The Importance of Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

24 January, 2019
It's time to move forward. Don't be a prisoner of conformity. Experiences await you and if you stay there in your chains, you won't enjoy them.

Instead of settling for your current conditions and staying in your comfort zone, seek health and happiness and dare to break out and find it.

It’s time to move forward. Don’t be a prisoner of conformity. Experiences await you and if you stay there in your chains, you won’t enjoy them.

What scares you? Human beings search for safety, we want a stable job, a house, and a happy family.

But what about your own goals? Where is the challenge in life? If you want to be successful, you’ll have to overcome trials, regardless if they make your knees tremble in fear.

Life is about learning and we’re all like sponges, absorbing what’s around us. It doesn’t matter how educated we are: we all have something to learn and teach.

We also react out of instinct, dodging possible dangers. We want things that give us an adrenaline rush and make us happy, but we also run away from uncertainty and failure.

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The problem is that we have a million excuses because we’re afraid of facing the risk. You’ve become an expert in these lies and now even believe them yourself.

You’re the mouse who lives in a hole watching everything happen from inside and wanting to be out there, but you don’t dare take the step, you don’t want to be eaten by the cat.

Why? You don’t trust yourself, you’re not aware of what you’re capable of because you don’t realize that if you run without looking back, he won’t be able to catch you.

Why don’t you live out what you’ve been imagining? The one where you travel to the place you’ve been dreaming about, quitting that soul-sucking job, fighting to do what you really like, enjoying every moment, good company, and even solitude.

You’ve done everything to have that “perfect life” in other people’s eyes, conforming yourself to what others want, and you just lost yourself along with way.

Wake up! You aren’t a robot. Break out of the rut and step out of your comfort zone.

1. It’s what life handed me

woman stepping out of her comfort zone

Why are you still there if everything has turned out wrong? We’re so stuck in this rut that we comfort ourselves, saying “it’s just what life handed me.”

Playing the role of the victim is something everyone is good at, and we even seek out things that fit into the drama and deceit of it. We reject what will flip things upside down, even if we know deep down that it’s better.

The question is, is this really living?

When you stop meeting new people, resort to the same routine recipe, refuse to end a relationship that doesn’t make you happy anymore, and work just to work, the only thing you’re doing is dying, even if your heartbeat tells you otherwise.

Stop with those cliches that have become a burden on your back. Don’t believe it: it’s not what life handed you, it’s the life you chose. Step outside of your comfort zone and make a change.

You are the author of your own story; you can change the script if you want, get rid of characters, and make a whole revolution if you so desire. But, don’t be afraid of finding a happy ending by leaving your comfort zone behind.

2. Do it now!

man standing on a dock over a lake to step out of his comfort zone

Are you immortal? Who told you that there will always be a tomorrow? Your schedule is what tells you that you’re not taking risks.

You plan out your future in detail and focus on what you don’t have and when you will: “When I have a house”, “when I get married”, “when my children are grown.”

What if the time never comes? Life is happening now, not tomorrow. Do it even if your heart is beating out of your chest and your blood is rushing to your head. Because as you wait, you might end up there in the middle of the road not doing anything.

You may be comfortable and have a roof over your head. But, if you don’t have a smile on your face, what good does it do?

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3. Break out of your comfort zone

woman wearing a green coat in fall stepping out of her comfort zone

It’s time to break out of your comfort zone, to turn your weaknesses into a motivation to improve.

Your decisions are your own, stop blaming yourself for not meeting other people’s expectations. Each person is different. Where could you go?

The only person that can push you out of your box is you. If you block your own way, you won’t be able to move forward.

Exceed your own goals. If you can imagine it in your mind, you can do it!

Start by accepting yourself, taking time to get to know yourself, and then asking yourself: am I happy? That’s where the answer lies.

If it’s a no, then it’s time to cross that bridge even if it makes it feel like the world is spinning.

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