What Not to Do After a Night of Insomnia

· November 5, 2014

If you have insomnia, keep in mind that there are some things you shouldn’t do after a night awake: if you avoid them, you’ll feel healthier and better the next morning.

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Today we’ll give you some tips on the most common mistakes people make after tossing and turning all night.

Drink one of those famous energy drinks

You can have a nice hot coffee, take a nap or have a soda, but don’t ever have an energy drink. They’re no good for you since they’re filled with ingredients that are bad for your body.

Not exercise

When you haven’t rested enough at night, your blood sugar levels, cholesterol and heart beat may be affected or disrupted. That makes you tired all day and you might just be overcome by it at the wrong place or time.


The best thing to do is try to get some exercise since physical activity —especially the cardiovascular kind— helps release adrenaline and that will keep you awake.

Here’s another popular and effective trick. When you go outside, look up at the sky: if there’s no clouds to be seen, stare a few minutes up into that big blue. This sets off a biochemical reaction that helps block the production of melatonin, a hormone that makes you feel sleepy.

Take a nap that’s more than 15 minutes long

Experts recommend having a nice cup of coffee and then a fifteen minute nap. Studies suggest that caffeine takes twenty minutes to kick in so if you lay down for fifteen minutes you’ll feel great (five minutes after waking up). If you sleep for more than fifteen it will have the opposite effect.

Wear a ton of makeup

When you don’t sleep enough at night, you don’t look your best. You’re paler, your eyes get red. Most people wake up after a night of insomnia looking a bit like the ugly duckling. You transform because during the night your sweat glands release a huge amount of toxins. Since you didn’t get a full night’s sleep, the cells can’t do what they usually do and are supposed to while you’re sleeping.

Best eye makeup

The most natural way to solve this problem is to exfoliate with a natural product to get your blood circulating. To handle the circles under your eyes you can use a special cream or press warm chamomile tea bags. Try not to put on too much makeup.

A good night’s sleep is vital for our well-being and health. If we don’t get it we put our body at risk and lower our quality of life. We’ll look worse and we’ll be tired and stressed out. We have to find an immediate solution to not getting a wink of sleep.