Lele Pons Achieved Her New Figure in 2 Months: See How You Can Do it Too

Based on a workout that we'll tell you about here, Lele Pons achieved goals for her body that make her feel healthier. Let's discover them!
Lele Pons Achieved Her New Figure in 2 Months: See How You Can Do it Too
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Last update: 04 June, 2023

Get ready to find out how Lele Pons achieved her new figure in just 2 months! Since the Venezuelan influencer decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle, the changes are noticeable.

Her Instagram account has shown how she went from having a few extra pounds to achieving a toned figure. In addition, her perseverance to exercise has also inspired many of her followers.

The brain behind her lifestyle is Diana Maux, her personal trainer. She, through videos, has shown how she helped the artist to reach her body goals. Keep reading to discover what her routine consists of and what benefits it could have for you!

The workout Lele Pons follows to maintain her figure

Lele Pons lost 5 kilos in two months with an exercise plan that involves 4 days of routine a week. However, in her social media posts, she admitted that sometimes she increased the frequency to a double daily workout, complementing it with yoga and massages.

Although her transformation has been impressive, changing our routine isn’t easy for any of us. In another of her posts, Lele not only thanked Maux for guiding her on this path that she started in 2020, but you can also read the following:

“Before vs. now. I wanted to show that with daily exercise, proper nutrition, and discipline, you can reach your goal.”

~ @lelepons ~

In addition to a personalized exercise routine based on your needs, you need dedication to reach your fitness goals! Here we’ll tell you what this celebrity’s workout regimen consists of.

Mancuernas para el ejercicio
Full body plans, like the one Lele Pons followed, focus on stimulating different parts of the body.

Full body exercises

If you’re looking for a complete and effective workout, full body exercises can be an excellent option. In this sense, Lele Pons is no slouch.

These movements provide strength gains and muscle thickness in the upper and lower extremities. In addition, they they’re effective for muscle adaptation in people not trained beforehand.

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Exercises for the upper body

For Lele Pons, exercising the upper body is important. In order to show off defined arms, the artist performs biceps curls. This exercise works the brachioradialis and brachioradialis muscles.

In addition, she also does rowing with dumbbells that aren’t too heavy. This will tone your back, trunk, shoulders, and arms.

Keeping these muscle groups in motion will help you achieve a strong back and maintain a correct posture. The latter goes far beyond just sitting up straight. It contributes to increased blood flow and fortifies bone density, according to a publication from Physiological Reports.

Lower-body exercises

Although Maux has revealed that planks are Pons’ least favorite exercise, it’s one that has ensured she has a flat stomach. To achieve this, she usually combines it with mountain climbers, squats, and lunges, which allows her to work several muscle groups in a single session.

In addition to planks, Lele Pons performs hip thrusts with elastic bands. An ideal movement to define the buttocks and strengthen the hips.

According to a study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research variations of the hip thrust have different motor patterns that are used according to individual needs. This means that there isn’t just one way to perform it.

Diet is the complement to achieve Lele Pons’ figure

The influencer confessed that she used to eat very poorly. Every day she drank cola, and ate pasta and chocolate.

Following the intervention of her trainer, who is also a chef, Pons gave up red meat and soda. Now, instead of high-sugar snacks, she opts for celery and almonds. In addition, she focuses on drinking at least 1 gallon of water a day (almost 4 liters). She also replaced milk with almond and oat vegetable drinks.

At this point, you should understand that professional nutritional advice is the best. Reducing calories to lose weight or removing foods from the diet can’t be done lightly. There are certain risks in dieting that shouldn’t be underestimated.

For example, the milk substitution that Lele Pons made is not a medical indication for anyone to replicate. Likewise, giving up red meat completely isn’t mandatory; quantities should be regulated.

A woman with a coke.
Giving up soda, as Lele did, is a wise decision in the context of a fitness lifestyle.

Is it possible to follow Lele Pons’ lifestyle and have her figure?

It’s not just about spending hours in the gym, but embracing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Good nutrition, consistent hydration, regular physical activity, and stress reduction are processes that, if regularized, contribute to our fitness goals.

Lele Pons’ wellness focus seems to be above and beyond the goal of looking good. Her changes are for overall good health. Would you be willing to follow her advice?

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