Mario Casas Full Body Workout Routine

Mario Casas has changed his body several times for the roles he plays as an actor. We'll tell you the secrets of his routines and his diet here.
Mario Casas Full Body Workout Routine
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Last update: 08 April, 2023

The Spanish actor Mario Casas is recognized for his great capacity for training. This is true both for the type of training that helps you gain muscle mass and the opposite type that helps your body lose weight.

In 2018 he appeared in the film The Photographer of Mauthausen with a thinness typical of his character. For that role, he had lost around 30 pounds from his usual weight of about 165 pounds.

However, today he can be seen on his social networks with a lot of muscle mass. Mario Casas’s full body workout and his two-block functional plan have both given him the results he shows in the pictures. Let’s take a look at his secrets.

Mario Casas’ functional training

The functional training method has gained ground among celebrities and non-famous people alike. Directly related to CrossFit and with clear differences from the traditional gym, this modality is known for the results it shows in a short amount of time.

This type of functional training happens when certain premises are met:

  • Exercises are multi-joint. Thus, exercises that activate more than one body zone at a time are preferred.
  • Movements are natural. Priority is given to those ways of training that replicate positions and loads that might be encountered in everyday life and that would represent ways of doing things on a daily basis, such as bending over or reaching up to grab something.
  • Free weights come before machines. In functional training, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and medicine balls are used. These elements are not attached to something, as is the case with gym machines. This improves the fluidity of each movement.
  • The person always tries to maintain a balance. The natural movements of functional training often work one half of the body at a time, to stimulate stability. Thus, while exercising the arms or legs, for example, you have to have muscle tension in your core, which results in working your abdominal muscles.
functional training
Functional training doesn’t require too much equipment, although some light basics (such as TRX bands) and a few heavy (dumbbells) are helpful to have on hand.

Two areas a day

One way to do full body is combining the work of two muscle areas on the same day, so that the breaks allow the recovery of the other fibers. This way, when you stimulate the same areas again, time has already taken effect.

This is what Mario Casas told us when commenting on the plan that Fran Carmona, his personal trainer, elaborates for him:

I go to the gym five days a week, and I try to rest two. I usually do functional training by muscle groups of two muscles a day: chest with triceps or abs with cardio. -Mario Casas

Rest between stimulations is key. Many people forget that the muscle needs this healing period to regenerate the fibers. Then, they often end up overtraining.

Although the Spanish actor goes to the gym five days a week, the way he organizes the exercises is the key. Perhaps his triceps are only worked two times a week, for example, because the rotation of the exercises allows that intermediate rest.

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There’s always cardio

Another thing we can learn from Mario Casas’ training is that he doesn’t abandon cardio exercise. Sometimes, we also fall into the temptation of just doing strength to look for hypertrophy, but we leave out healthy aerobic work.

Cardio training allows us to maintain agility and endurance. At the same time, it’s a long-term protective factor in preventing heart and lung disease.

If we take a look at celebrity routines – which are becoming more and more talked about on the internet – they all include cardio exercise at some point. Henry Cavill needed it to keep his Superman looking agile; Chris Hemsworth combines it with calisthenics.

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Without a healthy diet, there’s no good full-body routine

Mario Casas’s training doesn’t give results just by doing functional training. Food also plays a key role in sustaining muscle mass formation and avoiding fat weight gain.

Counting protein shakes and all, I eat six meals a day and drink about three to four liters of water to recover and hydrate. -Mario Casas

Muscle hypertrophy requires protein among the nutrients we ingest. In this sense, the Spanish actor follows a dietary plan that’s shared by other movie and television stars.

Fish and chicken are the preferred meats in these cases. They provide protein with little accompanying fat, so they allow us to derive weight from fiber and not fat. An egg is another essential component with the same objective, and it’s best that it’s present at breakfast.

It could be said that the basis of Casas is the famous CBR diet popularized by actors such as Dwayne Johnson. The acronym stands for Chicken-Broccoli-Rice. Of course, it’s not a way of eating that can be sustained for a long time, but it helps in those moments when you’re looking for fast muscle hypertrophy.

Sweets with empty calories are the downfall of Mario Casas’ workout, as he himself confessed. However, the actor has managed to control his cravings for sweets with perseverance and clear objectives.

I’ve changed the way I eat, and that has changed my metabolism. -Mario Casas

lean meat in Mario Casas diet
Chicken is the star meat when it comes to hypertrophy training. Many people combine it with broccoli and rice.

It’s no news that boxing for training has multiple benefits. There are celebrities who add it to their routines, and it has gained a very popular space in gyms in many cities and towns.

Mario Casas has also joined in on the trend. He does boxing four days a week, so he has double session days if we count the functional exercises that he practices almost daily.

Cardio boxing is intense. The calorie burn that accompanies the movements of the discipline is high. Not only do you lose weight, but you also tone your figure, as your core is under constant tension during the workout.

So, if you think you can incorporate some of the Spanish actor into your plans, remember that he doesn’t leave out the cardio. With boxing or well-planned functional training, you can gain muscle mass without losing agility.

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