The Top 10 Mobile Phones that Emit the Most Radiation

Mobile phone technology affects us all. The world's population is around 7 billion people, and there are now more than 5 billion people who have cell phones. Learn about some of the harmful effects of these phones in this article.
The Top 10 Mobile Phones that Emit the Most Radiation

Last update: 01 August, 2022

In recent years, many health experts have raised alarms about the excessive use of technological devices, specifically mobile phones, which increasingly invade our lives.

This may sound curious and almost crazy. After all, knowing that technology is increasing, we tend to assume that with it will come many solutions and aids for our daily lives. However, this concern is quite reasonable, since, as technology grows, so too do those aspects related to it, such as microwaves and radio frequencies that can affect our body in the long term have.

In fact, this has reached such an extreme the technology we use can even cause cancer or other dangerous diseases.

With the advancement of technology, we must emphasize one of the most important wireless devices in the evolution of technology: the cell phone. Today, we want to talk about why cell phones can cause cancer and other health problems.

Why is there concern about cell phone use and cancer?

El cáncer y los celulares.

Studies in recent years have determined that frequent use of cell phones is not as safe as many might think. Among the main reasons are:

  • Cell phone technology has evolved and is undergoing rapid and abrupt changes due to the increase in the number and duration of calls.
  • As the duration of cell phone use increases, so too does the exposure to radiation. Therefore, the risk of contracting cancer also increases.
  • Also, another reason similar to the previous one is the growth in the number of users attached to telephone companies worldwide. In fact, there are figures from the United States that state that in 2010 there were more than 303 million people subscribed to telephone and telecommunications companies in the United States alone. However, this number tripled the 110 million users that existed in 2000.
  • Also, it’s estimated that worldwide there were five billion people enjoying these services in 2010.
  • Finally, one more and very relevant reason is that the tissues of the human body can absorb the energy caused by cell phones. This is very dangerous, as they emit radiofrequency energy, a non-ionizing form of radiation that is very harmful, although not as dangerous as ionizing radiation.

What do studies say about cell phone use and cancer?

According to data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), in 2011, cell phones were classified as Group 2B (possibly carcinogenic). That is, “there may be some risk” that they can cause cancer.

To reach this conclusion, the research gathered long-term and intensive use data from different types of mobile phones.

Thus, the studies suggest that, with the millions of cell phone users around the world using these devices frequently, it’s not surprising that the results will begin to be discovered in the future, another strong evidence of the importance of this research.

Although so far there is not enough scientific evidence to make statements, experts on the subject, such as Dr. George Carlo, believe that the cell phone industry could have us on the verge of a health crisis.

Specifically, it’s believed that brain damage and some types of cancers could increase in  the world as a result of the increase and proliferation of cellular technology.

In fact, today some ailments and health problems are already being associated with frequent use of cell phones, as is the case of:

What are the mobile phones with the highest radiation?

Uso de teléfonos celulares por los niños

In order for a cell phone to pass Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Certification and become commercially available in the United States, its maximum absorption rate or Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) level must be less than 1.6 watts per kilogram.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 mobile phones with the highest radiation that you should avoid:

  5. HUAWEI VITRIA (SAR: 1.49)
  7. KYOCERA KONA (SAR: 1.45)
  9. NOKIA ASHA 503 (SAR: 1.43)
  10. BLACKBERRY Z30 (SAR: 1.41)

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