Nude Makeup: How to Apply It Without Failing in the Attempt

Have you ever heard about nude makeup? No, it's not putting on makeup when naked! Find out what it is!
Nude Makeup: How to Apply It Without Failing in the Attempt

Last update: 29 January, 2023

Makeup without altering the complexion is known as “nude makeup”. The idea is to show off a shiny and healthy finish, without abusing the products applied to dress up your face. This trend adapts to both day and night, so you can attend important events with your face made up, but with a natural finish.

Although its application is not difficult, it’s important to take into account basic points such as skin tone and characteristics. Both characteristics contribute to the choice of cosmetics and, therefore, to the success of the makeup. Do you want to know more about it? Here are all the keys to this makeup trend.

What is nude makeup?

Makeup is a non-verbal form of expression that has long used the intensification of pigments to transform the skin. It’s not wrong to do it; it’s even one of the methods related to corrective makeup.

However, the nude style proposes naturalness and rejects excesses; it uses colors similar to those of the face and complements with the illumination of key points. It even gives the impression of not even wearing makeup when the reality is that the face has products supplied in quantities determined by the needs of the skin.

It’s called nude to allude to the use of neutral or beige shades, which emphasize simplicity and naturalness.

The objective of this subtle look is to show a compact, hydrated and healthy dermis, which used to be camouflaged under layers and layers of cosmetic products. It’s also an ideal alternative to keep the skin light and fresh on very hot or humid days.

Nude makeup.
Nude makeup goes for shades that respect the natural look of the skin.

What you should keep in mind before trying nude makeup

There are two basic habits to achieve a good nude makeup look without failing in the attempt. One of them is facial hygiene. No cosmetic will have the expected effect if your skin is not clean. Therefore, cleanse your face daily to remove the powder, foundation, and cream residues.

It’s advisable to deepen this task at least once every month with an exfoliation that removes dead cells and restores radiance. You should also include in your routine skin hydration that promotes elasticity and firmness.

Mature skins need creams or treatments recommended by the dermatologist, as they moisturize and minimize expression lines.

It’s not only necessary to use lotions; drinking enough water every day also helps the skin to gain firmness and tone.

How to achieve a nude makeup look without any mistakes

Nude makeup is a method that not only enhances beauty, but also makes the skin look less suffocated by heavy substances. Let’s take a look at how to achieve it.

Customize your foundation

Don’t go for the darkest foundation; it’s essential to choose pigments that are suitable for your skin tone and respectful of skin conditions, rather than those that promise magical coverage and end up making your face look heavy or causing adverse reactions.

Pay attention to the product’s ingredients and consistency, especially if you have sensitive skin. In this case, your makeup should become an extension of the treatment. Products must therefore respect the skin’s pH through compositions free of irritants and allergens.

For a nude finish, fluid foundations with an illuminating effect are ideal. BB cream is a good choice, because in addition to natural coloring, they have moisturizing properties; many of them include a sun protection factor.

Pink or melon foundations suit pale skin; beige and mother-of-pearl ones suit tanned faces.

Use an appropriate concealer

Just like your foundation, your color corrector should match the complexion and the imperfection you are going to hide. When you apply them, wait a couple of minutes before blending; you will see that they pigment better and benefit the nude effect. Remember to put it only on the area that requires correction.

Try translucent powders and blushes

Translucent powders in loose texture enhance the nude look because they seal the foundation and adapt to the naturalness you are looking for. The same goes for blush. Nowadays, cream blushes are also in style.

Orange, beige and pink are the most popular shades; it’s also advisable to choose slightly pearly blushes.

The secret of powders and blushes is to apply them with soft bristle brushes; if the latter is in cream and you master the technique, you could use sponges. The blending is done by raising the tool from the cheeks towards the temples (to guide you you can smile while you apply your makeup).

Add intensity to the eyes

The highlight of nude makeup is the eye contour. This is the part that has the most color, but not extravagant tones. Respecting the nude line, use neutral tones that create depth and shadow, sticking to the palette of the rest of the makeup. The common ones are brown, chocolate, and gold.

False eyelashes, extensions, or volume mascaras open up the look. Don’t forget to use a delicate eyeliner.

Illuminate your face

Illuminate the subciliary arch, the center of the forehead, the corners of the eyes, the upper part of the cheekbones, and the chin, as these are the most prominent areas of the face.

Although these cosmetics provide the light that the nude style offers, don’t overuse them, because you risk accentuating open pores or wrinkles. A primer or soft primer contributes to a more compact skin and corrects before illuminating.

Use lip gloss

The common thing in nude makeup is to put a gloss on your lips. However, light tones, similar to the original color of your lips, are also acceptable.

Similarly, some women break the scheme with darker lipstick; if you’re more daring, make sure the coverage is exact and that it does not stand out because it would spoil the rest of the arrangement.

Nude makeup.
Nude-style lip makeup is usually done with balms or light-colored pencils.

Starting from the inside also helps for a perfect nude makeup

The skin is the real protagonist of the nude style, so it’s essential to take care of your from the inside and not leave the job only to cosmetics. Beauty products are elements that cooperate to highlight naturalness.

A good diet is essential to show off a healthy complexion. Foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E are very advantageous when it comes to skin care; red fruits, vegetables, and citrus fruits provide micronutrients that counteract oxidative stress and promote the generation of collagen. Keep this in mind!

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