Myths and Facts About Green Smoothies

April 22, 2019
Have you ever tried green smoothies? Do you know their benefits? This article will focus on debunking green smoothies’ myths and elaborating on their truths.

Green smoothies have become a part of millions of people’s diets around the world. However, do you really know their benefits?

These smoothies have recently become very popular thanks to famous people and online personalities that have triggered an intense interest in them. Recipes for these smoothies combine fruits, vegetables, seeds, and other healthy ingredients. They’ve become perfect for diets or incorporating into healthy lifestyles.

Despite this, many misconceptions have emerged regarding the benefits they provide, especially since many of their benefits have been exaggerated.

So, just how true is everything that people say about these smoothies? What are they really good for? This article will review and explore these questions as well as investigate common misconceptions about these drinks.

Myths about Green Smoothies

green smoothies
After their rise to popularity, many misconceptions have emerged about the benefits of green smoothies.

Myth #1: Green Smoothies have Slimming Effects

Incorporating healthy smoothies into your regular diet might seem like an ideal way to get rid of that fat that tends to accumulate in different parts of the body. However, this is far from reality.

Your daily intake of green smoothies does not have any significant effect on body weight. 


  • These drinks combine two or three different types of fruit, which means you are actually increasing your intake of sugar and calories.
  • When blended, these vegetables and fruits lose a lot of their fiber content, which reduces their digestive benefits. Chewing helps satiate hunger and reduce anxiety. Therefore, it’s better to eat whole fruits and vegetables than it is to drink them.

You cannot attribute slimming properties to any one food or a product. Weight loss is a process that includes several different lifestyle factors, not just food intake.

Myth #2: It’s Better to Drink Smoothies than to Consume Whole Fruits or Vegetables

Green smoothies are healthy – this is true. What is not true is that their properties are superior to those of whole fruits and vegetables.

While it’s acceptable to include them in your diet to obtain more nutrients, it’s also true that the ingredients may lose some of their nutrients in the process.


  • Fruits and vegetables can lose vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants when squeezed.
  • When left whole and in good condition, they retain all of their nutrients

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Myth #3: Green Smoothies Cleanse the Body

One of the reasons why healthy smoothies have become so popular is because of their supposed ability to “clean” or “purify” the body.

The combination of fruits and vegetables with high chlorophyll content seems like it would be perfect for removing toxins that are retained by the body.

However, a simple drink cannot actually do this.

While the nutrients in these drinks are healthy and beneficial to our health, organs like our kidneys and liver are the agents that actually cleanse the body of toxins. 


These drinks can provide an “extra” dosage of nutrients that help support the functioning of these organs.

However, if the person does not have a healthy lifestyle, little or nothing is going to help “cleanse” or “purify” the body.

The Facts about Green Smoothies

green smoothie truths
Despite all their myths, green smoothies are indeed healthy.

Fact #1: Green Smoothies Help Hydrate the Body

One truth about green smoothies is that they’re good at keeping the body hydrated. However, this doesn’t mean you should only rely on them for hydration.

There’s nothing better than pure water for hydration. It has zero calories and is vital to most functions of the body.


  • One healthy smoothie is not enough to stay hydrated. Therefore, it’s necessary to drink several (6-8) glasses of water throughout the day apart from the smoothie.
  • Some fruits and vegetables are more hydrating than others. Therefore, it’s important to know how to best combine them to make your drink more hydrating.

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Fact #2: There Can Be Positive Effects from Drinking Healthy Smoothies

Although it’s false that green smoothies have “super benefits” for your health and weight, they can provide several positive effects.

  • They’re not harmful.
  • Their caloric content is moderate.
  • They contain vitamins, minerals, and natural sugars that help give the body more energy.

Important Final Thoughts

  • Healthy smoothies should always be considered a supplement to your diet. They should not replace main meals and you should not drink them in excess.
  • Drinking these smoothies is almost always harmless. However, it’s recommended to consult a doctor if you suffer from any illness or take any medication.

Did you have any misconceptions about healthy smoothies? What do you think now that you know the myths and truths about green smoothies?

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