raisins and heat some of the water back up. You can drink it warm or hot, but make sure you drink it on an empty stomach right after waking up. Then, wait 30 to 35 minutes before eating breakfast.
  • Do this for several days in a row. Prepare your raisin water at night so that it’s ready to drink the minute you wake up the next morning.
  • Remember to follow this regimen for at least four days. Always choose the darkest raisins and make sure they haven’t gone through any processing that could be harmful to your health. Buy organic raisins, or at least find a source that doesn’t use any chemicals or pesticides.
  • You can use this treatment once a month, and it has no side negative effects. The best part is that you get all the benefits of raisins while avoiding their high sugar content. If you also follow a diet that’s low in fat and includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, raisin water is an excellent addition to your routine. Your liver (and the rest of your body) will thank you!

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