Interesting Facts About Snoring You Should Know

Did you know that snoring is hereditary? This is the reason why 70% of people snore, although many of them don't on a daily basis.
Interesting Facts About Snoring You Should Know

Last update: 15 December, 2022

I can’t sleep because of my husband’s snoring, I have to wake my partner up so she’ll stop snoring. You’ve properly heard, read or even said all of these things, right? The sounds we make while sleeping are pretty strange, so it’s probably good to learn a bit more about them. Next, we’ll explain a few interesting facts about snoring.

Facts about snoring that will get your attention

You almost definitely know that people who sleep face up are more likely to snore than people who sleep on their side or belly. However, you should keep reading to learn about a few more interesting facts about snoring at night.

Researchers have discovered that there are three main factors that determine whether or not a person will snore. A person can exhibit one, two or all three of these factors. People who snores usually do so because:

So, if you don’t want to sound like a rhino or a hippo while you sleep, start paying attention to your figure, dieting and doing exercise; stop smoking, and try to drink less wine with dinner. The best part is that changing these three habits will improve your entire quality of life.

Snoring versus normal breathing

Another possible cause of your husband or girlfriend’s snoring problem is allergies and other nasal problems. That’s why they may snore more in winter or spring than in summer.

First of all, we tend to get sick more often when it’s cold outside (we get a stuffy nose). Secondly, springtime flowers and warm days lead to increased pollen and seasonal allergies. That all creates “a perfect storm” which can get even worse if we add one of the three factors mentioned above.

The volume of a person’s snoring can fall between 50 and 100 decibels

It may seem strange, but this is the same amount of noise that a jackhammer makes. This is sure to make you want to get up and go to another room if your partner is snoring! It’s like having a construction site next door.

Did you know that there’s such thing as a Snoring Association? 

This institution is located in England (they must snore quite a lot over there). According to this organization, sleeping with someone who snores may cause you to lose up to two years of sleep throughout your lifetime, and cause other problems such as sleep apnea, mood problems, irritability, concentration problems and nightmares.

Any one of these problems could end up being the main reason for your divorce. In fact, if one person in a relationship snores, the couple is more likely to separate (just one more reason to sleep in separate bedrooms, according to people at the head of this movement).

It’s in the genes

The next time you get together with your parents for Sunday dinner, ask them if they snore. Why? Because snoring is hereditary. Seventy percent of people who snore have parents who also snore, as well as other close family members such as uncles, aunts, or grandparents.

Little kid snoring

The battle of the sexes

Most people think that men snore more than women, and that is 100% true. However, the difference isn’t as huge as you might think. 40% of men snore, whereas 30% of women do the same. So, don’t call your boyfriend or husband out for snoring in front of his family, because he might say that you snore, as well!

But everybody does it!

To give you a few more numbers, 45% of adults snore at least once a week, and 25% of them snore between two and three times per week.

Another interesting fact shows that lots of people refuse to “accept” the fact that they snore. As if they could tell whether they’re snoring or not while they’re asleep! Or maybe they snore so loud that they wake themselves up.

Keep tabs on it

If you have young children and one of them snores a lot at night, see a doctor. This may be a sign of hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder. If they only snore every once in a while, it may be the result of nasal congestion, or they may just be tired from the day’s activities.

Some people snore even when they’re babies, although you can hardly hear the sound they make. As they get older, the sound gets stronger.

Italy must be super relaxing

Although there is no clear relationship between country of origin and snoring, researchers have confirmed that Italians snore more than any other European nationality.

If you’re getting ready to take a trip to this beautiful country, you may want to bring a pair of earplugs along, or make sure that the walls in your hotel room are nice and thick.

How snoring works


Sing it out

An accidental discovery showed that singing decreases nighttime snoring. This discovery was made by a British choir director who suffered through her husband’s snoring for many years.

She suggested that he start singing for 20 minutes per day, and got in touch with a doctor who proposed other complementary activities. They then did a 3-month study with 20 volunteers, and the results were astounding.

Vocal exercises improve and strengthen your vocal chords and your throat, which improves air flow and keeps you from snoring.

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