Procrastination Tips and Activities for Students

Having troubles getting that assignment done? Tired of waiting until the last minute? Try these procrastination tips for students to learn how to overcome this bad habit.
Procrastination Tips and Activities for Students

Last update: 01 August, 2022

Procrastination is a very common problem amongst many college and university students. This is where students feel they have plenty of time on their hands to complete their assignments and leave them until the last possible minute. This approach is unhealthy because it can bring about unnecessary stress and panic, leading to many students opting to order custom papers from essay writing services rather than write it on their own. This article will look at some procrastination tips and activities for students.

Being organized is a great start

First, never underestimate the importance of good organization when it comes to procrastination. If you have no clue what you’re doing or have a clear plan in place, there’s a high chance you’ll procrastinate. 
There are probably plenty of stores in your city or even online that sell good quality planners, invest in one as soon as you can. This will help you keep track of all your assignments as well as their dates. You’ll have more order and be in control of everything around your academic life if you’re well organized. Organizing yourself is a good base for great academic progression. 

An organized person looking at her planner for procrastination tips

Procrastination tips: Get rid of things that cause distractions

In this day and age, we’re constantly surrounded by things that can distract us. This could be anything from the noise outside, social media platforms, friends, and more. If you want to avoid procrastination, plenty of academic writing services tell students to limit the number of things that are a major source of distraction. 
You can begin by turning off your phone, television, or radio and go to a nice quiet area where there’s no disturbance from anything, including family or friends.
To help you stay relaxed and calm while writing, try to put on some classic music since its low tempo and relaxed tone will fuel your creative process instead of heavy metal music for example which is very loud.

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Learn to prioritize things

If prioritization is something you’re not good at, it’s something you need to perfect to avoid procrastination.
You need to make a list of things you need to complete every week and ensure that you address everything on the list before coming up with a new one. Take the assignments that you’re given by your university or college tutor.  The assignments that have deadlines looming or the ones coming up soon need to be tackled immediately before you work your way down to the others with a later date.
You’ll also need to get the most difficult assignments out the way first because everything that comes after that is easier to manage.
If the tough assignments continue giving you problems, you can take comfort knowing that you can get top-quality professional essay writing help by hiring a top-tier writer. Get in touch with a writing company that has built a reputation for delivering quality. They will assign your work to a writer who knows the subject very well, while you focus on the easier assignments.

Procrastination tips: Set yourself some goals

When students are given too many assignments to do at once, they might find this overwhelming, which can lead to procrastination. This is a common issue for students who are in their first year of college or university. Any project out there is easier to accomplish when one sets reachable, simple, and manageable goals instead of facing a big plan. 
For instance, you can say “I’ll read chapter 7 tonight” instead of “I’ll study business management tonight.” Saying you’ll just focus on a single chapter makes the task at hand less intimidating and makes you want to achieve the goal you’ve set for yourself. 

A woman writing down her SMART goals.

Give yourself deadlines to accomplish tasks

This is a very popular tip that’s used by experts as well when it comes to preventing procrastination. You should avoid getting stuck in the “I’ll leave it till tomorrow” loop, because this will drag on and on. 
Before you know it, assignments are almost due, and you’re in a panic state. Set yourself a deadline for when you’ll want to complete your assignments and stick to them. Try to finish your project or assignments a day or two in advance to give yourself enough time to make changes where necessary should the unexpected happen. 

Give yourself breaks if you have to

Taking a break now and then when you’re focusing on your schoolwork is good for both your physical and mental health.
If you’ve been working on your assignments all day, take a break to unwind and recharge your batteries. Many essay writers who work for professional writing services take breaks when they are writing pieces for clients because they don’t want to feel burnt out or exhausted.
Do some of the things you enjoy like listening to music, going out for a walk, watch some clips on YouTube for around 10-15 minutes. Breaks are known to increase focus, retain information, and most importantly, reduce stress. 

Give yourself a treat

If you reward yourself from time to time, it will give you that added incentive to get your projects done and prevent procrastination. You know yourself better than anyone else out there and know the things you like. 
Once you finish an assignment, for example, give yourself a treat. This can be anything from watching your favorite TV show to a few hours of gaming, a takeaway, some chocolate, and more. You can also get your family and friends involved too when it comes to giving you treats when you achieve a milestone or complete an assignment.
The more rewards you get, the more inspired you’ll be to finish assignments on time.

Procrastination tips: Take accountability for your actions

It can be hard for some students to hold themselves accountable when it comes to their academic work.
However, you’ll need to train yourself on how to hold yourself accountable for getting good grades, studying for tests, and completing assignments to prevent procrastination. When you find yourself making excuses not to study or getting work done, snap back to reality before it’s too late. 
Keep in mind that you’re responsible for your academic performance. Whether you do well or not on tests, assignments completed on time or not, it is your responsibility.
If you’re struggling to hold yourself accountable, ask your family members, paper writing services , or friends to help you. They can set accomplishments, deadlines, and goals for you to stay focused and motivated.

Some final thoughts

Many people seem to think that procrastination doesn’t have serious consequences to one’s academic performance if they don’t keep it under control. However, many studies, including those written by professional essay writers, have shown that students who procrastinate are less productive and suffer from anxiety as well as stress.
If you commit to some tips and activities mentioned above, you’ll notice a change and transformation in how you go about your studies and essays. You’ll be able to get enough rest while finishing your assignments on time without having to rely on a professional paper writing service all the time.
Finally, it’s important to remember that you’ll take pride in your work if you manage to get a top mark all by yourself. However, to succeed, all you have to do is take small steps first like the ones listed above.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.