Remove Eye Bags With These Natural Remedies

Many people struggle with under eye circles and bags because they don't know how to get rid of them. But we'll tell you about some natural remedies that will effectively help you remove eye bags.
Remove Eye Bags With These Natural Remedies
Mario Benedetti Arzuza

Written and verified by the doctor Mario Benedetti Arzuza.

Last update: 18 May, 2022

Eye bags or dark circles are a clear sign of tiredness, stress, and fatigue. They also make your face look older, which is why you try to cover up this part of the eye with makeup or remove eye bags somehow when you notice them.

However, using concealer isn’t the only solution. There are some natural methods that are very effective to remove eye bags and improve the way this important part of your face looks.

The following are some very effective home remedies you can use to remove eye bags. They’ll also help you look a lot less tired and more rejuvenated.



Potatoes are a very popular natural remedy to treat and remove eye bags. To make this remedy, slice a raw potato. Then, put the slices in the refrigerator for an hour and then put them on your eyes.

After that, keep your eyes closed and make sure the potato slices cover the bags up completely. Leave them on for fifteen minutes. This treatment will help these horrible circles disappear almost completely.


Cucumbers are another home remedy we highly recommend to remove eye bags. To do this cucumber-based treatment, slice the cucumber just like in the potato remedy. The slices should be chilled.

Then, put them on your eyes for 25 minutes. You can take a small nap during this time, which will make this remedy much more effective. Cucumbers are very effective to remove eye bags because they have huge anti-inflammatory properties.

Spoons and cold water to remove eye bags

glass of water

For this home remedy, take an ice cold glass of water and four spoons and put them in the water for a few minutes. Take two of the spoons out and immediately put them on your eyes.

Keep the other two spoons in the water in the meantime and then change them once the first two get warm. Keep doing this for approximately 20 minutes. Inflammation will disappear quickly because cold water helps dilate blood vessels.

Green Tea

Prepare two green tea infusions. When the bags are at room temperature, put them on your eyes for 15 minutes. The medicinal properties of green tea will help eye circles disappear very quickly.

Vitamin E

To do this treatment, put some drops of vitamin E oil in a bowl with cold water. Stir it so that it’s mixed well. Then soak a cotton ball in this mixture and put it on your eyes for around 20 minutes.

You’ll immediately notice the change it causes in your skin because, in addition to reducing inflammation and removing eye bags, it nourishes and leaves your skin a lot smoother.

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