4 Ideas to Make an Incense Holder at Home

In order to prevent accidents, it's important to use an incense holder when burning incense. Today, we'll tell you how you can make your own at home!
4 Ideas to Make an Incense Holder at Home

Last update: 10 October, 2022

Incense is the result of mixing the natural, gummy, oily, and fragrant secretion generated by some plants (resin) with some aromatic oils of vegetable or animal origin. With these and other ingredients, together with a homemade incense holder, your house will be filled with pleasant smoke.

Its use in the home has become a widespread practice. In order not to cause any accidents during its use, an incense holder is required. This tool will help you to keep the burning stick fixed and upright.

Let’s take a look at some easy options.

1. Homemade incense holder with magnolia leaves

These large oval leaves are a good base to place your incense stick. To make this eco-friendly option, you won’t need much: Magnolia leaves that have only fallen off a few hours before, fine-tipped paintbrushes, and paints or pens with gel ink.

Select a magnolia leaf that’s in good condition and proceed to decorate it with designs and colors of your choice. You can write messages or words, such as peace or relaxation.

Keep in mind that the idea is to make your personalizations on the concave side so that the incense ashes fall there. Wait the necessary time for the paint to dry and, at the highest end, pierce a hole with the tip of the incense.

2. Use tree branches

Try to get a branch that’s about 10 long and that’s no more than 4 inches thick. Now, make a clean cut through the middle of the branch from end to end. At that point, you will have two potential homemade incense holders. The flat side faces up, while the curved side will serve as your base.

Then, with a small drill bit or nail of the same size, drill through the middle or near one of the edges. This hole is where you will attach the incense stick.

You can cut a small trench on the flat side to serve as the ash collector. Try customizing your incense holder with a varnish or spray paint in the color of your choice.

An incense burner surrounded by different objects from nature, including amber, a eucalyptus branch, and a pine cone.
Incense sticks are available in different substances. Each has a particular use and application.

3. Homemade incense holder with old CDs

To develop this idea, you’ll need clay to mold a sunflower, a moon, or the figure of your choice. Then, with the clay still fresh you must insert the wooden end of the incense to open several holes.

Once your design is finished, proceed to bake the piece to make it rigid, without risk of deformation. Then, with the help of cold silicone, glue the craft in the middle of the CD. To prevent your homemade incense holder from scratching any surface, cut a piece of felt the size of the disc and glue it on the opposite side of the CD.

Keep in mind that the best thing about making crafts is being able to design them to your liking. You can decorate and paint your new incense holder as you please. One of the great things about this design is that you can use several sticks at the same time.

4. Go outside the box and try pre-accelerated resin

It may sound a little intimidating, but it’s actually an easy material to use and doesn’t require a lot of skill. Just make sure you have the following on hand:

  • 1 eyedropper
  • Edible oil
  • Pre-accelerated resin
  • Clear glue
  • A pigment of your choice
  • 1 piece of cotton cloth
  • 1% resin catalyst
  • 1 mold of any design you like
  • A container and stick for mixing
  • Ceramic balls with a hole the size of the incense

Step by step instructions

Let’s get to work! Take the mold and coat it with a little cooking oil. Remove the excess with a clean cloth, pour the resin you think you need in the container, and put the container in warm water.

Be careful that the resin doesn’t come in contact with the water, otherwise, it will harden. The warm water will help you to reduce the air bubbles in the product.

After 5 minutes, remove the container and let the resin come to room temperature. Add the pigment. With the help of the stick, stir until the color becomes uniform. At this point, add the catalyst (40 drops per 100 grams of resin). Stir, pour into the mold and let it stand for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Unmold your craft on a clean cloth or a smooth surface. With the help of the glue, fix the ceramic bead on the resin, making sure that the hole is facing upwards. After it dries, you can put your homemade incense holder to use.

Recommendations for lighting incense

One of the best forms of incense is sticks. Due to their versatility, incense sticks are the most purchased. To light a stick, you just need to hold it by the wooden tip. Although there are also designs in which the stick is covered from end to end, in which case you hold it by any of its tips.

With the help of a burning match, you light the wand and observe how the incense powder changes color. Take it away from the fire and put it in an incense holder to be consumed.

At the same time, there’s also incense in grain form. So, let’s look at some recommendations if you are inclined to use this variety.

If you choose to use charcoal to light the incense

Get a container that can tolerate high temperatures. You can use a container that you have available at home, as long as it is made of a resistant material, such as clay or metal. Make sure your choice has handles or make your own.

Take the charcoal tablet with metal tongs and proceed to light it. Most of these charcoals come with gunpowder, but in case you find it difficult to ignite, you can add a few drops of kerosene.

Once it’s burning, put it in the container and pour some incense grains on it. Then, fan it with the help of a piece of cardboard. As the incense burns, you can add more.

A row of burning incense sticks.
Incense sticks are the most common form of incense you’ll find available, but there are also incense grains.

If you decide not to use charcoal

For this, you’ll have to purchase an essential oil burner or an electric burner and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also opt for a more traditional way, which is an oil burner. For the ignition, use a neutral scented oil and then add some incense grains.

At that point, place a lit candle in the lower area of the burner. As the oil heats up, the incense will release its fragrance.

Homemade incense holder: An inexpensive and easy way to scent your home

The quality of the product you choose is important. The more natural, the less added components it should have, in contrast to synthetic sticks.

Keep in mind that incense made in Japan, Nepal, and Tibet tends to be the best on the market. Sometimes, investing a little more money is worth it. The scent’s up to you, although the most popular are relaxing lavender and sandalwood.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.