Protect Yourself Against Negative Energies

· December 17, 2015
Family disputes can fill our homes with negative energy. To cleanse your home, let in fresh air and sunshine.

Negative energies are something that many people try to avoid, especially at home, a place where you should be able to rest in a peaceful environment free of bad vibes. However, negative energy should also be kept out of the workplace and school because their appearance can affect your day and keep things from going as expected. Luckily, there are ways to deal with negative energies to keep them from disturbing your emotions.

What are negative energies?

They’re energies that affect you emotionally, spiritually, physically or mentally, disturbing your tranquility and causing feelings of anxiety, anguish, depression and lack of concentration.

How can we protect ourselves from negative energies?

get rid of negative energies

Confronting negative energies is the best way to empower your life, especially your emotions. There are many ways to avoid and protect yourself from the bad vibes that appear from day to day by maintaining a positive attitude and getting rid of stress. Here are a few tips:

  • Get rid of fears: Sometimes negative energies are caused by fears, insecurities or negative thoughts that we can control only by confronting them. It’s important to identify the origin of these fears and confront them to feel free and secure.
  • Positive mind: Even though you might not put it into practice very often, a positive mentality is the best way to repel bad vibes and stay emotionally healthy. Learning to deal with the bad times and trying to see the bright side of things is key to overcoming and repelling negative energies.
  • Carry a clove of garlic: This item is like a charm that can safely repel negative energies and envy. We recommend carrying a clove of garlic inside a piece of cloth or fabric and keeping it in your purse or wallet.
  • Keep thyme essential oil on hand: One esoteric practice is to apply a drop of essential oil behind the ears or on the wrists to keep bad vibes at bay.
  • Carry a sprig of rue: It’s said that rue has the ability to repel all types of negative energy, whether caused by unforeseen events or people. It’s best to always keep a few sprigs or leaves of this plant around the workplace.

How do I eliminate negative energies in the home?

get rid of negative energies

When there are disputes between partners or among siblings, it’s likely that your house is filled with negative energy and has become an unhealthy environment for your family. Before it gets to this point, you need to make some changes and try to eliminate all sources of bad vibes.

  • Get rid of unnecessary things: Having too many things can sometimes affect the energy of the home. You should maintain a fresh and organized environment.
  • Open windows and doors: Letting fresh air into the home is a good alternative to “cleanse the home”. The same goes for letting in sunshine.
  • Incense: Since antiquity, people have used incense as an ingredient to refresh the air inside homes and dispel negative energies.
  • Salt water: The mixture of these two ingredients is good for cleaning the home and changing a negative environment.
get rid of negative energies

  • Aromatherapy: Using essential oils or aromatics in different areas of the home can help the entire family relax and create a pleasant environment.
  • Keep plants in the home: In addition to helping clean the air, plants help repel negativity and invite good energies into the home.
  • Clean often: The accumulation of dust, dirt or trash can create a heavy environment that’s reflected in the negative emotions of family members. It’s important to keep the entire home clean to renew spaces and give the house a fresh feel.
  • Dialogue: Finally, the key to keeping a family together and negative energies at bay is to calmly talk through disagreements so everyone can live together more peacefully. Sharing with family, expressing feelings and strengthening ties are some of the best ways to keep negative energies out of the home.