Natural Teeth Whitening Products

There are natural teeth whitening products that can help brighten your smile. Keep reading to learn some great examples that you can use.
Natural Teeth Whitening Products

Last update: 19 August, 2022

Dental treatments to whiten teeth are very popular nowadays. However, they’re often made with invasive products that actually end up damaging your teeth. Usually, the effects are irreversible. If you’re looking for natural teeth whitening products, you’ve come to the right place.

You don’t need to go to extremes or spend a fortune on teeth whitening techniques. Keep reading to learn more!

How do teeth stain?

A woman with white teeth.

The enamel on your teeth us slightly porous, and it soaks in what you eat. So, if you drink wine or eat blueberries, they turn purple. It’s not a problem because you brush your teeth and it goes away.

However, there are foods and drinks that stain teeth more over time, leaving them yellowish or brownish. Colored drinks like coffee, tea and soft drinks are some of these foods. Also, tobacco and poor oral hygiene can cause this too.

In addition, the acid in certain foods also damages your teeth. Eating meat, dairy products, citrus, refined sugar, beer, artificial sweeteners, soft drinks or vegetable oils makes it worse. Sweets are also included, but it depends on how often you eat them.

A common mistake is brushing your teeth as soon as you finish eating. While it prevents cavities from forming, it also doesn’t give enamel time to get hard again.

Beneficial foods

A woman brushing her teeth.

On the other hand, some foods help keep your teeth white. Fruit and vegetables like pears, apples, carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower, lettuce, broccoli, and spinach are great examples.

Some of these have fiber, and others create a protective film on tooth enamelwhich prevents them from staining. In fact, cheeses are great because they have proteins and fats to neutralize the acids in other foods. Also, they stimulate saliva production that has phosphorus and calcium, which helps harden enamel.

Natural teeth whitening products

Here are some remedies that will help you whiten your teeth in a simple and natural way:


Rub your teeth for 45 seconds with the inside of an orange peel – the white part. It contains substances that make your teeth whiter. Then, brush your teeth half an hour later.

Strawberries and baking soda

Make a strawberry and baking soda paste. In fact, strawberries are natural bleaching agents. Crush the fruit and mix with baking soda. Then, apply it to your teeth and leave it on for 20 minutes. Wait 30 minutes, then brush as usual. However, don’t use this more than once every week or two.

Activated charcoal

Put activated charcoal on your toothbrush and rub it on your teeth. Although it might feel weird, it’s one of the best natural teeth whitening products.

Other remedies for natural teeth whitening products

  • Eat a slice of papaya or an apple every day. These fruits keep your gums strong while leaving your teeth white.
  • Place two tablespoons of sage leaves in a cup of boiling water. Let it cool and swish it in your mouth. Also, you could chew on a leaf after eating.
  • Mix two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with one tablespoon of water. Gently rub it on stained teeth. Then, rinse with plenty of water.
  • Make a paste with 1 tablespoon of brewer’s yeast, 2 teaspoons of salt and water. Brush your teeth with this like normal.
  • Mix half a cup of brewer’s yeast and two teaspoons of salt to form a paste. Brush your teeth with it.

Natural teeth whitening products: baking soda

Baking soda can be used to whiten teeth.

All the home remedies we mentioned are very effective if you’re looking for natural teeth whitening products. However, everyone agrees that there’s no better treatment than baking soda.
It’s a cheaper and healthier alternative. Simply pour 1/4 tablespoon of baking soda into a cup, and wet your toothbrush with tap water. Then, dip it in the baking soda so it sticks to your brush like toothpaste.

If you put a lot on, it can have a salty or acidic feeling in your mouth. Don’t worry, it will go away as soon as you rinse well with water. However, only do this a few times a month, since it can damage tooth enamel if you do it too much.

Final tips for whiter teeth

  • Always keep your mouth clean
  • Don’t brush too hard
  • Floss every day
  • Stop smoking
  • Cut down on coffee, tea or soda

Finally, make sure to ask your dentist if you have any doubts or questions, and to make sure that these tips will work for you.

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