Tips for Removing Negative Energy from Your Home

· March 2, 2015

Our home should be our refuge, a place where we feel free and relaxed, where we can let go of our day to day tensions.  But a lot of times, with so many problems, the environment we live in becomes tense and, rather than being what it should be for us, a refuge becomes a stressful and unpleasant place.

Pay close attention to how you feel at home. If you commonly argue with your partner, your children, among other things, it is quite probable that your house is surrounded by negative energy that can cause a great deal of harm to your overall mood and wellbeing. Even the presence of negative individuals could influence the environment in your home.

A lot of times, the best way to change this situation is to make an internal change, by deeply reflecting upon your life, relationships, and everything around you.

In addition to this internal work, you can also implement certain tips that will help remove the bad energy that drowns the house, creating positive reactions for its residents and in turn, visitors as well.

If you suddenly notice certain changes that aren’t very positive, i.e. constant mood changes, fights, or feeling comfortable in your own home, then it’s time to take action.  


  • Those that know about this topic affirm that it’s not good to accumulate things, and even less so if you don’t use them.  Not only does this help improve the energy in your home, but you will also have a more organized and pleasant home.
  • Sunlight is purifying for natural environments, which is why you shold open your windowns and let your home receive as much sunlight as possivle.
  • If you have inherited furniture or other things, it would be a good idea to perform a ritual cleanse using incense.  These objects could carry negative energy from where they came from.
  • Correct ventilation in your house is also very important.  Air should be refreshed at least three times a week, open doors and windows to do so.  Don’t keep the curtains or windows closed for too long.
  • Fruits also help eliminate bad energy, which is why you should rememer to always have fresh fruit in the kitchen or dining room.
  • House plants also are equally beneficial for creating peace in the home.
  • Another effective method is to clean your floors with a salt and water mixture, approximately 6 tablespoons of salt in a bucket of water.
  • Cactus is great for repelling bad energy.  Place them close to windows, always outside.
  • Another very good option is to listen to relaxing music in your home.  This will balance your mind and scare away any negativity.
  • Also, use aromatherapy.  there are several different essential oils or incense that will help purify your house.
  • It is also very important that you keep your home clean and orderly.  Messes plus dirty objects attract bad vibes….


Meditate home

Meditation is always a fantastic option for cases like these.  Not only does in clean the house of any negative energy, but it is also very positive for cleaning your mind.  Free yourself from tension, imagine everything you want, fearless, doubtless, deeply analyze your interiority so you can bring out the best in yourself and offer it to your loved ones.

A perturbed mind will not be able to live up to its greatest potential.  Meditation removes the obstacles that all too often, we ourselves put up, and it enlivens your life.  Fight for your dreams so they can come true.  Imagine, dream, and create in them.

A change in attitude renews anyone. Love yourself and fight to be better every day.  Keep in mind all of this advice, and enjoy a harmonious home like you and your family deserve.