Natural Home Remedies to Quit Smoking

· August 24, 2015
Liquorice helps fight the anxiety caused by tobacco, as it imitates the habit of holding a cigarette and thus psychologically helps us deal with the urge to smoke and detox our body. 

Everyone who smokes knows how difficult it is to quit smoking, because although their intention is to do so, this habit causes a strong addiction that is very difficult to fight. Today, there are thousands of people all over the world that are looking for a way to quit smoking and improve their quality of life.

Smoking cigarettes can cause serious health problems, as it is the main cause of lung, mouth, throat, and esophagus cancer. It can also cause damage to the bladder, kidneys, pancreas, and the cardiovascular system, among others. All of these problems are caused by the impact the composition of the cigarette has on health. Certain studies have found that these toxic substances affect the smoker as well as those around them who are breathing in the smoke.

People who want to quit smoking tend to fear the withdrawal symptoms that can often happen when they quit. However, although this is something that the person will feel again and again, they can get over it in a month or two, at the most. Obviously, the cases vary according to the psychological dependance of each person. Have you still not quit smokingIf you find it difficult to give up, below we will give you the best remedies to help you quit smoking cigarettes.


When you get a craving to smoke, we recommend sucking on a piece of liquorice root. This is great because it imitates the reflexive habit of holding a cigarette and it especially has properties that help detoxify the body, and also causes disgust for tobacco.

Sunflowersunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are great for fighting the compulsive need to smoke when going through withdrawal symptoms. It’s best to eat the seeds raw, but they can also be eaten in other recipes.


Chamomile infusions can be very useful when you are quitting smoking. To make it, just mix a teaspoon of chamomile flowers in a cup of boiling water, let stand, and drink twice a day.


Thanks to its soothing properties, valerian helps reduce the smoker’s cravings and irritability because it helps you relax and fall asleep easier. You can consume it in capsules or as an infusion. To make the latter, mix 15 grams of the plant’s root in water and let stand overnight.

Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Eating fruit and vegetables not only help control your desire to smoke, but they’re also a huge help for the cleansing organs in your body, which are the ones that work to fight free radicals and eliminate most of the toxins that accumulate in your body because of this terrible habit. You can make fruit juices with apples and grapes, and complement them with vegetables like carrots, celery, onion, spinach, etc.


A very effective remedy to control your desire to smoke is to chew a piece of ginger root. It may not be pleasant to many people because of its spicy flavor, but you should keep in mind that this is very effective.

Garlic Cure

Garlic is a very healthy food that can help cleanse your body. At the same time, it helps in the fight against that bad habit of smoking. The “garlic cure” consists of eating two raw garlic cloves on an empty stomach, then two cloves and a cup of lemon juice before lunch, and two more cloves before dinner. This treatment is great, but it is not suitable for people with low blood pressure or those who take anti-blood clot medication.


Oat water has properties that benefit you in many ways, especially when it comes to cleansing the body and taking care of your health. This remedy, which is also used for weight loss, is great for fighting free radicals and eliminating substances that accumulate in your body from smoking cigarettes. To make it, mix two tablespoons of ground oats in a cup of water, then boil it, and eat after meals. Additionally, it can also help control withdrawal symptoms.