How to Use Incense to Change the Vibration in Your Home

· September 1, 2015
Incense helps us cleanse our home and get rid of bad vibrations, making it more harmonious and calm. It has immediate effects.

Everything around us is energy, and all energy has different levels of vibration. In general, they say that there is good energy and bad energy, which can reveal itself in different ways, and whose different intensities we can perceive. They say that when lots of bad energy starts to build up, the vibration in our environment gets tense and can directly affect us.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways to combat these “bad vibes” and change the way your home feels. One way to get rid of bad energy is to use a traditional incense stick, which is a combination of plants or minerals with special smells that is burned in order to attract good energy to the home. They say that incense has immediate results and that it can help cleanse your home of bad energy so that you can get back to living in a calm, harmonious space.

How do you use incense?

  • Incense is used in different rituals in order to adjust the energy in the space or the energy of the person performing the ritual.
  • In meditation, incense is used to help people achieve a state of clarity, calmness and focus.
  • Esoterically speaking, it is used for astral projections and lucid dreams.
  • Incense is used to fight off bad energy in the home or at work, because it is said that it is a magnet for good energy.
  • Ideally, incense should be lit in certain areas where you can feel bad vibes.
  • People who wish to concentrate or get in touch with certain ideas can choose a special type of incense for that purpose.

Types of incense to change the vibration in your home

How to have a harmonious home

Although there is a wide array of incense that you can use to change the feel of your home, we’ve put together a short list of the purest and most famous varieties for getting rid of bad energy.

  • Amber: recommended for people who want to meditate and discover a certain piece of information. Ideal for people going through a confusing time and who need to clear their thoughts.
  • Cedar: this type of incense is known as a source of power and strength. It is especially recommended for spaces or houses that have been recently renovated or built, because it gives them strength and promotes unity in the home.
  • Sandalwood: sandalwood can be used to ignite any divine being or belief. It is recommended for people who want to sanctify an area of their home or office.
  • Incense: classic incense is famous for its use in church masses. It is used to make people feel calm and at peace, and it is great for reducing stress and anxiety. They say that it is one of the more porous types of incense because it fights off bad energy, and gets rid of envy, enemies, and things standing in your way. Traditionally, this incense is used in religious rituals and meditation sessions, but it has also been recognized as having medicinal properties related to conflicts and stress.
  • Lavenderthis incense is all about love, attraction, and romance. Ideal for rituals with your partner, or for changing the feel of the home when you have a date over. This type of incense stimulates beauty, is great for attracting others, and is also recommended for anyone who is trying to make themselves more beautiful.
  • Cinnamon: this is one of the most famous types of incense, which is very easy to find on the market. It has been linked to passion, sexual desire and lust. It is ideal for intimate encounters and for raising energies. Cinnamon incense is recommended for people who, for some reason, need to raise their energies.
  • Vanilla: besides giving your home a delicious smell, vanilla is associated with intelligence, thoughts and mental abilities. It is ideal for those moments in which you need to concentrate on studying or get inspired for an upcoming project.
  • Jasmine: this type of incense is related to love, although not necessarily in terms of sexual attraction. Jasmine is perfect for strengthening mental and emotional connections, focusing more on internal beauty than external. That’s why, in addition to being great for people in relationships, jasmine incense is also excellent for attracting good friendships.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to use incense to create a better home!