Beyoncé's Diet and Workout to Maintain her Figure at 41 Years Old

Discover the secrets behind Beyoncé's diet and healthy lifestyle and how you can apply them to your daily life.
Beyoncé's Diet and Workout to Maintain her Figure at 41 Years Old
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Last update: 21 April, 2023

Get ready to discover the secrets behind Beyoncé’s stunning figure at 41! Despite giving birth to three children, the iconic singer and actress is still a role model when it comes to her diet and workout regimen. But how does she do it?

Thanks to her personal trainer, Marco Borges, we got to know some of the exercises Beyoncé does to keep her body toned. Want to know what they are? We’ll reveal the workout routine that the pop diva follows, the benefits of these movements for the body, and the diet that goes with them.

What exercises does Beyoncé do to stay in shape?

To begin with, you should know that Beyoncé has an endomorph body type. This means that she naturally has a higher percentage of body fat.

Both her workout and her diet are adapted to her physical composition and lifestyle. Therefore, if you want to start training like the pop diva, we recommend that you go to a specialist who can examine you and give you a specific routine for you.

Leg exercises

Borges revealed for the magazine Elle the four main exercises that Beyoncé performs to keep her legs toned. They’re 3 sets with exercises that she repeats 10 times each time.

The trainer commented that, although he tries to keep the sessions short due to the singer’s commitments, it’s still necessary for her to be able to work her legs properly. She has to keep them strong for her concerts.

1. Lunges with jumping

This exercise involves jumping forward and backward while doing a lunge. It works not only the legs, but also the glutes, and helps improve cardiovascular endurance.

Also, jump lunges improve leg strength and power, as scientific studies have shown. On the other hand, they strengthen the stabilizer muscles and burn more calories.

2. Plié jumps

Plié jumps are a strength training exercise that involves jumping, while performing a plié position typical of ballet. This movement works both the leg muscles, as well as the glutes and calves.

The benefits include muscle strengthening, increased flexibility, improved cardiovascular health, and help with coordination and balance – something Beyoncé certainly needs up on stage.

3. Pelvic Lifts

This exercise focuses on strengthening the gluteal, hamstrings, and lower back muscles. To perform it, you need to lie on the floor and lift your pelvis, contracting your glutes each time.

The benefits of pelvic lifts include increased muscle tone and strength in the glutes, improved posture, and reduced risk of lower back injury. This is something of utmost importance to the pop diva, as with her stage performances, her dances can contemplate sudden actions.

4. Reverse squat kicks

This is one of the most important exercises for Beyoncé’s workout because it provides greater mobility to her legs and hips, as well as promoting flexibility. Reverse squat kicks are a type of exercise that strengthens her glutes, lower back, and calves.

Upper body exercises

Beyoncé doesn’t forget to work out her arms and back. Her favorite way to do so is by using boxing ropes and performing weights.

In the documentary Homecoming on Netflix, she can be seen using this equipment in her workout. According to Borges, not only does it help her build endurance, but it also gets her out of breath quickly, which improves her cardiovascular capacity.

The trainer recommends 3 to 4 sessions with 10 repetitions each to feel the “burn” of the exercise. This keeps the workout short but intense.

Boxing ropes and weights are an excellent combination for improving endurance and strength in arms, shoulders, and back. In addition, since they’re high-intensity, they help burn a lot of calories.

Cardiovascular exercises

The energy that overflows the pop diva on stage is undeniable. That’s why cardiovascular exercise is an important part of her workout regimen.

Cardio is a way to improve heart health, report the Cleveland Clinic, as well as increase endurance. These issues are not only beneficial for Beyoncé on stage, but for all of us.

Her trainer explained to the magazine Glamour magazine that sprints, a type of cardiovascular exercise that involves running at full speed for a short distance, are what give Beyoncé the “explosiveness” she needs on stage. The benefits of sprinting have been proven by science on several occasions.

Specifically, the singer alternates a 1-minute sprint with 2 minutes of brisk walking for a total of half an hour.

Beyoncé’s healthy diet complements her workout

Despite the singer’s busy life, her training regimen is quite strict. Add to that the hours of dancing she does months before starting a tour. With so much to do, you’re probably wondering how Beyoncé manages to feed herself.

During the interview for Glamour, Borges commented that the pop diva always drinks a vegetable protein shake after her workouts. This helps her muscles recover. She adds frozen fruits, spinach, almond milk, and some vegetable protein supplement to this shake.

She’s very strict with what she consumes. She always tries to eat unprocessed products.

Having an endomorph body, she avoids carbohydrates, but doesn’t eliminate them completely from her diet. Instead, she replaces them with complex sugars, such as those present in quinoa.

Do you want to follow Beyoncé’s diet and healthy lifestyle?

The most important thing is not how long you train, but how healthy your overall habits are. That’s why our recommendation is to aim for a lifestyle based on a balanced and varied diet, plenty of hydration, regular exercise, and stress reduction through meditation or yoga.

Beyoncé’s healthy lifestyle has not only helped her maintain an enviable figure, but also improve her overall health. Her focus on a balanced diet, in addition to her consistent workout and tremendous talent, has made her a role model for many people.

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