When Little Red Riding Hood Faced Her Fears

Learn to become a wise, energetic and courageous. Learn to be in charge of your own reality. Stop being a timid and naive Little Red Riding Hood and embrace your strong inner wolf.
When Little Red Riding Hood Faced Her Fears
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Fears lurk in the forest of your everyday life. They stalk you, observing you with their wolf skins.

Sometimes, you feel vulnerable. It’s like you’re Little Red Riding Hood and you have to start a new chapter by venturing into the unknown.

This is almost like a rite of passage. This is where you challenge yourself and get to know who you are. In addition, this is also a good place to discover your limits.

Living involves exploring. Above all, it’s about having to fight every day against your own insecurities and fears. This way, they don’t conquer you.

Only this way can you become a self-sufficient person. It’s a way to learn how to trust your gut, intuition, and your own experiences.

Today, we want to suggest that you do this.

Your Fears are Your Greatest Enemy

face your fears

Fear has a basic goal of keeping you alive. It makes you alert. It’s your detection mechanism for any risk that can put you at risk.

Once your brain processes any threat, adrenaline immediately appears. You also get a surge of neurotransmitters that accelerate your heartbeat and make your muscles tense to prepare you to “flee”.

In the past, these mechanisms had the sole goal of protecting you in the face of several real attackers.

However, today, these risks and attackers are different. In fact, they’re so different that they rarely have a body, form or defined presence.

In the middle of the 21st century, the most common attackers are in your mind. This includes ones that are sometimes camouflaged as friends or partners.

First of all, it’s necessary to identify them. You need to find everything that’s able to take away your happiness both inside and outside of you.

You have the right to feel worthy and courageous. In addition, you should be able to live in balance and harmony with the things that surround you.

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Insecurity Attacks

Everyone has a voice. Everyone has rights, virtues, and strengths.

However, sometimes people forget their positive qualities. They give in before what others say and become mere puppets. Others constantly rob them of their dignity.

In this case, you can’t hold any guilt for your unhappiness. The real attacker lives inside of you, not on the outside.

You need to be able to don a wolf’s skin to get your bravery back. This way, you’ll get your freedom back. It’s time for you to be assertive, show respect and demand respect.

When You Feel Like You Can’t

facing your fears

In your everyday life, various attackers chip away at you relentlessly.

Sometimes, it’s your family that keeps you from growing. They may put stumbling blocks in front of your right to create your destiny and make your own decisions.

On other occasions, the attacker is an emotional relationship that confuses love with domination and kindness with manipulation.

The same thing can happen at work or at school. Often, our right to be unique is vetoed. Many of us feel like we aren’t allowed to be different, do things our way, or to show our abilities.

Attackers come in many different shapes and forms. However, the ones that are in abundance are the ones that cut wings, feed fears and override liberties.

What Keeps You From Moving Forward?

Everyone is a product of their history. They are made from their past. However, nothing that happened in the past determines who you are.

One of the worst internal attackers is the one that dwells on your past. Specifically, it focuses on the past that keeps you from moving forward to become someone stronger.

These are stones that add weight to your emotional baggage. However, moving forward means leaving a good part of these stones behind.

It’s necessary to free yourself from this baggage through acceptance, forgiveness, and confrontation when necessary. It’s time to move face your fears and move forward. Decide to keep the good.

Remember: You can choose not to poison yourself with bad memories.

You will be resilient. You will accept the past. Then, you will be like the pack of wolves: strong and free. You will look at the future with hope and not fear.

When Your Fears Take Your Strength Away


There are attackers that trap you in their claws of pessimism. They keep you immersed in discouragement and constant worry.

Your attackers are thieves of peace. They’re artists of the storms they put in your mind that cloud your happiness.

Identify them. Get to know their tricks. Then, control the impact that they can have on your life. Filter their negativity.

Find peace and freedom from this toxicity.

Learn to become wise, energetic and courageous. Learn to be in charge of your own reality. Stop being a timid and naive Little Red Riding Hood and embrace your strong inner wolf.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.